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House Dems “We just lost”




Authorities consider charging Trump with inciting violence

Authorities in North Carolina are considering whether to press charges against GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump after a protester was assaulted during one of his rallies in Fayetteville, according to WRAL.com.

The Cumberland County sheriff’s office, while conducting an investigation into the sucker-punch and alleged threats against the protester, went over the speech that Trump gave during the rally “with a fine-tooth comb,” WRAL reporter Gilbert Baez told MSNBC News.

“During their analysis of that speech, there were several instances where Trump made comments that incited the folks to continue the violent acts during that rally,” Baez said.”


Do they really think that this shit will fly?

Trump has all of those people following because they are pissed off, fed up and had enough

They pull this one off and some shit is going to seriously get torn up