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Creepy, weird and cool

I have been watching the rather fascinating rebuilding of my finger tip closely. I am a science geek, albeit a dangerous one, and am equipped with the required science geek tools, like my pocket microscope. I watched as new cells were formed up and a matrix spread across the wound. There is one spot though right behind the nail that has been building tissue, but not yet skin.
The doctor told me to let it dry out and it had become all crusty with little red crystals forming through out it. It was obviously healing as I could see it getting smaller and new tissue was appearing daily. Last night I looked at it and thought, “You know, that would probably go faster in a moist environment”. So I took some 3 in one antibiotic compound and put a big blob on the end of my fingertip to see what would happen.
This morning I went out to my garage bathroom and while I was there, I looked at the fingertip in my giant magnifier light. (Yes, there is one of big magnifiers on an arm in my dude bathroom. The lighting is great, what can I say?)
Moments later I was in the bedroom waking my wife up. “Hey, hey, check this out, there are veins growing on the back of my fingernail”
She was not impressed as I was.
“Gross, get that disgusting freak show finger away from my face”
Oh well, I thought it was cool.
When I had applied the antibiotic gel I had gotten some on the back of my nail.The new tiny matrix of veins that appeared overnight in the wound had crawled right around and onto the back of my nail. It was like microscopic red webbing spread out across my nail.
Creepy, weird and cool. I had to nip it in the bud though so I don’t grow a Gollum finger.