Revolution rules coming into effect

1. Never talk to the police/Govt.

2.Always support the Patriots/Good guys No matter what the media says

3. Help when you can, any way you can; Provide housing , food and support to those in need

4. Do anything you can to stop, obfuscate or confuse the opposition

5. Use the currency of the Patriots, not the enemy, whenever you can

6 .Do what is right. Your country, your children, America herself depends on you.

10 responses to “Revolution rules coming into effect

  1. Just so we are clear, in the future, the “good guys” will be the guerillas wanting to secede from this Federal cabal of scum and villainy.👍👍

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  2. Sadly, not an effing thing is going to happen.

    Trump’s indictment is the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning.

    The former USA is now an open tyranny.

    They took away the soap box and the ballot box. There’s only one box left, but it won’t be used. Not yet, maybe not ever.

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  4. Just an FYI, this article was posted over at Phil’s place with attribution and links to here.


  5. Rules need activation now.


  6. Nothing Happens as long as the Light are On, there is Food (or some plastic facsimile thereof) in the Grocery store, and ghettosportsball on the Tee-Vee.

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