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Tips to New Bloggers ~ Don’t Blog Like A Self Professed Power Blogger, Opinionated Man

Opinionated Man:

Someone needs a hug. Please go give him one. :)

Originally posted on Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew Featuring The Wandering Poet:

Hillbilly Blogger, rather than reading the extensive documentation provided, chose to blog ad hominem attacks and less than factual information when he pinged my blog about Opinionated Man.

It seems he took offense to my reply that I blogged, which basically treated him in kind to his initial blog to me.

I had never heard of Hillbilly Blogger prior to his blog on the subject of Opinionated Man and my blogging about his anti social behavior.

If you arrive with a factless argument, and ignore everything that has occured AND IS DOCUMENTED, proclaim you haven’t read a thing,. why would you think I would take your argument seriously?

I admit, I don’t know you and I have never read anything you have written except for this post, which is actually laughable.

I took Hillbilly Bloggers silly blog seriously enough to give him a response.  Which is basic politeness in my…

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This is from the blog Harsh reality. He is not a 3% blogger but is on the same side that we are. He has been mixing it up with some organic such and such person and posted this at his website.

Drop in and check it out, it is a fun and interesting feud .

Did I mention that this guy emailed O.M.’s mother? No, I think I forgot that.

Anyway pass this link around if you would. The blogger in question (O.M.) has a very large platform and graciously lets people guest post and promote their stuff, be it books or blogs.

Leaving her

I can’t bear the thought of leaving her
My heart that races when I see her
Stopped and still inside my chest
My life’s blood
That I would so gladly bleed for her
Dead within my veins
Casting off that cold corpse like a blanket
And flying into the darkness
Leaving her so alone
A broken widow in this world
Her soul mate flown
Gone away without her
I can’t bear the thought of leaving her
Just going away
Leaving her nothing
But my cold flesh to cry on

This is how you stop bullying

East Greenwich parents took to social media this week questioning how the school district handled a situation in which a first grader brought a weapon to school.

The Jeffrey Clark School student was found to have a kitchen knife in his possession with a blade of approximately four inches on March 30. He told police that he brought it to protect himself because he was being bullied, according to Police Chief Barry Jenkins.”

Forget narking to the teacher, he’ll just cut you.

This boy obviously does not need an online campaign to keep bullies at bay, a 4″ knife will suffice.

Of course now he is unarmed and the bullies know it

But now they also know the kid has a little bit of “Not quite right” in him.

Maybe he will learn to carry a roll of quarters in his pocket….

Like I did

Did I say that out loud?

Love me or hate me

I noticed that I have been picking up a lot of lady followers in the past few weeks so I am re-posting a recipe from Valentines day dinner.

It is exquisitely delicious and easy to make.

You will either love me or hate me… My wife still hasn’t decided which when I push stuff like this on her at 10 O’clock at night..

Dark chocolate covered strawberries

1-Extra large jumbo size strawberry

1- 2″ X 2″ square of 60% cacao dark chocolate ( I use  ghirardelli )

1 1/2- Tbls. pomegranate juice

2 Tsp. of butter

Slice up a large and deep red strawberry; the bigger and the redder, the better.

Heat the pomegranate juice and butter, stirring constantly until the pomegranate juice is reduced by half.

Reduce the heat and add the chocolate square ,cooking until melted.

While still hot, pour over the sliced strawberry and enjoy.

It pairs well with dry red wine.

A III% request from Wirecutter

Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help a dear friend of ours out.
Angel’s been having some serious issues with her laptop – her Ts and Hs came out looking like _s and _s which is a real pain in the ass to decipher. It got to the point that I started accusing her of using as many words with those two letters in our emails just to piss me off. She didn’t deny it, either.
But yeah, she’s resorted to (in her words) stealing Hs and Ts – That’s cutting and pasting to you and me. That’s a lot of work and that’s why you may have noticed her lack of witty comments here lately.

Anyways, Holly Chism sent me an email alerting to a gofundme account that another friend set up for her. She has a target of $500, although a little more damned sure wouldn’t hurt. With the readership I have, she shouldn’t have a problem raising that if everybody kicked in a dollar. Hell, she might even be able to buy that Kimber she’s been lusting after.
Whattya say, guys? Can we help the Lady out? Show her how much we appreciate her?
Here’s the link:

And if you’d rather give a check, money order or cash, you can send it to me and I’ll forward it to her right away. My mailing address is:
Ken Lane
PO Box 1996
Ceres CA

And here is a link to his site. If you don’t frequent his place, you should. He is on my daily “Don’t let your head explode” read list along with Angel.

7.3 million chickens destroyed- Minnesota declares state of emergency

“(Reuters) – Minnesota declared a state of emergency on Thursday over a fast-spreading strain of avian flu that has led to the extermination of more than 7.3 million birds in the country. It followed Wisconsin’s action on Monday.

The highly pathogenic H5N2 strain of bird flu has been identified on 46 Minnesota farms in 16 counties and affected more than 2.6 million birds in the state.

State health officials said they were expediting prescriptions for the antiviral drug Tamiflu for farm workers and others who have been in direct contact with infected flocks. No human infections have been reported in this outbreak.”


The virus can kill nearly an entire infected flock within 48 hours. Millions of turkeys and chickens are in quarantine waiting to be culled and large flocks have already been destroyed.

Officials have said they believe wild birds are spreading the virus but they do not know how it is entering barns.

Two bird flu strains have been discovered in the United States this year. The H5N2 strain is in Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin. It has also been identified on farms in Ontario, Canada.

The H5N8 strain has been identified in California and also in Idaho, U.S. Department of Agriculture data showed.

Iowa, the top U.S. egg-producing state, said on Monday that a lethal strain of bird flu had been found in hens at an egg-laying facility near the city of Harris run by Sunrise Farms, an affiliate of Sonstegard Foods Company. The company said the facility houses 3.8 million hens.”

Henny Penny was asked to comment on this, but unfortunately she had already passed on.

Russian rocket fail- S300 falls out of the sky

I am pretty sure I just learned how to say “Holy shit, run!” in Russian