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The road to war Part I

       Something has been started now that cannot be stopped. Pandora’s box has been opened, the genie in the bottle unleashed. The great kinetic energy that has been building in our society has been unloosed; An avalanche rolling down the mountain       This has been building for weeks and now it has come to a head.  For the past few weeks, the White house has pushed this assault weapons ban and  hyped it. It would be done! It must be done!  They have taken it to a fever pitch.        When the moment came for the next great King , the great narcissist to make his move,  he blinked. He choked, surrounded by children on his gilded stage, he stepped back from the edge of the precipice and relented; He relented because the time was not right, resistance was too great.  There was real talk of revolution  in the air and he fell back on a smaller scale plan; A plan that would be incremental , implemented over time as things cooled down.   What he did not realize was that things would not cool down.Not this time.    He had taken our society to the edge. Law abiding citizens being forced to make the decision to be law abiding or to defy laws that had no basis in our constitution. He made law abiding Americans make the decision to become revolutionaries. He made honest men (And Women) decide that they would become criminals.  He made men make peace with themselves and their God and make the decision to leave their families,their most loved, and die for our republic; Die in the defense of our most sacred and basic right,that of self defense.  He took an entire nation to the brink of blood and war.  All the time judging the water and playing politics.    There are many things that led to this point: The gradual erosion of our rights, Outright violations of our constitution such as the 2012 NDAA, the patriot act and many others. These many things finally came to a head. When they were all added up  along with executive orders abridging the second amendment  it spelled and smelled, of tyranny.    It smelled of treason of the worst kind.   The problem is mr. President, once you  make a man, many men,  make that decision, make them so committed that they are willing to give their life, how do you just turn that off?  You made us commit to being criminals and revolutionaries, made us decide to cede our lives and our families  for our rights. We are good men, family men, patriots and good citizens and all  we ask is to be left alone , left free.         The seeds for something much larger have now been planted in our society. Plans were made, strategies decided upon ,we have said our goodbyes ; the ball is rolling. The kinetic energy has been released. The question is: Will it be stopped because what you had planned is watered down? Or more importantly can it be stopped at all?   The war has started already, they just don’t know it yet.

Declaration of human rights

     I set forth here my claim as a human being, to the right to avail for my freedom. Given innately in all men is the desire to live free without the bonds of tyranny, injustice or oppression. Along with this desire , granted by the gods of whichever choosing, is the absolute, unassailable right to select the course upon which one’s own destiny shall set forth.    I do not claim the right to freedom or justice or equality; Rather I claim only the right to fight for these things, the power granted me by my birth, to throw off the chains of oppression, to balance the scales of justice, to break the bonds of tyranny which stifle men’s souls, or to die in the effort.     I can live bound and chained under the jackboot of authority, or I can die and die a free man; An honorable death, handed down to me by my ancestors, who have long bled their life’s blood into the  fertile fields of battle, slain, but not oppressed, at the sword point of tyranny.   So I say, as said my fore bearers, that you  may claim against my battered , broken body, my shattered sword, my spilt blood still warm, but never , ever my freedom or my soul. And if my body or my blood you desire then to your hand I shall deliver it, but the price that you will pay, so help me God, shall be bitter and dear.


My ancestors fought and were hung (Most of them anyway) in every rebellion and war in Ireland. They then came to America, shortly before the revolutionary war and fought with distinction against the English for which they were rewarded with large tracts of land.  I will be damned if I will do any less.





Liberty’s teeth

“Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence … From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable . . . the very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that is good” (George Washington)

Liberty’s teeth are showing and I don’t think that’s a grin. I won’t budge, not one fucking inch.


What a fucking predicament we find ourselves in now. As for me, my plan was to live my normal boring American ass life until retirement. Of course I planned to intersperse it here and there with a little excitement, but … Continue reading

Gun control and how we are being played

     Do you ever get the feeling that you are being played? Well you should, because we are.  Like a boxer throwing a feint at you, you react to the jab, pull your head back a little, gloves a little too high. That is when the left hook comes through. That’s when you get to taste canvas ; And taste defeat.    The regime is moving quickly on gun control now, furiously readying their assault on the constitution. Emotion and anger is running higher right now then I have ever seen it before in our nation. Everyone is waiting for the punch. But it is a jab, a feint, setting us up for that left hook.   So what to do?  The only advantage to bring played is when you know you’re being played.   The question now is what’s the play? I think that the regime expects a quick knee jerk reaction, possibly attacks on federal targets and infrastructure;  Maybe some arson, some random shoot ’em up.  They could only pray that some overstressed out of work bastard would finally have enough and hose a bunch  of their minions down with gleefully trained AR15 fire.   This would play directly into their hands. Left hook.    Now they have the justification for what they really want. Total gun control and disarmament of the citizenry.    Now comes the important part.  The leftists (Democrats) have their own revolution in the works. Take occupy Wall street for  example being guided and  funded by the UAW , SEIU , and groups with ties to the White house. (This material is heavily sourced elsewhere, or try Occupy unmasked.) They have not gone away, they have gone underground where they are being organized.  Supposed  former communist  Van Jones founded  “Rebuild the dream” with help from Moveon.org  both leftist, Proglydyte  organizations that support the movement.   I think that they are gathering their useful idiots  for their ultimate goal; Revolution.
  There is one problem though and that is that we are still armed. Thus the jab.  What the regime doesn’t expect is unified, organized long term resistance. If they get their knee jerk and that’s all it is they will quickly move to stamp out small pockets of resistors and start the mass arrest of all gun owners who don’t comply.   Think before you leap. We are in this for the long term.   It has already started, they just don’t know it yet.

Homemade Sub machine gun, no machining

9mmPistol   To the left is a link to plans for a fully automatic sub-machine gun. They are  free.  The gun requires no machining and can be made with simple hand power tools and commonly acquired stock (Once you convert from metric) and shows the idiocy of gun control.    In the near future I am sure that chairman Zero will issue some type of executive order that will ban gun ownership of most types of firearms.  Once we are put on some federal list because we own guns and we all docilely turn over our firearms as              commanded, to avoid  having  squads of goons breaking our doors down and entering our domicile,  we will all  have to take the plans above and make ourselves new weapons.  Pull out the car and move the Harley over some because you are going to need a little floor space to do this,   This endeavor should be worth your time as now you will actually have a fully automatic weapon. I estimate a 1 to 3 day build time for this little beauty.    You see this is the nature of America. We do not just submit. We do not just give in and forget there was ever a problem. If in some far fetched scenario Americans did just “Turn in their guns” the above scenario is what I envisage.  But I don’t see that happening. I see all hell breaking loose all across this country. People are already preparing, planning, arming.   The war has already started ; They just don’t know it yet.         One final thing  ;  The next time you talk to a Democrat , tell them to go fuck themselves because they are enemies of the Constitution and enemies of us

Supremacy of the constitution and the rule of law

We live in dark and dangerous times it seems.  Slowly but surely the laws that our states and nation have passed have  superseded the constitution. Law by law  layers of restrictions have effectively  removed rights spelled out in the bill of rights and the constitution; God given rights that were only written down to ensure that the federal government knew it was treading on hallowed ground when dealing with them. The Power has insidiously and enormously  grown within the federal govt. and the states themselves. From DHS, TSA , NSA and numerous other abbreviated organizations abusing our rights, to far left states like California and Illinois passing state level laws that abridge as many rights as they can in one sitting.      This makes one pose the question: If the rule of law has itself become illegal,  that which governs us every day, then what avenues do we have left to reclaim our rights that don’t violate those laws? How do you petition a court for rights that has already violated those rights by ruling them away?    I see no avenue in petitioning for redress ; For we have. I see no avenue  by supplicating and politely asking for them back. I see no avenue in further politicking ;For we have, only to have the same ilk  strip more of our rights from us.     Their Kingdom has now become Washington, their limestone and marble, castles and us their vassals.     They do not understand yet that the constitution and our god given rights hold supreme  over their corrupt rule of law ; That we no longer care what laws they pass. Molon Labe!

The truth about the gun grab

Many people today are waiting , wondering where and when the fight starts.Waiting for that shot to be fired so they can act. In their minds they conjure up a battle against some dark federal leviathan that sweeps through their Gothamesque city , black clad and menacing in futuristic uniforms.   The truth is that the enemy and the fight is actually a lot closer to home. They are not nameless or faceless. The enemy makes some uncomfortable because they are not storm troopers armed to the teeth ,moving in huddled groups through the dark of night. Instead they live two doors down from you. They are the person you see walking their dog every day. They are the person who teaches your fourth grade child.  They wear the face of just a regular person. They are Democrats and they are the real enemy and driving force behind all anti gun legislation. The source for the upcoming gun grab is solely the responsibility of the Democrat party and the Democrat voter. The voters  either heartily or tacitly support their parties goals ; Otherwise they wouldn’t be voting for them.   We are preparing to fight a fight without truly identifying who the enemy is. If DHS, TSA or some other federal agency shows up in your town to seize firearms it will be under the directions of Democrats. The person you see walking their dog everyday? They will point you out as a gun owner if they know. That schoolteacher? They will question your 4th grader to find out if you have guns.   Enemies are easier to fight if they are nameless and faceless; Non persons stripped of identity and humanity. That is why in war we have Gooks, Krauts, Chinks and such. It make them easier to kill and still sleep at night . They don’t have fathers or mothers or families to mourn them because they are just Gooks.    It is time to take a hard look at the real enemy and decide what to do.    Maybe we can come up with a cool name for them so we can sleep better at night.