Haitian Migrants In Custody Revolt, Take Over Control Of Bus: Report

A small group of Haitian migrants aboard a private bus contracted by the federal government who were being taken from an encampment near Del Rio, Texas, rebelled during the ride and took control of the vehicle before escaping, law enforcement officials said.

The large white bus was en route to San Antonio, Texas, officials said, when it was overtaken on Monday afternoon at some point during the normally two-and-a-half-hour journey from the border city, the Washington Examiner reported.

The migrants were initially picked up from encampment, where more than 15,000 mostly Haitian migrants had assembled over the past week. Thousands more still remain there and are waiting to be taken into custody under the watchful eye of Border Patrol and Texas law enforcement officers.

The incident was reported to the Examiner by two federal law enforcement officials, the outlet said.

“They did break out of the bus, and they did escape,” said a senior federal law enforcement official in confirming the incident to the outlet on Tuesday.

“It is not clear which federal agency, Customs and Border Protection or Immigration and Customs Enforcement, was overseeing the transport. CBP initially apprehends, transports, and processes illegal immigrants, while ICE is responsible for longer-term detention and removal from the country. Neither agency responded to requests for comment,” the Examiner reported.

Do you get it? A small group overpowered the bus taking them to their confinement and escaped. Why? First off, because they were willing to. Those in power will do whatever they can only as long as they are allowed to. When everyone reacts the way the Haitians did the system has a problem. But people have to be willing to act and to act in such a manner that they achieve their set goal. Yes. surprise helped, but without the spur to action, the surprise meant nothing. Look what BLM has accomplished. It is certainly a Hell of a lot more than our side has. And why? They are willing to act, to get into the streets and force change whether the authorities like it or not. Our time is near to coming and we must show the same willingness or be done for.

5 responses to “Haitian Migrants In Custody Revolt, Take Over Control Of Bus: Report

  1. Well running like Haitians won’t work for a large marjority on our side. Seeing how most of us need hip, shoulder and knee replacements. We lost control when we stopped teaching our children and youth to have respect for themselves and our country. This is not going to roll until we start forceing our youth to take a side and stick with it. When I was young every year the sacred silk flags would come out on Memorial day. And my grandmother would tell the stories of our war hero’s. Then I went to school to learn how to hate my country. So I taught myself to think instead of feel.


  2. To take a line from the first Terminator film, young John Connor asks his terminator protector, “Are we learning yet?”


  3. So now our model for the future is Haiti?


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