Funding for Shaylyn

So this is where it all started

I was at work on Oct. 21st when I got a call from my wife

I was doing irrigation service right around the corner from home (Thank God) and it was the call that no man ever wants to get

Her son who was 38 had just been killed in a high speed car accident outside of Tampa

I say her son because even though we have been married for 26 Yrs. I did very little raising of him

But anyway, that was the start

Then, the week before Christmas our Daughter Shaylyn who is 36 calls to inform my wife that she has adrenal cancer

Bear in mind that she has 2 children and just lost her brother

I say ours because even though she is not my blood, I have raised her since age 8 as my daughter

Anyway, she also has tumors on her kidneys and spots on her liver that are most likely also tumors

She was hospitalized for 2 weeks because her blood pressure was out of control and she was seen by a specialist

She was supposed to have laproscopic surgery to have the tumors removed immediately

That was weeks ago

Unfortunately she is uninsured and medically needy and no doctor will touch her

She will have to wait until an endocrine surgeon  decides to donate his charity

Or not

I live in Florida in a county that has the highest unemployment rate in the state and own a business that has been drained over the past 6 yrs. to nothing

We as a family are in dire straights

Without treatment Shay is destined for a short life with a lot of suffering

I don’t know if it is pride or denial but she will not quit working to go on disabilty

And at this point the process is probably too long anyway

The surgery may or may not save her

I don’t even know

To tell you truthfully I don’t even know what it costs

But I can’t sit and do nothing

I haven’t asked her approval yet and don’t really care

I have a link below for paypal to donate

I don’t know how to get a button so it is just a link

I don’t use paypal for anything other than buying so any funds donated will be earmarked

Even if you don’t donate I would sure appreciate you passing this on

If anyone needs my contact info to verify the the veracity of this leave me a comment and I will send it to you

Update: Here is a go fund me link if paypal doesn’t work:

Update 1-23: Apparently there is an intermittent problem with the pay pal link. If it does not work, my email is Leave me a comment if you need USPS. I no longer care if I am anonymous. If you don’t have paypal send me your email and paypal can invoice you.

Update: I have been trying to individually thank those that have donated but my e-mail keeps screwing up. If for some reason I don’t get back to you know that what you did was greatly appreciated and you have my most heartfelt thanks.

Update : Shay found out about this site an hour or so ago and was ecstatic that people were helping her out. So far, minus snail mail, $ 1545.00 has been raised. I thank you all. I now have a plan since an insurance agent left me a comment and contacted me. Instead of some crazy some, I am after enough to get her insured and pay her deductible.

I am still waiting on numbers and will post them when I have them. So far it is looking like $420.00 a month and a $1600.00 deductible.

Even if another dime doesn’t roll in, I am eternally grateful to those that have found the kindness to help us out. One way or another we will make it work.

Update: Shay is on the medically needy program and was just informed that no endocrinologists anywhere near her will provide treatment under that program

Update: I do have an asset if anyone is interested in land in Florida

I have an 80′ X 120′ lot on a 6 mi. long island in the swamp with a delapitated mobile on it

I will sell it for half the value it is listed as or for whatever


13 responses to “Funding for Shaylyn

  1. Please don’t sell that lot…

  2. Reblogged this on Starvin Larry and commented:
    Getting there-every little bit helps,please consider kicking in a few $$$,even if the funds for Shaylyn get raised $1.00 at a time-they still get raised,and that is the point.
    I know money is tight for many of us-myself included,I couldn’t afford much,but I sent it,and am sending more.

      • You’re welcome. How’s the fundraiser doing?
        Are you getting close?
        We didn’t finish the house we’re working on,will be done tomorrow,Wed at latest,I’ll kick in more $$$ then.

      • So far I am at $2100.00 plus a check for an unknown amount from a neighbor. I don’t know if you read the post about the hunting trip being donated to raffle. Once that is put into place I will sell the hell out of it. Right now I can pay her deductible and but I month.

      • Let me know when you have the info on the hunting trip,and I’ll promote the hell out of it.
        I’m sure Kenny-(Wirecutter) and WRSA will do the same.
        In the meantime,I’ll keep posting about the current fundraiser a couple times a week.

      • Thanks man, much appreciated. When I get that package I plan on being a world class salesman

      • The hunt auction gave me an idea-I teach cooking classes-how to safely feed large groups,now and during a long-term grid down scenario-

        It’s a series of 3 classes. If I can figure out how to set it up-I’ll give away all three classes to someone,would be $375.00 if classes were paid for.
        Just a thought-it’s up to you,I’ll figure out how to set it up,maybe do it as a lottery type thing,$5.00 per entry, random 3 number “ticket” per entry then use the Ohio lottery’s daily pick 3 number to determine the winner.
        Let me know.

      • That sounds like a solid idea if you could make it work. How often do you do these?

      • I do classes every other month,then after 3 classes,I’ll start over with the first class.
        May be doing a class in S. Georgia soon as some guys there have a place for me to do a class,and are working on getting enough people who want to take the classes to make it worthwhile for me to travel to them.

      • And I appreciate what you have done. My family would be done for were it not for you and the others.

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