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Just when you thought it was safe to laugh at the black helicopter NWO guys…

“The biggest danger lies in the other deals that the president’s team is working on. Provisions in these deals do change immigration laws, and also would prevent Congress from adjusting immigration laws that are currently being abused. That is the very goal of all trade pacts — to lock in open access to markets under current or more favorable terms, so that it cannot be changed.”

“One of the treaties being negotiated by President Obama’s team is known as the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA). The contents were secret until it was obtained by Wikileaks. The documents reveal that the administration hopes to greatly expand access for foreign workers in dozens of occupations including engineering, veterinary medicine, management consulting, construction, waste disposal, hotel and restaurant work, transportation, and recreation. This is not just about computer programmers and nurses; TiSA would facilitate the movement of unlimited numbers of skilled and unskilled workers from participating countries. ”

The effect would be that control over our guest worker programs and other occupational regulations would shift away from our representative bodies to an international tribunal of trade regulators whose mission in life is to enforce the treaty provisions allowing the international movement of people and open access for service-providing corporations.

The rest of the treasonous plot here: http://www.cis.org/vaughan/vast-ramifications-senate-obamatrade-vote-tuesday

Look at what our “Representatives” are up to.

It is time to stop pretending that we have representative government and start acting  like we are being ruled

Once we do that we have only two obvious choices to follow; Bow down or fight

I once told a polite gentleman in blue who was pointing a gun at me and telling to get on my knees that I kneel for no man.

That still goes.

Paul Ryan: You have to pass it before you can read it.

“What Ryan is trying to convince House Republicans to do is vote for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) which would fast-track at least three highly secretive trade deals—specifically the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP)—and potentially more deals.

Right now, TiSA and T-TIP text are completely secretive and unavailable for even members of Congress to read while TPP text is available for members to review—although they need to go to a secret room inside the Capitol where only members of Congress and certain staffers high-level security clearances, who can only go when members are present, can read the bill.”


There is nothing the fuck wrong with this at all. What could possibly be wrong with classified trade deals that the peoples Reps aren’t allowed to read?

The Republicans are proving once again that if you vote for them, your vote is wasted.

There is no stopping what is happening with a vote. There is no changing a system so far gone from it’s original form that it is unrecognizable.

Politics have failed us, politicians have failed us and now they drive us straight at the edge of the cliff.

When we hit bottom, just remember who was driving.

Ths will not be for restoration, but rather retribution.

Happy Thursday everyone.