Charles Manson dead at 83

Good riddance


Pot calling the kettle black

I’ll be damned

It might be a good Monday after all

After three years I found my hat

I thought it was gone forever

I have had it since 1994 and it still looks like new

It is a beaver felt Fedora that I bought in a shop on top of a mountain in Arizono

It has climbed many mountains, navigated rivers and been to the bottom of he grand canyon

I found it on the closet shelf smashed under a box of videos

In a testament to the art of hat making it quickly resumed it’s original shape with the help of some hot water and steam



And I am out…..

Off to work


Fell out of the white van…

C’mon in…. We’ll make you a star

Move over Harvey Weinstein


Gotta love flow charts