III to III help a brother out

So, this is how the whole III to III thing is supposed to work. Somewhere in the future your life might depend on someone that is patched 3% or theirs on you.

In one moment you might have to judge whether or not that person has your back and that decision may be based entirely on the fact they are 3%.

It is about being more than a scattered group of people and developing a sense community. If their are goods to be bought or sold anyone in the 3% community has the priority. If someone needs help, whether physical or financial, if it is within means you help them out. You may in fact be asking them for the same in the future.

So anyway, something happened recently that really embodies the whole spirit of the III to III. Now I am not going to name names because I know that is not why he did it and if it were me I would be embarrassed by being named .

Recently a fellow threeper put out a request for financial help. I sent him a little something and it was not very much. As a matter of fact it was such a paltry amount that I attached somewhat of an apology explaining that I was really tapped out at the moment and would help out more if I could.

The next day he sends me $100.00

He got more than he expected and needed and sent that my way because I was tapped.

Now that ladies and gentlemen is how it’s done.That is class. That is the spirit of the III to III. That is the spirit and character of those in the three percent movement. That is what the spirit and character of America used to be.

That is what we are willing to fight for.

6 responses to “III to III help a brother out

  1. Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man and commented:
    I’m with you and have done the same when I saw the III to III signal go up. I’ll continue to do so as I am able even though I am rejected by the III% community as unworthy. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa Mea Maxima Culpa.
    Through my most grevious fault. I am a former criminal. I was a real piece of work. I posed as a retired General Officer 10 years ago. I served 38 of my sentenced 42 months in federal prison, not for being an imposter, that was never charged nor was stolen valor, only Bank Fraud and uttering fraudulent securities. Saturday is the last day of my sentence. The years of Supervised Release end. I will have completed my sentence completely. During the days, weeks and months of my release from federal prison on 04JAN2010 I have been trying to follow the path of redemption, sure, I’ve failed along the way and slipped too. But thanks to the prayers of my family and friends I have returned again and again to the narrow road of redemption in Christ. The road becomes easier (but no less narrow and rocky) the longer God’s grace keeps you on it.
    I hope that someday I will be acceptable to the III% community. It’s hard to be a Threeper alone …

    • I’m sorry – do we automatically reject someone because of a criminal record? I have heard that no matter how straight a person is, they will commit about three felonies a day. Being a relatively new Threeper, I am not familiar with you, Paul, but I believe a man’s past can be atoned for. I surely hope that’s the case because I have done some idiotic crap in my life. I just keep looking to the Lord for guidance and as long as you do that and trust in Him you will get what you’re looking for…

      • Paul H. Lemmen

        Thanks Bruce. It appears that the formal organizations do. But just because I was removed from the III Chaplain Corps and my membership in the III Percent Society was revoked I am no less a III% because that is a belief, one as strong as my belief in God.

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  3. Yeah, Paul, maybe the issue was that when you were part of the III Chaplain Corps, you never revealed your past….it had to be found out and brought to the attention of the III by an Ann Barnhardt (?spelling?) investigation and blog post. You willfully and knowingly tried to hide that past, and in the process misrepresented yourself. Doesn’t generate much trust.

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