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Prepare my friends, prepare

hurricane kits

Half the battle is admitting that you have a problem

I think I have a problem

I can’t stop

Even though I say I’m going to

I am up late at night and still doing it

About a month ago I got a 150 LB. heavy bag for my birthday from my lovely wife

My hands are bruised

My wrists are swollen

My elbows are blue

Every night without fail

But man, does it feel good

I was actually surprised at  how quickly my conditioning returned

My wife just shakes her head

She didn’t know that I had a problem……

Treasury chief begins ‘extraordinary measures’ to avoid debt default

“Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is preparing to deploy “extraordinary measures” to avoid default as the nation’s debt limit again takes effect.

In a letter to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) sent Friday, Lew called on Congress to quickly raise the borrowing cap for the nation’s $18 trillion debt “without controversy and brinksmanship.”

“Increasing the debt limit does not authorize new spending commitments. It simply allows the government to pay for expenditures Congress has already approved, thereby protecting the full faith and credit of the United States,” he wrote.
The nation’s borrowing cap was suspended over a year ago, and under that law it will again take effect on March 16. The limit will then be automatically hiked to cover all government borrowing that occurred over the suspension period.

But that also means that as soon as the debt limit returns, the government will immediately be at that ceiling. As such, the Treasury will yet again need to deploy its set of extraordinary measures to free up space under that cap to continue making payments.

On March 16, Lew said the Treasury will stop issuing a special type of security meant to help state and local governments comply with tax rules. Halting those securities is typically the first in a series of steps the Treasury takes to ensure it can continue to pay bills without extra borrowing room.”

From the hill: http://thehill.com/policy/finance/234847-lew-demands-debt-limit-hike-as-he-prepares-extraordinary-measures

“But that also means that as soon as the debt limit returns, the government will immediately be at that ceiling.”

Nothing to worry about here at all, we’ll just print more money. Now, just move along……

Bug out bag

Inside of my bug out bag, which rides in the back of my Xterra, is a smaller more portable bag that has all of the core survival goods in it. It is small enough and light enough that it can be removed and you could make a run for it without being unduly burdened.

Sub compact .22 pistol
50 Rds. .22 Ammo
2- Fixed blade knives
Hatchet (Fiskar)
Folding saw
2- 15 Mi. range FRS radios
2- 25 Gal. Water purifying straws
6- Coffee filters
3- 20 min. road flares(Emergency fire starters)
Exterior suture kit (10)
Interior (Dissolving)suture kit (10)
Emergency 5 band radio w/solar and dynamo
Various cords to charge stuff off Dynamo
1- sealed Surgical hip kit(Contains bandages,towel,scalpel, scissors)
2- Heavy compress bandages
Assorted band aid/bandages
Antihistamines (Benadryl and psuedophed)
Toothbrush, tooth picks and Dental floss
Leatherman tool
Fishing line, hooks and bobbers
Assorted lures
Flashlight and light sticks
2-emergency blankets
4-Packets Gatorade sports fuel drink
4′ Electric fence wire (Coiled tightly)
Wireless 120 DB motion sensor alarm
Flint and steel striker w/magnesium
Sheet of plastic 6’X 6′
Face black
Assorted zip lock bags this stuff is in
Water bag
A few other things that I know I have forgotten

I know that sound like a lot of stuff, but it fits in a very compact bag. The bag, which has rigid sides, is maybe 12″ long, 10″ wide and 11″ deep. In a pinch it has pretty much everything I need to survive for a while in it.

Now the big bag that it came out of is a different story. That bag has everything in it. I could survive indefinitely or possibly start a new civilization with the contents of that one. Even so that bag weighs in at probably only about 45 pounds and it even has wheels.

What’s in your wallet?

Arrow penetration: Heavy and slow VS. light and fast

This is great stuff By Dr. Ed Ashby. Check it out and read the whole thing there is a lot of great info there that can be applied outside of archery.

“Given two arrows of equal momentum, but with one deriving a greater portion of its momentum from mass than the other, the heavier arrow will change velocity (decelerate) at a slower rate as it passes through the tissues. In other words, the heavier arrow will retain a higher percentage of its impact velocity at any given time period during its passage through the animal’s tissues, thus it also retains a higher momentum at any given point during the time required for the arrow to penetrate.

Another way of saying this would be that, though the heavier arrow is traveling slower, it takes a longer time to stop. The result is that the heavier arrow will have a greater impulse of force than does the light arrow.

It is momentum that gives an object in motion the tendency to STAY in motion. The greater the contribution of the object’s mass is to the resultant momentum the harder it will be to stop the forward progression of a moving object. Anyone who has pushed a car in neutral and then tried to stop it will understand this. The more of a moving object’s momentum that is derived from its mass, the more TIME it takes to stop it with any given resistance force.

It is common for proponents of light and fast arrows to counter that the faster arrow will have traveled a greater distance through the tissues in the same time period than will the heavier, and slower, arrow. This would be valid were it not for the nature of resistance forces.

As the arrow’s velocity is increased the resistance does not increase equivalently. The resistance increases exponentially. The resistance of a medium to penetration is reliant on the square of the object’s velocity (assuming objects of a given coefficient of drag; i.e., using arrows with the same external profile, material and finish). In other words, if the arrow’s impact velocity doubles, the resistance increases by a factor of four. If the impact velocity quadruples, the resistance to penetration increases 16 times!”

Rest is here:http://www.tradgang.com/ashby/Momentum%20Kinetic%20Energy%20and%20Arrow%20Penetration.htm

Report: S&P to drop by 50%

From Forbes Chris Wright:

If you thought a low oil price was set to inspire a period of revived consumer spending and galvanized global growth, there is an alternative view you should know about. A report out today calls the impending end of the US business cycle, followed by a 50% drop in the S&P500 to 1,100 by March 2016 and another US recession.

The miserable soul who has predicted this grim event is Charles Robertson of Renaissance Capital, a regular fixture on this blog. He has a number of reasons for his bleak point of view.

One is history: that about eight years after the start of each mega crash (he cites 1929, 1973 and 2007), “the normal business cycle, and the consequences of measures taken to respond to that crash, combine to trigger another deep plunge in US markets.”

History in itself is not enough: one needs many other illustrations of trouble ahead. But Robertson thinks he has several. One is the fact that QE has had some daunting knock-on effects, starting with the rise of cheap lending and high commodity prices, then leading to a shale gas boom, and then in turn to the collapse of the oil price. We already know about the troubles Russia and Brazil are facing as a consequence, and Robertson thinks the next to feel the pain will be US banks, and commodity-exporting emerging markets (and more specifically the Eurobonds they have issued). Asset prices are too high and due a correction, and then there are a range of other worries, from renewed concerns about Greece to lack of growth in the broader Eurozone, from questions about the sustainability of China to geopolitical tensions.”

The rest here:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/chriswright/2015/01/13/sell-sell-why-the-sp-500-will-halve-in-2016/

Take the above and add this into the equation : http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-01-15/its-tsunami-swiss-franc-soars-most-ever-after-snb-abandons-eurchf-floor-macro-hedge-

I keep saying, sooner rather than later. How deep or how bad this will be if SHTF is hard to predict.  The culmination of it all could be the Cloward and Piven moment that unlooses the the masses of the great unwashed upon society.

If you haven’t already prepared then you are behind the curve. I have and have had the uneasy feeling for the past few months that this is going to be in real time soon. Hope I’m wrong…..

Oathkeepers taking donations for Bunkerville logistics


Many more boots on the ground are going to be arriving over the weekend and logistical support is needed. Food , water shelter and essentials are needed.   If you can’t go yourself, support someone who is there.    I know that there is a lot of fugue in the situation right now with the whole cattle deal. If the situation goes hot, that will be gone and things will be crystal clear.     In that case I will be heading out.


Bundy ranch -Watch the video- Everybody is taking off because word is something is going down in Overton

Bundy ranch -Watch the video- Everybody is taking off because word is something is going down in Overton

News reporter says that all the “Protesters” are taking off and there are “Rumblings” that something is going down there. Overton is right close to bunkerville

From TL Davis

“Now is the time to be in Nevada. It is time to push the struggle of the average American, in this case Cliven Bundy. It should not be enough to just show up and support the family. It is time to start helping Cliven Bundy get his cattle back. It is a chance to give a show of force to the feds and let it start to sink in what would happen if they attempt to impose control over a free people.

Already the feds are guilty of numerous counts of assault and assault with a deadly weapon. It is not just an accident when they use force against citizens for asking questions. It is not just an accident when citizens are hit with a moving vehicle. Those park rangers are criminals and must be held accountable for their crimes.”

Read the rest here: http://christianmerc.blogspot.com/2014/04/into-whirlwind.html

70 Straight Days: Treasury Says Debt Stuck at Exactly $16,699,396,000,000.00


Lies and more lies; We are no longer under the rule of law. In blatant disregard they do as they will. It is really going to be ugly when this all blows up.

Coming soon to a theater near you

Seems like everyone you talk to these days has a growing sense of unease. Shows on preppers have gone mainstream. Everyone is stockpiling something, be it gold, guns, ammo or food. The feeling saturates our society from the top to bottom. Those who can afford big time stuff are spending tens of thousands on supplies , safe rooms and land in the country.  Militia groups are growing at an exponential rate, gardening is suddenly a very popular past time and , at least in my state, you have to book a campsite almost a year ahead of time.     It all adds up to something bad, even if you are not a paranoid or prepper type.  I read this morning that Fiocchi is sold out of ammo for 2013 even after adding extra production. I am sure that DHS purchases account for some of the shortages but most of it are from citizen purchases. I personally know people sitting on 50k plus rounds.   Now, those of us on the more extreme side sit and wait, knowing full well that a pot this close to boiling will soon enough go over the top.  What will it be and what will be the mechanism that brings it? Who knows. It may be the gun control push sparking a war in New York or more likely Colorado. All I know is once Federal assets begin being used, it is on. All those people holding back because they don’t have a tangible target will suddenly have one and they are angry, righteous and trained. The significance of 2700 MRAPS is not lost on them.    It may also be a financial collapse that triggers it. If it comes this time, it is going to be bigger than you can wrap your head around. As Marc Faber said yesterday “Not even gold will save you from what is coming”.  At that point we will have surpassed SHTF and gone to TEOTWAWKI. If it comes to that, you better have tribe.     There is also the possibility that it may come down from the Federal side. You could wake up in the morning and find your neighborhood cordoned off with check points at each intersection, although I find that the most unlikely scenario.  I believe what they have in store will be a slow usurpation; TSA check points on highways, bus stations and train stations.  In Florida they are already doing bus and train stations on a random basis to warm people up to the idea.    What is happening now is like Intrade. Once enough people believe that something is going to happen, it is almost inevitable that it will; We seem to have this intuition for probability.   Whatever  is coming, I am thinking sooner rather than later and if you haven’t doubled down on being ready for it, I  suggest that you do.       Tempis Fugit

Homemade Sub machine gun, no machining

9mmPistol   To the left is a link to plans for a fully automatic sub-machine gun. They are  free.  The gun requires no machining and can be made with simple hand power tools and commonly acquired stock (Once you convert from metric) and shows the idiocy of gun control.    In the near future I am sure that chairman Zero will issue some type of executive order that will ban gun ownership of most types of firearms.  Once we are put on some federal list because we own guns and we all docilely turn over our firearms as              commanded, to avoid  having  squads of goons breaking our doors down and entering our domicile,  we will all  have to take the plans above and make ourselves new weapons.  Pull out the car and move the Harley over some because you are going to need a little floor space to do this,   This endeavor should be worth your time as now you will actually have a fully automatic weapon. I estimate a 1 to 3 day build time for this little beauty.    You see this is the nature of America. We do not just submit. We do not just give in and forget there was ever a problem. If in some far fetched scenario Americans did just “Turn in their guns” the above scenario is what I envisage.  But I don’t see that happening. I see all hell breaking loose all across this country. People are already preparing, planning, arming.   The war has already started ; They just don’t know it yet.         One final thing  ;  The next time you talk to a Democrat , tell them to go fuck themselves because they are enemies of the Constitution and enemies of us

Supremacy of the constitution and the rule of law

We live in dark and dangerous times it seems.  Slowly but surely the laws that our states and nation have passed have  superseded the constitution. Law by law  layers of restrictions have effectively  removed rights spelled out in the bill of rights and the constitution; God given rights that were only written down to ensure that the federal government knew it was treading on hallowed ground when dealing with them. The Power has insidiously and enormously  grown within the federal govt. and the states themselves. From DHS, TSA , NSA and numerous other abbreviated organizations abusing our rights, to far left states like California and Illinois passing state level laws that abridge as many rights as they can in one sitting.      This makes one pose the question: If the rule of law has itself become illegal,  that which governs us every day, then what avenues do we have left to reclaim our rights that don’t violate those laws? How do you petition a court for rights that has already violated those rights by ruling them away?    I see no avenue in petitioning for redress ; For we have. I see no avenue  by supplicating and politely asking for them back. I see no avenue in further politicking ;For we have, only to have the same ilk  strip more of our rights from us.     Their Kingdom has now become Washington, their limestone and marble, castles and us their vassals.     They do not understand yet that the constitution and our god given rights hold supreme  over their corrupt rule of law ; That we no longer care what laws they pass. Molon Labe!