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A woman scorned

I am not going to name names, but this is a true story and happened very recently. The couple in question have been married for close to 20 Yrs. and have been together since childhood.

The man in the relationship decides that he has had enough of family life and the wife and decides to tell her to pretty much fuck off and die, along with the kids who are around 18.

Now here comes the problem. After knowing someone that long and then screwing them over, should you really use their tablet to log into your email?

Short answer no, especially if your email is full of men seeking men ads and videos of you jacking off while fantasizing out loud about giving messy bl@w jobs.

Seriously, this is from friends of friends this past weekend. She found out that he was having men come over while she was at her high dollar job and doing the nasty. After she hacked his email she changed the password and locked him out so he can’t delete anything

Now the soon to be ex wife has these videos and is showing them to anyone who will watch. Anyone who won’t watch she will let them listen to the audio because the person n question has a very distinct voice and southern drawl.

And it gets worse (Or better depending on who you are)

She is going around to the local bars and randomly showing the vids and his picture to patrons and bartenders

And yes he has now threatened to kill her, but she is packing heat and about as ready for a confrontation as a women can be

Yep, a woman scorned

Don’t ever let her get into your email if you do stuff like that.