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Russia contemplates military annexation of Ukraine after the olympics

Andrey Illarionov, Political scientist and former adviser to Vladimir Putin

“Ukraine is a failed state, and the historic chance for reunification of all the Russian lands can be lost in the next couple of weeks, so we mustn’t put off the solution to the Ukrainian Question.”

Putin knows that he has free rein to do as he pleases. Who is going to stop him the EU? Their financial system is crumbling as we speak. Obama?

Yeah right, I am sure that Vlad is trembling in his boots. The most impotent and incompetent leader that our country has ever had, surely has put the fear of God in those commie bastards.

An ascendent Russia has a now or never chance to re-assert it’s power and recapture it’s sphere of influence. Don’t think that Putin has given up the idea of Russia as an empire. The Russians will not be satisfied until they are a world power again.

Maybe Obama will send hordes of troops waving rainbow flags in to stop the Russian menace from spreading across Europe.