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Not everyone is a dog person


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In key swing states, weed is polling better than all potential 2016 candidates

“In three key swing states, marijuana legalization is more popular than any potential 2016 presidential contender. That’s according to a Quinnipiac University poll conducted in March.

More than 80 percent of adults in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida support medical marijuana, according to the survey. Fifty one percent of Pennsylvanians, 52 percent of Ohioans and 55 percent of Floridians also support legalizing small amounts of marijuana for personal use.”


I am all for legalization. You don’t have to wait for some heavy handed federal tyranny to arrive; It is already here and it is the “War on drugs”.

It is being waged by local P.D’s and it is more of an affront to our rights than anything that the Fed could ever dream up. From post midnight SWAT raids to warrant less searches, over zealous cops  are busily pursuing hardcore pot smokers nation wide.

Citizens across the country are being arrested, imprisoned, abused,bankrupted and ruined because of marijuana use or possession. I think that one of the biggest tools that we can use to regain a modicum of freedom is ending the war on drugs.

The “War” needs to end and we need to start it by legalizing pot in every state possible.

Florida cops said they could smell weed in this guy’s butthole

“On Thursday early morning, police officers in Gainesville, Florida, pulled over a 23-year-old’s Mitsubishi Galant after watching it shuffle back and forth between lanes. What the police didn’t realize, however, when they made the 12:30 a.m. stop was that the driver had crack in his mouth and weed in his butthole. But they soon found out.

According to the Independent Florida Alligator, when police approached the vehicle they could detect a hint of marijuana — which then prompted them to ask Winfred Alphonso McAllister Jr. (see mugshot) to step out of the car.

There was no marijuana in sight anywhere in the car, but the cops claimed later in their report that they still picked up a whiff of weed from some place. They just didn’t know where.”

The rest here:http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/237552/florida-cops-said-they-could-smell-the-weed-in-this-guys-butthole/

In Florida you can be pulled over and searched if a cop smells weed while you are driving down the highway. This is not limited to smoke, but also the fresh un burned variety also.

Unless you believe in the unwavering integrity of Florida’s notoriously corrupt LEO’s, then you can see that the fourth amendment no longer exists on the roads, highways, and parking lots of Florida.

Due to this, I am in a position that makes me believe that the easiest remedy for this would be to legalize pot. So, it looks like I am going to load up on the legalization band wagon. I will not be pushing from the medical avenue, but rather arguing that in Florida the 4th is being essentially nullified by cops smelling marijuana.

To top it all off…. I don’t even smoke pot.