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This guy lived next door to me when I was a kid

I think he was Bulgarian

I almost forgot Hillary this morning

State Champs fuck you middle finger statechamps

Hope you have a stroke at the inauguration you commie bitch

This is actually more my style

Unfortunately, this is more my budget

Now that’s a sidecar

I might even be able to convince the wife

She has trust issues with me and mail boxes

I know that the truth is, if I ever get one, Jack will be my passenger


I think he’d look good in goggles and a leather helmet

A pair of classic stylish beauties

What were you expecting?

About as low as it gets… Perve cop busted for bestiality

“A Harris County sheriff’s deputy is out of a job after a shocking allegation and an obscenity charge, authorities said on Monday. “The allegation involves production of obscene material that includes sexual contact with a dog,” said Dane Schiller, a spokesman for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. Andrew Sustaita Jr., a six-year veteran […]

via To perve :Cop busted for producing obscene material with dog — Deborah Lee Jarrett


#CNN unstoppable hacks