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Shoot fireballs from your wrist at will

Now this is cool. It can also be operated with a remote from 30 ft. away. I could fuck with the cat endlessly with this.

So much for weak TEA : Mconnell backed candidate in Nebraska loses in landslide


So much for Mconnell’s war on the TEA party. The establishment still hasn’t figured out that people will stay home instead of voting for their elitist candidate (AKA Romney). A recent poll found that the TEA party was losing support and their support was only 22%. You know, like only one quarter of the country. Unless the dead elephants can do something disastrous to lose the election, it is theirs for the winning. 

Obama fails to salute marine


Are we surprised?  He has such blatant disregard for the military that he cannot salute a marine. A hand shake afterwards?  I can’t even finish this post without being arrested. I bite my tongue.

Now we know why homeland security is buying all those bullets



Around the country DHS, the anti-terrorism agency, is guarding the IRS from TEA party protesters without a real cop in sight. If you don’t get it, you should; The police state has arrived.    Tempis Fugit.