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Annoyed firefighters attempt to take out drone with fire hose

“As the firefighters from Montgomery and Coldenham in New York were working to put out a house that had caught fire on June 4, a local man named John Thompson decided to fly a drone over the scene to film the proceedings. The firefighters put up with the drone for about 10 minutes and then turned their fire house on it, in what looks to me like annoyance. They send another blast its way about a minute later.

You can see the water blast at about the 12-minute mark in the video above — just after one firefighter points out the drone to another holding the hose.

Thompson says that his drone is now damaged and wants the fire company to pay for a new one to the tune of $2,200. (On a side note, the drone looks like a DJI Phantom 2 Vision to me, which really costs about $1,000.)”


What can you say? It’s low hanging fruit.

I couldn’t pass that one up for sure

Damn shame they only damaged it and didn’t down it outright

I know that if I see one low enough to hit I am probably going to be in trouble

Some time today, I am most likely going to be making a pneumatic cannon

If I get it done I will post some pics

I have made numerous ones in the past and they would be a bang up drone hunter

Ford using GPS to track customers

Mike Dana ,Fierce wireless

Ford has come under fire over concerns the company and other auto makers are tracking motorists’ movements via GPS data derived from their automobiles, a situation that has pushed one lawmaker to ask Ford to disclose exactly what GPS data it obtains from its cars and what it does with that information.

The situation stems from a GAO report that found auto makers including Ford don’t effectively disclose what location data they collect and exactly what they do with that data. It was exacerbated by statements a Ford executive made to Business Insider last week that “We know everyone who breaks the law. We know when you’re doing it. We have GPS in your car, so we know what you’re doing. By the way, we don’t supply that data to anyone.”

Another reason to buy American made foreign cars. I personally will not donate another single dime to the Communist UAW.  I do currently own a Ford though and a GPS blocker that stays plugged into my lighter socket. I have looked numerous times for the offending device without any luck. If I can ever find it I am going to make some modifications to it with a ball peen hammer. In the mean time the blocker will have to do.

U.S. spying on Europeans a symptom of a paranoid government, Germans say


“Berlin visitors say the fact that the embassy rises above the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is a painful testament to what can happen when a paranoid government moves unchecked.”

Of course the Germans state the truth with their typical Frank-ness. I personally am not into conspiracy theories or part of the “Black helicopter crowd” but the Germans have succinctly expressed what many of us see as obvious; The surveillance state has reached a level of paranoia that cannot be ignored.   You have to ask the question “Where does it go from here?” and answer it after studied thought to fully realize how deep the crap is that we are in.   I don’t have time to expound at the moment , but in the next few days I will have a piece on resistance to the police state.    In the meantime, be careful what you say; They are listening comrade…

Someone in Washington finally gets it right.

“It’s dangerous. It’s very dangerous. I believe, Mr. President, we are at one of the most dangerous points in our history right now. Every bit as dangerous as the break-up of the Union before the Civil War.” Sen. Tom Harkin (D) Iowa

Someone has finally looked down from their ivory tower and seen the mob forming below. In an exceptional act of perception bordering on clairvoyance Sen. Harkin has finally noticed the perfectly f*cking obvious.   I wonder what his clue was?

9/11 in my America

On 9/11 I went to the corner store around 3:00 PM to get a pack of smokes. The store is a rather dingy little deal, with everything under the sun for sale. They have everything you need, from male enhancement to fried chicken , and it is filled with a Victorian display of goods.  The counter is cluttered with energy drinks and pills and an assortment of water pipes and rolling papers.      There was an old woman at the counter when I entered, paying for her goods. She moved almost in slow motion as she pulled the bills from her dilapidated wallet. She was very thin and her clothes hung from her, highlighting her bony joints. She was wearing a worn and faded dark blue sweater in the 90 degree heat and her long hair, dyed brown by cigarette smoke ,fell over it, fanning out in feathered strands.    The proprietor, a young Indian or Paki man, was offering to carry out her groceries for her as he packed them. She repeatedly turned his offer down as she slowly peeled bills out of her wallet. When the transaction was done he started to hand the bags to her, hanging them from her hands and arms. She grasped the bags in her bone thin hands with a slight shake that made them slightly swing.   The last bag had a gallon of milk and orange juice in it and as he lifted it he felt the weight of it. He warned her that it was very heavy and as he did he told her that he would come around and carry it to her car for her. I was about to take the bags  when a weathered and rather gruff looking working guy, in line ahead of me , moved in.  He stepped forward suddenly and  reached out taking the heavy bag from his hands. “Hey, I’ll get them” he said, as he reached past her . He peeled the lighter bags from her hands and guided her towards the door, groceries in both hands.              As he went out the door, the young gentleman at the counter motioned me forward and I hesitated as he did. I didn’t want to line jump on the guy who had just  carried the old woman’s groceries out and looked around awkwardly.  He motioned at me again and I stepped up to the counter and told him what I needed.  As I was paying the rough looking guy  re-entered the store, bringing the heat back in with him through the swinging door.    The proprietor thanked him for helping her and told him that she was very old and ill. He told him that they had to pump her gas when she came and he feared that her condition was worsening. He thought, he said, that she did not have much time left and they tried to take care of her. The man who had carried her things out assured him that it was no problem as I picked up my smokes and walked out.      That is  9/11 in my America; the America that I want to live in.  It really sucks that it only exists in my small town corner store and not across our nation. I write this with a great deal of sadness and it has taken me two days to put this to paper.  Instead of helping the old lady at the corner store, I have to view my fellow Americans as enemies. I arm myself for war as politics, agenda and policy turn us against each other, brother on brother.  We are no longer American, we are left and right, pro and con, for or against.  We have become so divided that 9/12, the day after 9/11, will never exist again; that day when we were all Americans united.      The 9/11 that existed in that store , unfortunately, only exists in that store and maybe a few more here and there. It is a sad day for America when we must become enemies instead of helping each other, but that is where we are today.      Lock and load.

Waiting for my morning drone strike


There is no longer any rule of law when the government can turn it’s power arbitrarily against it’s citizens. 1984 was supposed to be a cautionary tale and instead it seems that it has become a guide book. We have devolved so far past freedom that we can no longer even pretend that we live in the land of liberty.     It is no longer a matter of if , I believe, but when. When the final noose of tyranny begins to tighten on the throats of the remaining freedom loving individuals then, when they have nothing left to lose, the battle will be enjoined. Many think that it is impossible to fight tyranny on the scale of what we have , but I believe that history shows otherwise.      I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a former member of the IRA. We were standing in the parking lot of my shop when a cop drove past. “You see that?” he said in his thick Irish brogue “We never would have let that shit happen” I looked around and then queried “Let what happen?”  “Let that fucker just drive down the street like that.We would have been throwing rocks or bottles at him. We always made those fuckers pay for what they did, everyday. None of that shit was for free.   They used to set up outside of houses that were full of people that they wanted and hide out and wait. They had no intention of capturing or arresting anyone, they would bust in the door and kill everyone inside and then blame it on the UDF, but we knew who was doing it. So when we saw them no matter what we went after them”    That conversation brought me back to something that Tony Blair admitted when he was brokering the peace deal with the IRA. Blair said that they were making peace because the IRA could never be defeated militarily.  That statement was a stunning admission by one of the great military powers of the west.  A group who numbered in the thousands could fight their sophisticated army to a stand still.    There were two things that made this possible : One was the temerity of the IRA; They continued the fight for almost a century. The other was the wide spread support of the populace. Even though they only numbered in the thousands they were aided and abetted by many, many more.   No one would give up information, cars were supplied as needed, money, if available was provided and safe houses and properties were  made available.    Because of this support the IRA was able to operate all across the country. Some areas in the countryside were so hostile that the police would not even enter them because they knew an ambush would be waiting for them behind the closest hill.   The point of this whole thing is that as long as people are willing to fight tyranny then it cannot settle in comfortably. As long as people are willing to resist it , it’s foothold is always tenuous and risks everyday being thrown off. As long as people are not willing to submit to the yoke of subjugation then freedom still persists, even if in a state of war. Resistance is a state of mind as well as being as is freedom.  We all see the police state coming and in the end we all know what it means for all of us. Just remember that freedom isn’t free, nor for that fact is tyranny.   ”  We always made those fuckers pay for what they did, everyday. None of that shit was for free. “