To serve: Cop ran security for Gangster disciples drug shipments

“Former Crockett County Sheriff’s Office deputy Calvin Fields pleaded guilty to counts of distribution of cocaine and possession of a firearm during drug trafficking in U.S. District Court on Friday. As part of the plea agreement, Fields waived his right to appeal his sentence, meaning the sentence he is given will not change. Federal Bureau […]

via To serve: Cop ran security for Gangster disciples drug shipments — Deborah Lee Jarrett


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Want some Trump?

Below is a key element of Trump’s new tax plan. It is in the article under “Losers”

Upper-middle-income people in blue states. The plan would eliminate the federal tax deduction for state and local income tax. If you are in a place where such taxes are high, like New York or California, you would lose a valuable deduction.

How’s that work for you? That is a super hefty deduction in the states that didn’t vote for Trump. I am sure it’s just a coincidence though…..

The whole plan here:


They would have to throw me out