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Hillary eats soul food, black support does not go up


“Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s tours of soul food restaurants and black churches to court black voters in recent weeks doesn’t seem to be paying off.

The turnout of black voters is down in many areas compared to 2012, including key battleground states, providing the latest evidence that the former first lady’s campaign may be circling the drain.

“As tens of millions of Americans cast ballots in what will be the largest-ever mobilization of early voters in a presidential election, the numbers have started to point toward a slump that many Democrats feared might materialize without the nation’s first black president on the ticket,” the New York Times reports.

The black voter turnout in the key state of North Carolina is down 16 percent in early voting. It’s a similar situation in Florida, where black voters heading to the polls in person has decreased from 25 percent in 2012 to a current rate of 15 percent, despite expanded early voting opportunities.

Also in Ohio, the early voting turnout is down and Trump is outperforming 2012 GOP candidate Mitt Romney at the same point in the election, the Toledo Blade reports.

“Polling shows Mr. Trump with a slight lead over Mrs. Clinton in Ohio – and outperforming Republican Mitt Romney four years ago. At this point in 2012, President Obama was leading Mr. Romney in the RealClearPolitics.com average of polls by 47.9 percent to 45.8 percent,” the site reports.

“At the same point in 2016, Mr. Trump is ahead in the average of polls by 46.2 percent to 45.2 percent.”

The apparent trend of unenthusiastic black voters comes despite Clinton’s pandering to the constituency through repeated visits to soul food restaurants and black churches in those key states.”

Hillary eats soul food, campaigns in churches to boost lagging black turnout


Even though Hillary was born a poor child?

Who ever would have guessed that racist pandering wouldn’t work?


Student arrested after showing up at #Bowelmovementsmatter protest in Gorilla mask and handing out bananas

“An East Tennessee State University student was arrested Wednesday after going to a Black Lives Matter protest on campus wearing a gorilla mask and handing out bananas.

Tristan Rettke, an 18-year-old freshman, wore overalls and a gorilla mask and, wandering barefoot while holding a burlap sack with a Confederate flag and a marijuana leaf on it, offered bananas to students who were protesting, according to a report by ETSU police. He was arrested and charged with civil rights intimidation.

According to campus police, after being read his rights Rettke told officers that a couple of days earlier he had seen on social media that there would be a Black Lives Matter event in the “free speech” area of Borchuck Plaza on the Johnson City, Tenn., campus. He said he went to a store Tuesday to buy rope to tie to a bunch of bananas. While there he also bought the mask and brought it all to the event on Wednesday.

According to the police report, Rettke said the stunt was an attempt to provoke the protesters.

Rettke did not immediately respond to messages from The Washington Post seeking comment Thursday.

In a video posted on social media, the protesters appear to be trying to ignore Rettke, although one protester says on the video that his hands are shaking with anger. A woman at the protest called police.”


Go to the article and read the comments

Lots there about the “Alt right”

Trump the racist , etc.

But no one seems to take offense at the sign above

“Black lives matter, All lives don’t”

Now that’s not racist at all

Donald J. Trump signature collction apparel made in Mexico


Who needs a wall to keep the Mexicans in Mexico?

Just send more factories

But seriously, didn’t Donald say some of his best friends were Mexican when they accused him of being a racist?

Guess he wasn’t kidding

Happy Monday everyone


F@cking people

I just had a customer call me and tell me that my service techs don’t do anything when they come to her house; all they do is “Lay around in the truck”. They are not concerned about her problems and whenever they come she has to hire someone else to re-do it. Could we please send someone else.

These are the same two guys that I am constantly getting calls about telling me how fast, expert and efficient they are. Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t call and compliment them.

They are brothers and have worked for me for a number of years. They are honest, competent and family men and guys who’s back I have.

Oh yeah, and they are black. She assured me that she was not a racist and it was only because these two sluggards were exceptionally lazy.

Fuck off lady, “No service for you”