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Can Hillary steal the election?

Just wondering

Here is what happened in Florida in 2012

A super majority of Republicans were elected to the house

A super majority were elected to the senate

A (most hated by the left) Governor was re-elected

Obama won Florida

So all those people that put the republicans in office did this:

House – (R)…… Check

Senate – (R)…… Check

Governor (R)…. Check

You know what?

I think I will vote for Obama on this one (D)….Check

Yeah right, that’s how it went

You couldn’t find an Obama sign anywhere in any part of the state I traveled through

Romney criss crossed the state and any venue he had was so over packed that people literally had to walk miles to get there

Upon arrival they would find out that the event was full and they would be stuck in the over flow crowd

Hillary for president?

They did it once and I don’t find it too far fetched that they would do it again

There were counties here in Florida that had voter roles that were 110% of their population

Go Hillary!!

James O’keefe strikes again! NC poll workers encouraging illegal voting

You’ve gotta love this kid.