Harvest right freeze dryer review update

So, I had my harvest right small dryer for about 11 months before the touchscreen shit the bed. It was a slow three to 4 week process to get it running again. but I now have the latest CPU, software update and touchscreen panel. Replacing the parts were pretty simple, but frustrating due to delays. I now have it back online and have done 3 batches since parts replacement and it seems cured. The machine was under warranty and there was no cost or shipping on the parts. This litlle machine has been worked really hard and it has done it’s job well. I believe that the touchpad failure is a design flaw and I am going to attempt to rectify it. While in the defrost cycle water trickles down from condensation on the seal right into the touchpad assy. I am going to seal the Assy with silicone and see what happens; Water cannot be a plus, Now the big question; would I recommend the machine to someone else? I would, but not without reservations. The machine is very well built but doesn’t seem to have all the glitches ironed out in the electronics. Online there are many complaints similiar to mine that have been resolved. They did take care of the problem, but I would have to have it run for another year without problems to recommend it with a clear conscience. Would I gamble a couple of grand on one? Maybe. When it does work it works wonders and they are fixing the problems as they arise.

2 responses to “Harvest right freeze dryer review update

  1. Thanks for detailing your issues with this. The wife has wanted one for a while and I’ve been stalling. I think I’ll stall some more.


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