Chinese Bat Gobbler plague is definitely out

Kamala Harris introduces Senate resolution saying phrase ‘Wuhan virus’ is ‘anti-Asian’

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., introduced a resolution condemning “anti-Asian sentiment as related to COVID-19,” including use of the phrase “Wuhan Virus.”

The former presidential candidate introduced the bill on behalf of a number of Democrats to condemn “all manifestations or expressions of racism, xenophobia, discrimination, anti-Asian sentiment, scapegoating, and ethnic or religious intolerance” and “to expeditiously investigate and document all credible reports of hate crimes, incidents, and threats against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in the United States.”

The resolution claims a study found over 400 cases of anti-Asian discrimination related to COVID-19 between February 7 and March 9.

The resolution takes particular aim at phrases such as “Wuhan virus,” “Chinese virus” and “Kung Flu” for perpetrating “anti-Asian stigma.”

It calls on the U.S. to “recommit” to building an inclusive society by “prioritizing language access and inclusivity in communication practices.”

Seriously…. That’s all this dumb bitch has to do? So glad my tax dollars contribute

2 responses to “Chinese Bat Gobbler plague is definitely out

  1. And this twat is a frontrunner for VP?


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