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Obamacare for life

Low down, lying,skulking pieces of shit

Never in my life will I vote for for a rat bastard that has an “R” in front of their name

You are the party of Obama and Obamacare

Not one penny, one voice of support, one vote


Treasonous fucking liars

All they do there is lie and enrich themselves at our expense

Forty some odd votes against Obamacare until it matters

….Then Fuck you

Well Fuck you right back you Rat Bastards

I’m out

WASHINGTON (AP) — “Obamacare” lives on.

“Senate Republicans, short of votes, abandoned their latest and possibly final attempt to kill the health care law Tuesday, just ahead of a critical end-of-the-week deadline.

The repeal-and-replace bill’s authors promised to try again at a later date, while President Donald Trump railed against “certain so-called Republicans” who opposed the GOP effort. But for now, Trump and fellow Republicans who vowed for seven years to abolish President Barack Obama’s law will leave it standing and turn their attention to overhauling the nation’s tax code instead.

The GOP’s predicament was summed up bluntly by Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, a lead author of the legislation: “Through events that are under our control and not under our control, we don’t have the votes.”

“Am I disappointed? Absolutely,” he said after a GOP lunch attended by Vice President Mike Pence.

Standing alongside Cassidy, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said: “We haven’t given up on changing the American health care system. We are not going to be able to do that this week, but it still lies ahead of us.”


Republicans hard at work

They are just getting it

#Republicans show their mettle, refuse to repeal Obamacare

Time after time Republicans passed bills to repeal Obamacare while Chairman Zero was in office

Now that Trump is in and looking to repeal……..

What do you know?

Nothing but air…Hot air

Do they think that this will be forgotten?

It most certainly will not

It shows what they are concerned about

Their re-election and their party and nothing else

Republican obstructionists beware; You will be treated a lot more harshly than the Dems who it is expected from

Damn, why couldn’t that happen here?

“Brazil’s Senate voted on Thursday to put leftist President Dilma Rousseff on trial in a historic decision brought on by a deep recession and a corruption scandal that will now confront her successor, Vice President Michel Temer.

With Rousseff to be suspended during the Senate trial for allegedly breaking budget rules, the centrist Temer will take the helm of a country that again finds itself mired in political and economic volatility after a recent decade of prosperity.

The 55-22 vote ends more than 13 years of rule by the left-wing Workers Party, which rose from Brazil’s labor movement and helped pull millions of people out of poverty before seeing many of its leaders tainted by corruption investigations.

Fireworks rang out in cities across Brazil after the vote at the end of a 20-hour session in the Senate. Police briefly clashed with pro-Rousseff demonstrators in Brasilia during the vote, but the country was calm early Thursday, with scattered celebrants in São Paulo and other cities draping themselves in Brazil’s green, yellow and blue flag.

Rousseff, a 68-year-old economist and former member of a Marxist guerrilla group who was the country’s first woman president, is unlikely to be acquitted in a trial that could last as long as six months.

The scale of her defeat on Thursday showed the opposition already has the support it needs to reach a two-thirds majority required to convict Rousseff and remove her definitively from office.

“It is a bitter though necessary medicine,” opposition Senator Jose Serra, tipped to become foreign minister under Temer, said during the marathon debate. “Having the Rousseff government continue would be a bigger tragedy. Brazil’s situation would be unbearable.”


Lying , cheating,  making law as if he were a king

And then to top it off

Getting a hearty laugh out of the whole deal

The Republicans wonder why so much of their base is going for Trump

The answer is obvious

They are all a bunch of ball less power mongers who care about nothing but their own position


Mitch McConnell: Sell out extraordinaire


“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) dealt a significant blow to President Obama’s global trade agenda Thursday, declaring that a sweeping pact with 11 Pacific Rim nations should not be sent to Congress for approval until after the 2016 elections — and maybe not until after Obama leaves office.

McConnell, who previously supported efforts to enhance Obama’s trade negotiating powers, signaled that he was undecided on how he would vote on the deal, but he was clear that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would be defeated if it were sent to Capitol Hill next spring or summer, as the administration was planning to do.

“It certainly shouldn’t come before the election. I don’t think so, and I have some serious problems with what I think it is,” McConnell said in an exclusive interview with The Washington Post. “But I think the president would be making a big mistake to try to have that voted on during the election. There’s significant pushback all over the place.”


The scumbags don’t even try to hide it anymore

“Wait until after the election”

Spotted hyena dead elephant South Luangwa, Zambia

The Republicans don’t have a clue yet that a reckoning is coming

They don’t have a clue what Donald Trump is about

They try to be PC and talk back whatever he said and make distance between them and him

What they don’t get is that we, as a people, at least those on the right, frankly don’t give a shit anymore

We know that we are being fed nothing but lies

We know that our votes don’t count

We know that the Republicans are complicit in the destruction of our nation, our morals and our values

We know that things in our nation are really bad; much worse than admitted by the media or the lying politicians

And we have also realized that the rigged political system that is loved so by the likes of McConnell has utterly failed and has become nothing more than a sham

Now we are just waiting

Everyone knows that something ugly is coming

It is no longer a matter of if

It is now simply a matter of when

Go ahead Mitch, wait until after the elections to screw us in the ass

That will really matter

And BTW, before I forget, happy Friday everyone

The dead elephant party

Compliments WRSA

So much for weak TEA : Mconnell backed candidate in Nebraska loses in landslide


So much for Mconnell’s war on the TEA party. The establishment still hasn’t figured out that people will stay home instead of voting for their elitist candidate (AKA Romney). A recent poll found that the TEA party was losing support and their support was only 22%. You know, like only one quarter of the country. Unless the dead elephants can do something disastrous to lose the election, it is theirs for the winning.