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More from CNN !


Yes, that is an actual screen shot


Breaking news…

But all joking aside

These people are enemies of freedom

Enemies of the republic

And a danger to you and I

They are no joking matter

They mean to smash your way of life

I laugh at CNN out of only one side of my mouth


THIS JUST IN: Govt. shut down almost destroyed the Earth

Well, at least according to CNN

“CNN personalities already blame virtually everything on President Trump and now the network has floated a theory that the earth could be jeopardized by an asteroid because of the government shutdown — but don’t worry, experts have already debunked the fake news.

CNN correspondent Tom Foreman said on “The Lead with Jake Tapper” that NASA could potentially stop monitoring asteroids during the shutdown.

“A big one, by the way, is expected to brush by Earth on February 4,” Foreman said on Friday’s show.

He explained that this occurred back in 2013 during the Obama administration when the government last shut down. “For more than two weeks, NASA reportedly stopped monitoring potentially dangerous asteroids,” he said.

“Foreman might not be the best when it comes to measuring things, as he said the anticipated asteroid will “brush by earth,” but it will actually be roughly 2.6 million miles away, according to


CNN’s attempt to create a sense of panic was mocked by conservative news organizations such as Breitbart and TheBlaze, while some supermarket tabloids have joined CNN in sensationalizing the asteroid.

“You aren’t hearing things. CNN suggested that we could get hit by an asteroid because of the Schumer Shutdown,” conservative journalist Carmine Sabia tweeted.

Along with pondering aloud whether or not an asteroid would ruin the entire planet, Foreman discussed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention potentially “back down” on its flu tracking program despite “the worst outbreak in years.”


The unacountables



How’s that plan to shut down the Govt. for illegal aliens going so far?


Govt. shutdown in 3,2,1…

Yes, please fucking do

And BTW, you should stay that way

We would all be a lot better off

You bunch of assholes could meet at a motel 6 a couple of times a year  instead of DC to actually do the things that are needed by the people you claim to serve

You are nothing but a lot of self serving power mongers stuffing your pockets at the expense of the real America

Go ahead and shut it down

Or better yet

Maybe we will tear it down

Go fuck your arrogant sevlves

Go ahead punk…