The truth about the war for our constitution and Liberty intermixed with an occasional poem.. You will never find rumor , innuendo , or  material that has not been sourced. What you will find is  opinion and generally,  strong opinion. Other than that : You will be force fed the truth.

22 responses to “About

  1. You don’t need a weatherman to tell which way the wind is blowing


  2. I appreciate your blog/post – however, you are in copyright infringement on my registered trademark “Eat The Truth” If you need me to supply you the registration please let me know. You need to rephrase your blog post or my lawyer will be contacting you. Thank you in advance. Coco Frey founder of Eat The Truth


    • You are going to have to give me a few on that, as I really suck at web design.I can’t even remember how I put it on there. We don’t need lawyers, you run a business and I run a crappy blog and you probably really would not want your site confused with mine. I will put a disclaimer up until I figure it out


    • I would love to talk to that lawyer and see how you copyrighted that label. I think you are full of crap actually.


  3. I do like that tagline you have. 🙂


  4. I am gratified to see others, like myself, speaking out in truth, and attacking the lies where they lay. I tip my hat to you!


  5. Came over through your post at Kenny’s. Tough times, my Brother.
    You and yours are in my prayers.
    Wish I could do more. Too many that are too damn young. Hard to see my phone now – damn trifocals.
    God Bless all.


  6. I love your site’s motto 😀


  7. Jim I finally figured out your site. I’m praying for Shaylin. I do not feel comfortable using pay pal. Happy to give a donation personally. Ted.


  8. Calcular. "Chief of the Assymptote's"

    Prayers for you and yours. We should do meatspace sometime. I’m local to you.


  9. Jay, is there anyway we can LIKE your post without clicking on each individual one? Thanks bud.


  10. For the record; I found you via The Tactical Hermit. He reposts many of your comments. BTW – The A wipe who accused you of “copyright” violation must be a functional illiterate – “Force Fed the Truth is NOT “Eat the Truth. ‘Nuff said.

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  11. I’m adding you to my blog roll. Like yer perspective. Take a look at mine and see if there ain’t somethin’ there worth referring…




  12. Jay, that’s why our sites are similar. Keep plowing. J.C.


  13. I took a lot of them & sent them to my spouse at work.😝


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