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Keystone cops enter wrong home, shoot homeowner, kill his dog and critically injure one of their own

“DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The G.B.I. says the DeKalb County police officer that entered the wrong home for a burglary call was accidentally shot by another officer, not by the homeowner.

The incident happened on Boulderwoods Drive around 7:35 Monday night. Three officers arrived at the residence and attempted to contact any occupants inside. When no contact was made, the officers made their way around to the rear of the home and gained entry to the residence through a screened porch. The G.B.I. said police went through a “reportedly unlocked door”.

Upon entry, the officers encountered a dog. Two officers fired their weapons striking and killing the animal. A male in the home, later determined to be the homeowner, was also shot by the responding officers.

One of the police officers, identified as Travis Jones, was shot in the hip. The G.B.I. says their early investigation indicates Jones was likely shot accidentally by one of the other officers at the scene.”

These are some highly trained individuals right here

Shot in the hip by one of his own

You can read that as shot in the ass

I wonder if that is going to get him a desk job?

You know, with a couple of pillows on his chair

The only thing missing from this comical story is a homeowner like myself

Trust me, you don’t want to wake me up with gun fire in my own home