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Brazil deploys troops to quell protest

   ‘RIO DE JANEIRO — Besieged by protests, Brazil’s president on Wednesday deployed federal troops to restore order in the capital, Brasília, after demonstrators calling for his ouster clashed with security forces.

Defense Minister Raul Jungmann went on national television on Wednesday afternoon to insist that President Michel Temer was only trying to restore calm in the capital by calling in the troops to patrol some areas. One of the city’s iconic modernist buildings, the Agriculture Ministry, was set on fire, and other government buildings were vandalized during the mayhem. Regional officials in Brasília put the number of protesters on Wednesday around 35,000.

“A protest that was supposed to be peaceful deteriorated into violence, vandalism and disrespect,” Mr. Jungmann said.

While supporters of the move say the capital must remain calm and functioning, the use of the armed forces in Brazil touches a nerve among critics of the military dictatorship that ruled the country from 1964 to 1985, a period known for human rights abuses and the restriction of civil liberties.

Jairo Nicolau, a professor of political science at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, said the move to call in the armed forces was a “mistake.”

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Candidate charged with election-eve assault

“Late on the night before a hotly contested special election, U.S. House candidate Greg Gianforte was charged with misdemeanor assault after a national political reporter alleged the Republican “body slammed” him, sending a last-minute shock wave through the race.

Shortly after 5 p.m. Wednesday, the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office was summoned to Gianforte’s campaign headquarters at 212 Discovery Lane in Bozeman.

The reporter, Ben Jacobs of The Guardian, claimed on Twitter that Gianforte assaulted him.

After multiple interviews with witnesses Wednesday night, the sheriff’s office cited Gianforte for the misdemeanor. Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin said the incident did not meet the criteria for a felony charge.

Gianforte must appear in Gallatin County Justice Court between now and June 7.

In an emailed statement, Shane Scanlon, spokesman for the Gianforte campaign, gave the following account of the confrontation:

“Tonight, as Greg was giving a separate interview in a private office, The Guardian’s Ben Jacobs entered the office without permission, aggressively shoved a recorder in Greg’s face, and began asking badgering questions. Jacobs was asked to leave. After asking Jacobs to lower the recorder, Jacobs declined,” Scanlon said.

“Greg then attempted to grab the phone that was pushed in his face. Jacobs grabbed Greg’s wrist, and spun away from Greg, pushing them both to the ground. It’s unfortunate that this aggressive behavior from a liberal journalist created this scene at our campaign volunteer BBQ.”




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