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Internet still on and off

Our local cable company has been bought ourt by spectrum

The service has become so piss poor that all of the local business owners are ready to chew their arms off to fet away from them

I have internet telephone and my business phones were down for 7 days with no major outage in my area

Support told me that as routine maintenance they were taking old tired cables down and restringing them

You suck spectrum

Big time

Except for Jesse

Jesse’s cool

Bug out bag

Inside of my bug out bag, which rides in the back of my Xterra, is a smaller more portable bag that has all of the core survival goods in it. It is small enough and light enough that it can be removed and you could make a run for it without being unduly burdened.

Sub compact .22 pistol
50 Rds. .22 Ammo
2- Fixed blade knives
Hatchet (Fiskar)
Folding saw
2- 15 Mi. range FRS radios
2- 25 Gal. Water purifying straws
6- Coffee filters
3- 20 min. road flares(Emergency fire starters)
Exterior suture kit (10)
Interior (Dissolving)suture kit (10)
Emergency 5 band radio w/solar and dynamo
Various cords to charge stuff off Dynamo
1- sealed Surgical hip kit(Contains bandages,towel,scalpel, scissors)
2- Heavy compress bandages
Assorted band aid/bandages
Antihistamines (Benadryl and psuedophed)
Toothbrush, tooth picks and Dental floss
Leatherman tool
Fishing line, hooks and bobbers
Assorted lures
Flashlight and light sticks
2-emergency blankets
4-Packets Gatorade sports fuel drink
4′ Electric fence wire (Coiled tightly)
Wireless 120 DB motion sensor alarm
Flint and steel striker w/magnesium
Sheet of plastic 6’X 6′
Face black
Assorted zip lock bags this stuff is in
Water bag
A few other things that I know I have forgotten

I know that sound like a lot of stuff, but it fits in a very compact bag. The bag, which has rigid sides, is maybe 12″ long, 10″ wide and 11″ deep. In a pinch it has pretty much everything I need to survive for a while in it.

Now the big bag that it came out of is a different story. That bag has everything in it. I could survive indefinitely or possibly start a new civilization with the contents of that one. Even so that bag weighs in at probably only about 45 pounds and it even has wheels.

What’s in your wallet?

Gold Hits $1235 As Commodities Crash To 12-Year Lows Amid $45 Oil

From Zero hedge:

“The only other times that Bloomberg’s broad-based (i.e. not all OPEC’s fault) Commodity Index has fallen so far so fast was in 1999 (before stocks crashed) and 2008 (before stocks crashed). At 12-year lows, the raw material of the world’s economies is flashing a big fat red warning signal that all is not well (despite stocks being a ‘smidge’ off record highs). WTI traded with a $45 handle… but apart from that, everything’s great (oh wait and the 230 pip USDJPY roundtrip). Amid all this turmoil, gold just broke to $1235 – its highest in a month.”

The rest here:http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-01-12/commodities-crash-12-year-lows-amid-45-oil

We are already at the 98 mark, but the real question is whether this is being driven by overproduction or is the glut being caused by the slowing world economy. If the latter is the case then we are really going to be in for a ride.

When everything crashed in 2008 we were coming off of a booming economy. This time if it crashes we are smack dead in the middle of a shit economy and the repercussions will be far worse than before.

Stay stocked up and be prepared to do things that you wouldn’t normally do.

Complete handbook of Vegetable seed saving. How to do, how long they last, breeding etc.

Vegetable Seed Saving Handbook

Check it out, print it out. Your life could depend on it. Breeding tips on things like avoiding inbred corn depression.All the links below work. And NO I AM NOT JACK. Jack is the guy with the book.I am sure he will be quite surprised if you talk revolution with him

Specific Seed Saving Instructions for Common Vegetables

Amaranth    Arugula    Basil    Beans    Bean Family    Beets    Beet Family    Broccoli    Broomcorn    Brussels Sprouts    Cabbage    Cabbage Family    Cantaloupe    Carrots    Carrot Family    Cauliflower    Celery    Chinese Cabbage    Chinese Mustard    Chives    Collards    Cilantro    Corn    Cotton    Cowpeas    Cucumber    Dill    Eggplant    Fava Beans    Fennel    Garlic    Garlic Chives    Gourds    Kale    Lamb’s Quarters    Lettuce    Melon, Honeydew and Musk    Mustard    Okra    Onion    Parsley    Pea, Garden and Snow    Peppers    Pumpkin    Radish    Sorghum    Squash Family    Sunflower    Swiss Chard    Tomatillo    Tomatoes    Turnip    Watermelon