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The reports of Swift’s death have been greatly exaggerated

Over the weekend news and video surfaced that the former HSV Swift, which had been leased to MSC for 10 years from 2003-2013 and is currently owned by Emirates-based UAE Marine Dredging Company but was chartered by the United Arab Emirates military for coastal transport, was sunk after a missile attack by Houthis rebels. Well, […]

via The reports of Swift’s death have been greatly exaggerated — laststandonzombieisland

Inspsectapedia- Diagnose and repair it yourself guide for anything from A/C to wells

You should really check this site out, there is a wealth of information on it

I am only disappointed that it took me this long to find it

I could have saved myself some money last year on A/C repairs

I am a service tech and run a service oriented business

I hate to call a repair service


China’s is the First Central Bank to Lose Control… It Won’t Be the Last

“The Big Crisis, the one in which entire countries go bust, has begun. It will not unfold in a matter of weeks; these sorts of things take months to complete. But it has begun.

ALL of the so called, “economic recovery” that began in 2009 has been based on the Central Banks’ abilities to rein in the collapse.

The first round of interventions (2007-early 2009) was performed in the name of saving the system. The second round (2010-2012) was done because it was generally believed that the first round hadn’t completed the task of getting the world back to recovery.

However, from 2012 onward, everything changed. At that point the Central Banks went “all in” on the Keynesian lunacy that they’d been employing since 2008. We no longer had QE plans with definitive deadlines. Instead phrases like “open-ended” and doing “whatever it takes” began to emanate from Central Bankers’ mouths.

However, the insanity was in fact greater than this. It is one thing to bluff your way through the weakest recovery in 80+ years with empty promises; but it’s another thing entirely to roll the dice on your entire country’s solvency just to see what happens.

In 2013, the Bank of Japan launched a single QE program equal to 25% of Japan’s GDP. This was unheard of in the history of the world. Never before had a country spent so much money relative to its size so rapidly… and with so little results: a few quarters of increased economic growth while household spending collapsed and misery rose alongside inflation.

This was the beginning of the end. Japan nearly broke its bond market launching this program (the circuit breakers tripped multiple times in that first week). However it wasn’t until last month that things truly became completely and utterly broken.

A month or so ago,  China lost control of its stock market. Despite freezing the market, banning short-selling, arresting short-sellers, and injecting billions of Dollars per day into the markets, China’s stock market continues to implode.

Please let this sink in: a Central bank, indeed, one of the largest, most important Central Banks, has officially “lost control.”

The rest here from Zero hedge :http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-08-21/chinas-first-central-bank-lose-control%E2%80%A6-it-wont-be-last

I seriously think that we are past the point that any of this can be stopped. We are in for the ride at some point in time and it is going to be a matter not when, but rather, how bad

Just remember that no matter how bad things are, wartime included, commerce continues.

Opportunity will be there for those wise enough to see them

How soon? I have been saying for almost a year now that it would probably be sometime in September

I am not afraid to make actual predictions

If I am wrong

Good for us

Happy Friday everybody

Forget the stress dog

Stress chickens, that’s what they are.

So, my wife and Stacey decided that it would be prudent for us to become chicken farmers. They went out and bought 6 chicks, all laying hens, and committed us to egg production. The hens are an even split of “Production red” and “Plymouth rock” and the hopes are to produce enough eggs for two families.

This is a first for the ladies and I myself have not done chicken ranching since my days in Kiddie prison. But we are game and are going to give it a go anyway. If it doesn’t work out we figure that we can switch over to doves or Homing pigeons.

Over the past week we have been building a bad ass 4′ X 8′ coop to house the hens; It is elevated 30″ and will have an 8′ x 12′ run.  Right now Stacey is in the back of the shop at my business, putting the final coats of paint on it. Eventually the ladies are going to pretty it up by painting vines and flowers all over it.

The chicks have been living in Stacey’s living room in a big Tupperware tub, but are growing by leaps and bounds. We are hoping to have the coop to completion  by Sunday and be able to move the hens in. When it is all finished up I will post some pics of it.

Wish us luck…..

Bug out bag

Inside of my bug out bag, which rides in the back of my Xterra, is a smaller more portable bag that has all of the core survival goods in it. It is small enough and light enough that it can be removed and you could make a run for it without being unduly burdened.

Sub compact .22 pistol
50 Rds. .22 Ammo
2- Fixed blade knives
Hatchet (Fiskar)
Folding saw
2- 15 Mi. range FRS radios
2- 25 Gal. Water purifying straws
6- Coffee filters
3- 20 min. road flares(Emergency fire starters)
Exterior suture kit (10)
Interior (Dissolving)suture kit (10)
Emergency 5 band radio w/solar and dynamo
Various cords to charge stuff off Dynamo
1- sealed Surgical hip kit(Contains bandages,towel,scalpel, scissors)
2- Heavy compress bandages
Assorted band aid/bandages
Antihistamines (Benadryl and psuedophed)
Toothbrush, tooth picks and Dental floss
Leatherman tool
Fishing line, hooks and bobbers
Assorted lures
Flashlight and light sticks
2-emergency blankets
4-Packets Gatorade sports fuel drink
4′ Electric fence wire (Coiled tightly)
Wireless 120 DB motion sensor alarm
Flint and steel striker w/magnesium
Sheet of plastic 6’X 6′
Face black
Assorted zip lock bags this stuff is in
Water bag
A few other things that I know I have forgotten

I know that sound like a lot of stuff, but it fits in a very compact bag. The bag, which has rigid sides, is maybe 12″ long, 10″ wide and 11″ deep. In a pinch it has pretty much everything I need to survive for a while in it.

Now the big bag that it came out of is a different story. That bag has everything in it. I could survive indefinitely or possibly start a new civilization with the contents of that one. Even so that bag weighs in at probably only about 45 pounds and it even has wheels.

What’s in your wallet?

Arrow penetration: Heavy and slow VS. light and fast

This is great stuff By Dr. Ed Ashby. Check it out and read the whole thing there is a lot of great info there that can be applied outside of archery.

“Given two arrows of equal momentum, but with one deriving a greater portion of its momentum from mass than the other, the heavier arrow will change velocity (decelerate) at a slower rate as it passes through the tissues. In other words, the heavier arrow will retain a higher percentage of its impact velocity at any given time period during its passage through the animal’s tissues, thus it also retains a higher momentum at any given point during the time required for the arrow to penetrate.

Another way of saying this would be that, though the heavier arrow is traveling slower, it takes a longer time to stop. The result is that the heavier arrow will have a greater impulse of force than does the light arrow.

It is momentum that gives an object in motion the tendency to STAY in motion. The greater the contribution of the object’s mass is to the resultant momentum the harder it will be to stop the forward progression of a moving object. Anyone who has pushed a car in neutral and then tried to stop it will understand this. The more of a moving object’s momentum that is derived from its mass, the more TIME it takes to stop it with any given resistance force.

It is common for proponents of light and fast arrows to counter that the faster arrow will have traveled a greater distance through the tissues in the same time period than will the heavier, and slower, arrow. This would be valid were it not for the nature of resistance forces.

As the arrow’s velocity is increased the resistance does not increase equivalently. The resistance increases exponentially. The resistance of a medium to penetration is reliant on the square of the object’s velocity (assuming objects of a given coefficient of drag; i.e., using arrows with the same external profile, material and finish). In other words, if the arrow’s impact velocity doubles, the resistance increases by a factor of four. If the impact velocity quadruples, the resistance to penetration increases 16 times!”

Rest is here:http://www.tradgang.com/ashby/Momentum%20Kinetic%20Energy%20and%20Arrow%20Penetration.htm

Just because….

Attack on power grid largest case of domestic terrorism recorded

A presumed terrorist attack against a San Jose, California power station last April 16 is only now gaining public attention, and raising concerns for the safety of the nation’s power grid system,  The Wall Street Journal reported.

Jon Wellinghoff, then-chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, termed the almost hour-long attack on the Metcalf facility, “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred.”

He believes the episode might be a dress rehearsal for a bigger attack.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it is “continuing to sift through the evidence,” but that it does not think a terrorist organization was behind the incident, according to the Journal.

The attack began at 12:58 a.m., when underground AT&T fiber-optic telecommunications cables were slashed in a vault not far from the Metcalf facility. Other cables were also cut. At 1:31 a.m., the facility, located near a freeway, came under sustained rifle fire. AK-47 bullet casings found later had been wiped clean of fingerprints.

The shooters were apparently aiming for the oil-filled cooling systems intended to keep the transformers from overheating, the Journal said. Though they were riddled with bullet holes, and hemorrhaged 52,000 gallons of oil, the transformers did not explode.

By the time sheriff’s department officers arrived on the scene the attackers were gone.

Seventeen massive transformers had been put out of commission. Company officials initially declared the incident vandalism. Cameras were positioned facing inward and did not pick up images of the shooters.

Upon further investigation, it looked more like the handiwork of professionals who had done advance preparation and reconnaissance, the Journal reported.

It would take 27 days to repair the damage and bring the substation back on line. Other facilities, meanwhile, ramped up their production of electricity to make up for the loss.

There are about 2,000 massive—custom-built— transformers around the country. They are pricy and hard to replace. A concerted, large scale assault on such extra-high-voltage transformers could result in prolonged outages, according to the Energy Department, the Journal reported.

Until now, security experts had been mostly concerned that cyber attackers might take down the grid by hacking into its control systems.

Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., expressed concern that no one in government is in overall charge of electric grid security, or in a position to take command in the event of an emergency, the Journal reported.

Elliot Jager-Newsmax

My new favorite kitchen tool; The Crapmatic 1000 meat tenderizer


I was making Swiss steak earlier. I went to the bin to get the meat tenderizer and found that the metal part with the blades had fallen off and gotten lost. I had to  come up with something.  So this was my answer. Yes, that is a hole saw and it worked like a champ….

Complete handbook of Vegetable seed saving. How to do, how long they last, breeding etc.

Vegetable Seed Saving Handbook

Check it out, print it out. Your life could depend on it. Breeding tips on things like avoiding inbred corn depression.All the links below work. And NO I AM NOT JACK. Jack is the guy with the book.I am sure he will be quite surprised if you talk revolution with him

Specific Seed Saving Instructions for Common Vegetables

Amaranth    Arugula    Basil    Beans    Bean Family    Beets    Beet Family    Broccoli    Broomcorn    Brussels Sprouts    Cabbage    Cabbage Family    Cantaloupe    Carrots    Carrot Family    Cauliflower    Celery    Chinese Cabbage    Chinese Mustard    Chives    Collards    Cilantro    Corn    Cotton    Cowpeas    Cucumber    Dill    Eggplant    Fava Beans    Fennel    Garlic    Garlic Chives    Gourds    Kale    Lamb’s Quarters    Lettuce    Melon, Honeydew and Musk    Mustard    Okra    Onion    Parsley    Pea, Garden and Snow    Peppers    Pumpkin    Radish    Sorghum    Squash Family    Sunflower    Swiss Chard    Tomatillo    Tomatoes    Turnip    Watermelon