Judge declares that death penalty does not exist in Florida

Pinellas judge rejects death penalty request after Supreme Court ruling

“In an order filed Friday, judge Michael Andrews rejected prosecutors’ notice that they intend to seek the death penalty in the case of a Pinellas Park father, Steven Dykes, accused of fatally shaking and striking his 3-month-old daughter in February of last year.

“This court concludes that there currently exists no death penalty in the State of Florida in that there is no procedure in place,” Andrews wrote.

The order is the first of its kind in the state following the Hurst vs. Florida decision on Jan. 12, said Pinellas-Pasco public defender Bob Dillinger.

In an 8-1 opinion, the Supreme Court found Florida’s death penalty procedures unconstitutional because juries play only an advisory role in recommending life or death. Judges make the ultimate decision after giving “great weight” to jurors’ recommendations.”

From the Tampa bay times, the whole story here :  http://www.tampabay.com/news/courts/criminal/pinellas-judge-rejects-death-penalty-request-following-scotus-ruling/2262761

Good for him and I hope they keep it that way

I am strongly anti death penalty

When they started DNA testing death row inmates it was incredible how many people were freed

In Illinois alone they had 13

That doesn’t sound like a lot except to the families of these people and they themselves

The system can be wrong and death is something that cannot be taken back

A dead person cannot ever be returned to his loved ones

I know, I am a real conundrum aren’t I ?



One response to “Judge declares that death penalty does not exist in Florida

  1. i was always pro death penalty.
    then i found out how many innocent are caught in the court system.
    also saw a few minor cases in person and figured if they were so inept in the little things they must be equally inept in the big things.
    so, no death penalty. there is always life in prison, which is hell.
    and i saw where just being proven innocent by DNA does not get the innocent released.
    i hope that is changing.

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