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Video: Gardena Ca. Cops gun down two unarmed men for not obeying them

“The city — which had refused to make the videos public — argued during a civil rights lawsuit brought by relatives of the dead man that the recordings show he repeatedly disregarded police orders and moved his hand in a way that led officers to believe he was reaching for a weapon.

But attorneys representing the man’s family argued that the videos show that he and the other man who was shot were unarmed and that officers gave confusing orders.”

So that’s the way it is now?

You can be shot for refusing on order?

It is now acceptable to summarily execute citizens on the street for not doing as a cop says?

I know that they won the settlement , but that is not the point

The point is that the city argued that it was justified

They also suppressed the video for 2 years

They couldn’t have cared less whether it was murder or not

Look at the second view of the shooting and you can see that he was talking and gesticulating with his hands

He was also holding his hat in one hand

There was nothing threatening going on at all

These cowardly scumbags shot him down because he did not obey their commands

Here they are, these heroes in blue

Christopher Mendez, Christopher Sanderson and Matthew Toda

At last they went home safe that night

The story is here : http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-federal-judge-orders-release-of-videos-20150714-story.html#page=1

Cops livid over proposed ‘police reform’ measures

“Rank-and-file cops are fuming over several “police reform” measures City Council members plan to review this week, including bills that would force cops to get suspects’ consent for searches, imprison police for using chokeholds, and require cops to give out the Civilian Complaint Review Board’s phone number.

“These pieces of legislation have been proposed by individuals who have neither the expertise nor the experience to establish policy in the dangerous business of fighting crime,” PBA President Patrick Lynch said in a statement Sunday.

“Policing policies must be left to the police management who understand the intricacies and difficulties of complex legal issues and the appropriate use of crime-fighting tactics.”

The nine council bills up for review at Monday’s Council Public Safety Committee meeting include:

  • Requiring that uniformed cops provide their full name, rank and precinct, as well as the CCRB number, during any traffic stop or property search
  • A measure that would allow police to use “injurious physical force” only “as is proportionally necessary,” but that does not define how proportionality will be determined
  • Making the NYPD report the precincts of the 200 cops with the most CCRB complaints filed against them

The rest here : http://nypost.com/2015/06/29/cops-livid-over-proposed-police-reform-measures/

NYPD scumbags in blue are pissed because they can no longer abuse people with impunity.

The dirt bags on the NYPD are as bad as Chicago cops

We were supposed to feel bad when a couple of them got capped after Eric Garner

You can only abuse people for so long before before they fight back

Look at the below video and tell me that these thugs in blue don’t deserve anything they get

Happy Monday everyone

No donut award goes to these bozos in blue

Happy Friday!

Ex-OPD officer pleads guilty, gets probation in AR-15 shooting

“Fired Orlando Police Department Officer David Johnston received five years probation after pleading guilty Friday to charges of illegally firing 23 shots at a domestic-violence suspect fleeing police in a downtown parking garage.

Circuit Court Judge Wayne Wooten also ordered Johnston to give up his law-enforcement certification, keep his court records unsealed and never work a job that requires a weapon.”

“In two previous attempts to have the charges dropped, defense attorney David Bigney said the two-year OPD officer feared for his life when he encountered a suspect fleeing police by car on Feb. 24, 2014.”


What a freaking moron.

Feared for his life.

Richland Ms. $4.1 million police station funded by civil forfeiture

“The Mississippi city of Richland has a new $4.1 million police station, a top-level training center and a fleet of black-and-white Dodge Charger police cars.

All of it was paid for through civil forfeitures of property and cash seized during traffic stops of what police say were suspected drug runners on Interstate 20.

Photo by Steve Wilson

TEARFULLY DONATED: The sign for Richland’s $4.1 million police station, which was paid for entirely by civil forfeiture.

Civil libertarians question the constitutionality of civil forfeiture, which has become a key part of revenue for state and local law enforcement agencies nationwide. Under the laws of many states, citizens can be deprived of their property or even cash if police merely suspect the owners to be involved in criminal activity.

Mayor Mark Scarborough and police chief WR “Russel” James of Richland — population 7,033 and located south of Jackson on I-20 in Rankin County — say they’re not only giving city taxpayers a bargain, but they’re also helping do their part to stem the heavy drug trade that travels between Texas and Atlanta on I-20, which eventually trickles down to smaller cities like theirs.”


What could possibly go wrong here?

Take a look at this that I posted the other day

“One Florida town has been hit by corruption and it is so bad, the entire police force has been fired. The most corrupt city in the state has been exposed for its unlawful ways during a recent audit. All cops and elected officials in office have been let go or will be soon as this is just one of the stipulations that had to be followed to spare the city of Hampton, as its corruption runs deep.”

“Trouble arose in a quite innocent way according to the newly hired city attorney John Cooper. A Texaco gas station on nearby US 301 asked for cops to protect the place after a couple of bad accidents and homicides took place. Then, Hampton annexed a 1,200-foot stretch of highway. Later on though, someone arrived at the idea that a lot of easy cash was to be made from pulling over speeders and writing up tickets they would have to pay.

When Hampton’s map was redrawn, it resembled a giant mosquito, draining money straight from the highway. The biggest issue at the time was the police department as it was constantly going over its budget and the revenue from the tickets did not seem to make its way to any person working outside of its city hall building.

The amount of officers increased to 19, which included the chief.”

That is what happens when you dangle a carrot in front of a bunch of public servants.