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Trump attacks Assad, enemy of ISIS

Question: If Syria, a sovereign nation, attempts to blow up and kill the commander in chief of the army that just attacked them, are they terrorists?

I thought that we were sending troops into Syria to kill ISIS

But anything we do to degrade Assad’s air power aids ISIS

Assad was on the losing end until the Ruskies came in with air power and let him regain tons of territory and airfields

Now Trump is being praised by the warhawks, the Democrats, the Germans and even the French

Is this JEB that we elected?

Or did Trump just attack a sovereign nation not to look too cozy with Putin?

Either way, it is a 180 from anything he said in the past

And it does not bode well


Russia warns of ‘new world war’

“Russia warned of “a new world war” starting in Syria on Thursday after a dramatic day in which Gulf states threatened to send in ground forces.

Foreign and defence ministers of the leading international states backing different factions in the war-torn country met in separate meetings in Munich and Brussels following the collapse of the latest round of peace talks.

Both Russia and the United States demanded ceasefires in the long-running civil war so that the fight could be concentrated against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) – but each on their own, conflicting terms.”

“But the Gulf states, led by Saudi Arabia, staged their own intervention, saying they were committed to sending ground troops to the country. Their favoured rebel groups have been pulverised by Russian air raids and driven back on the ground by Iranian-supplied pro-regime troops. ”

“They said their declared target was Isil. But the presence of troops from Gulf states which have funded the Syrian rebels would be taken as a hostile act by the Assad regime and its backers, and a sign that they were committed to staking their claim to a say in the final Syrian settlement.

Russia issued a stark warning of the potential consequences. “The Americans and our Arab partners must think well: do they want a permanent war?”


We are not already in a world war ?

Here is a list from 2012 of Muslim insugencies

Bear in mind that the list is considerably larger now, but I am on a time budget and couldn’t find a current comprehensive one

Southern Philippines
Southern Thailand
West Turkestan
Northern India

The only difference now is that Russia is starting to participate

I know that as of 2015 almost everyone of those green shaded areas had insurgencies going on.
Some that I know offhand that are not on the list are Indonesia, Central African republic, Cameroon,Chad,Nigeria and Spain.
Does that sound like a world war to you?
The fuse is already lit on World war III
The only question left is how big the explosion is going to be

Obama administration perpetrates the biggest betrayal since the bay of pigs

Syrian rebels battled for their survival in and around Syria’s northern city of Aleppo on Thursday after a blitz of Russian airstrikes helped government loyalists sever a vital supply route and sent a new surge of refugees fleeing toward the border with Turkey.

The Russian-backed onslaught against rebel positions in Aleppo coincided with the failure of peace talks in Geneva, and helped reinforce opposition suspicions that Russia and its Syrian government allies are more interested in securing a military victory over the rebels than negotiating a settlement.”

“The loss of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and the most significant urban center to fall, at least partially, under rebel control, would represent a potentially decisive blow to the nearly five-year-old rebellion against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The rebels have maintained control of much of Aleppo since they surged into the city in 2012, prompting U.S. intelligence assessments that they eventually would topple the government in Damascus.”

“With the push around Aleppo, pro-government forces were able to break a rebel siege on two predominantly Shiite villages, Nubl and Zahra, which had been surrounded by rebel forces for the past three years and sustained only by government airdrops of food.

In its determination to see the peace talks get underway, the United States had pressured the rebels’ allies, including Turkey and Saudi Arabia, to curtail supplies of weapons, leaving the rebels vulnerable to the new offensive, according to rebel commanders.”

This has been excerpted

The whole story is here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/syrian-rebels-are-losing-aleppo-and-perhaps-also-the-war/2016/02/04/94e10012-cb51-11e5-b9ab-26591104bb19_story.html

These are the very same rebels that we were training and supplying arms and munitions to

This is not ISIS, these are the original rebel forces that formed up to fight Assad and his brutal dictatorship

I only have one thing to say on the subject:

It’s a damn good thing that the Cuban rebels weren’t suicide bombers



Feel good video of the day : Sniper takes out Jihadi

Spray and pray versus well trained fire

I will take well trained fire any day even for supression

Good night young prince….


Now we’ve stepped in it: Turkey shoots down Russian fighter jet


“The Turkish military has reportedly shot down a Russian military aircraft on the border with Syria.

Russia’s defence ministry said an Su-24 had crashed on Syrian territory after being hit by fire from the ground.

But Turkish military officials said Turkish F-16s had shot down the plane after repeatedly warning its two crew they were violating Turkish airspace.

The crew ejected before the jet crashed in Latakia province, but Syrian rebels said at least one was dead.”

“Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the incident as “very serious”, but cautioned that it was too early to draw conclusions.

The Nato military alliance, to which Turkey belongs, said it was following the situation “closely” and was in contact with the Turkish authorities. There will be an “informational meeting” of ambassadors in Brussels at 16:00 GMT.”



Sorry Vlad

You shouldn’t have been egging Turkey on

Wait a minute……

Wasn’t Turkey at the heart of the entire Cuban missile crisis?


Those Ruskies couldn’t hold a grudge that long could they?

Well I am not worried

We have the worlds best community organizer at the helm

Followed up by the “Accidental diplomat”

Maybe old Lurch can accidently get Russia to solve this one too

Happy Tuesday everyone

Leading from behind

Fearless  Feckless leader to play brinkmanship with Putin in Syria

“Washington (CNN)Russia’s power play in Syria left the Obama administration scrambling Wednesday, with the U.S. sending mixed messages on Moscow’s uncoordinated airstrikes in the civil war-torn nation.

The White House downplayed Russia’s decision to launch the strikes without coordinating with the United States, and the State Department said ahead of the strikes that Russian involvement in Syria could be an opportunity. But the Pentagon slammed the move and suggested Moscow’s backing for close ally Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — who appears to be losing his grip on power — will only inflame the war there and could set back the effort to drive out ISIS.”

“Russia gave the United States just one hour heads-up that it would be launching airstrikes in the western Syrian city of Homs on Wednesday morning and told U.S. aircraft — there to battle ISIS — that they needed to leave Syrian airspace.

The United States declined to do so, but having both air forces operating in the country raises the specter of military mishaps between the two powers. The United States had anticipated holding conversations with the Russian military on “deconfliction,” so that there wouldn’t be inadvertent overlap, but that expectation wasn’t met — though it appears military-to-military talks will be held as soon as Thursday.”


You know it would actually be funny if the hapless idiot weren’t the leader of our nation

We have sunk so low that this moron was actually re-elected

That doesn’t say a whole lot about the electorate at large and their decision making process

Makes me wonder sometimes what might even be worth fighting for

Who says you can’t look good and be bad?

This is Sharky Jama and he has it all going on. Not only does he have Shark in his name, but pajamas also, for the ladies. To top that off, don’t let that faggy scarf and modelling pose fool you, this gentleman is genuinely a bad ass.

Not only is he a model and former football player but he also traveled to Syria to fight with ISIS. That’s right this dude here is a genuine Australian/Somali fop.

Don’t let the powdered wig rainbow scarf fool you we are dealing with some serious bad assery here.

Wait! Hold on ! Phones ringing!

Oh crap!

“His family said they received a text message and phone call from someone on Monday informing them that he had been killed.”

Damn. Guess making a fashion statement on the battlefield isn’t as smart as it sounds.

At least his fashion sense will survive him for the rest of us gents who want be bad and not have to look like savages doing it.

Story is here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/islamic-state/11541318/Male-model-from-Australia-dies-fighting-for-Islamic-State.html

Seriously, he could screw up a wet dream

“Since U.S. airstrikes against ISIS in Syria began on Sept. 22, there has been no coordination between the U.S. military and its alleged partners on the ground, according to FSA leaders, civilian opposition leaders, and intelligence sources who have been briefed on the U.S. and allied military operation. It’s this lack of communication that led to an airstrike that hit only 200 meters from an FSA facility in the suburbs of Idlib. One source briefed on the incident said multiple FSA fighters were killed in the attack.

“Unfortunately, there is zero coordination with the Free Syrian Army. Because there is no coordination, we are seeing civilian casualties. Because there is no coordination, they are hitting empty buildings for ISIS,” Hussam Al Marie, the spokesman for the FSA in northern Syria, told The Daily Beast. “We have been getting promises that the coordination will be coming, but we have been getting promises since the beginning of this revolution and nothing has happened yet.”

The incident, which was not been previously reported, doesn’t just highlight the gap between the U.S. and its newly-endorsed allies in the moderate opposition, however. It also shows how complicated it can be to make alliances in the multi-factioned Syrian civil war. The coalition airstrike was targeting a base used by al Nusrah, the local al Qaeda affiliate. And the camp was, essentially, next door to the FSA facility. The al Qaeda fighters and the U.S-endorsed rebels were neighbors—and, at times, partners in battle against ISIS and the Bashar al-Assad regime.

“Because there is no coordination, [the U.S.-led coalition] hit an al Nusrah base in the Idlib suburbs that is only 200 meters from the Free Syrian Army,” Al Marie said.”

They all look alike to him. What more can I say?



Syrian rebels convert howitzer into spigot mortor

Very interesting. A 20 Lb. propane tank and angle iron is used to make a spigot mortar round. It is about using what you have at hand when you need something. Don’t have a howitzer round? No problem. Be inventive and adapt to the situation. For what it is worth the same round could be fired out of an air cannon as well. With the propane tank warhead it could have any type of charge in it; Chemical, HE, shaped charge, Low order explosives or incendiary. Kids, don’t try this at home….


Please help Obama start world war III

Absolutely hilarious


Al Quaeda executing alawite truck drivers:GRAPHIC

They walk to the road side and kneel down before being shot some how thinking that obeying their captors will save them. Don’t take the walk. Don’t kneel down. Fight until they kill you because you are dead already. Make them pay for what they get and make their job a dangerous one. Do not go silently into the night with your hands raised at gun point. Get a little hamburger before they get their steak. Be a man, live like one and die like one