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A few bad apples: Compilation of police rapists 2016

Alabama police officer arrested, accused of sexually assaulting man …

The Huntsville Times

Jun 15, 2016 – A Montgomery police officer was arrested Tuesday and charged in the … Deonte Lashawn Hamner, 27, is charged with first-degree sodomy, …

via Just a few bad apples. Compilation of police rapists from 2016 — Deborah Lee Jarrett

It’s back

And if you don’t know the story

Here it is: http://murderpedia.org/female.S/s/spencer-brenda.htm

St. Louis police add ice cream truck as outreach tool


“ST. LOUIS – St. Louis police have a question to ask as they take their new truck into neighborhoods: One scoop or two?

Police Chief Sam Dotson calls it “Operation Polar Cops,” a truck that will give away ice cream treats at various events at parks, community centers and schools, part of an effort to improve community relations. Police say the goal is to provide a “fun environment for citizens to have positive interactions with our officers.” The truck, retrofitted to look like a typical ice cream truck but dressed in police blue, was unveiled Tuesday.

“Operation Polar Cops is a unique tool to reach our youngest citizens,” Dotson said. “The goal of this project is simple. It’s about introducing our officers as positive role models in a fun environment.”

St. Louis police, like many other police departments in the U.S., are trying to soften the often tense relationship with the community it serves.”


Although this seems to be a step in the right direction, why not try something a little more simple?

Stop shooting people

Personally I will take a pass on both the ice cream and the hot lead

A few bad apples? I don’t think so


Take a look at the links below. These are all from the CATO institute’s police misconduct site

These are the result of  reports they published for part of July

They are a great resource and they have been tracking police misconduct since 2012

In that time they amassed 247 pages

What you see below from the partial month of July is page 1

That’s right, all of that is one page

Drop in on their site here: http://www.policemisconduct.net/

Andpass the link around

Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, July 22, 2016:

  • Pocomoke City, Maryland: A lieutenant and a now-former chief were charged with conspiracy and misconduct for interfering in an investigation. ow.ly/2X0R302tKn3
  • San Mateo, California: An officer was charged with 22 counts of rape and other sexual assaults on duty over more than two years.ow.ly/z3nm302uhkS
  • Austin, Texas: Two officers have been placed under investigation after a video of questionable and violent 2015 arrest of a female African-American teacher emerges. One officer said that the reason blacks are treated more harshly is because they have “violent tendencies.” ow.ly/L0Xs302ui4W
  • Update: Edison, New Jersey (First reported 04-01-14) officer who has been suspended since 2014 for criminal retaliation against an officer in another jurisdiction has been awarded unemployment benefits. His criminal trial is slated for September 2016. ow.ly/EkjJ302uirD
  • Update: Reading, Pennsylvania (First reported 05-26-16): An officer had tampering, false reporting, and criminal mischief charges that had been dismissed refiled against him. He is accused of seizing and smashing the phone of a bystander who recorded him in the course of his duties. ow.ly/xXcc302uiGg
  • Santa Fe County, New Mexico: A deputy was arrested for domestic violence against his wife. ow.ly/CkeO302uiP4
  • Citrus County, Florida: A deputy was arrested for solicitation and fired. ow.ly/lCmw302uiV6
  • Prince George’s County, Maryland: An officer was charged with taking “upskirt” pictures of women, including during traffic stops.ow.ly/ngvW302uj2t
  • Update: Orangeburg County, South Carolina (First reported 07-01-16): A now-former deputy was charged with felony misconduct for orally raping a woman by threatening her with her boyfriend’s arrest if she did not comply. ow.ly/Xn5u302ujap
  • Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, July 21, 2016:

    • North Miami, Florida: An officer shot Charles Kinsey, a health care worker who was lying on the ground with his hands up attempting to aid an autistic man. Kinsey survived. By his account, when he asked the officer why he shot him, the officer replied “I don’t know.” ow.ly/uEhL302sYIo
    • Covert Township, Michigan: An officer was accused of sexually assaulting an arrested driver’s girlfriend. He has resigned. ow.ly/a0ur302sXS7
    • Silver City, New Mexico: The City will not terminate officers for a botched DWI investigation of a district attorney who was cited for reckless driving. ow.ly/3TWa302t8A7
    • Yorktown, Texas: The chief and one lieutenant have been suspended. The chief is accused of having a woman show him her breasts on a number of occasions in exchange for community service credit. The lieutenant was allegedly present when this happened on at least two occasions. ow.ly/D2Iw302t9ek
    • Miami-Dade County, Florida: An officer was arrested for breaking into her ex-boyfriend’s home and causing $5,000 in damages. The ex-boyfriend is also the former mayor. ow.ly/rntD302taLv
    • Loudon County, Virginia: A deputy was charged with misdemeanor domestic assault. ow.ly/7bY7302tdFv
    • Dane County, Wisconsin: A deputy was fired and charged with five criminal counts for bringing contraband to jail inmate with whom she had a relationship. ow.ly/T9xq302teyn
    • Las Vegas, Nevada: A metro officer was arrested for DUI and three hit-and-run crashes on I-15. ow.ly/1ULR302thKB
    • Update: New York, New York (First reported 07-07-16): The City is being sued for wrongful death by the widow of Delrawn Small, who was killed by an off-duty officer in an alleged road rage incident. ow.ly/PrLA302ttWj
    • Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for July 20, 2016:
      • New York, New York: An officer was charged with eight criminal counts for a DUI incident in which he ran onto a sidewalk, killing one and injuring three other pedestrians. ow.ly/EPsA302qC7M
      • Update: Massachusetts and New Hampshire State Police (First reported 05-12-16): One trooper from each department was charged with assault for actions after an interstate chase ended with the video-recorded beating of a driver on live television. ow.ly/Gfey302qCBL
      • Cleveland, Ohio: An officer was arrested for DUI after an off-duty crash. ow.ly/tt8z302qE42
      • Pittsylvania County, Virginia: A deputy was arrested for DUI. He is no longer with the department. ow.ly/nT04302qGyD
      • Fort Pierce, Florida: The chief was suspended five days for intimidating a restauranteur. A City memo recommended suspension or termination for the incident. ow.ly/Q43r302qIcJ
      • Lee County, Florida: Several deputies are accused of seizing a bystander’s phone without a warrant. ow.ly/YeWu302qJ5g
      • Tulsa County, Oklahoma: The now-former sheriff Stanley Glanz pled no contest to charges for refusing to release information regarding the qualifications and training of his friend, Robert Bates, who became a reserve deputy. Bates was convicted for killing Eric Harris during a chase on foot. Glanz was given a one-year suspended sentence. ow.ly/QUCw302qKoK
      • Milwaukee, Wisconsin: An officer who was involved in the in-custody death of Derek Williams has been fired for undisclosed reasons. No one from the Milwaukee Police Department, Milwaukee Police Association, or the Fire and Police Commission would say whether termination relates to the Williams case or a disputed duty disability claim. ow.ly/aH25302rk4L
      • Mandan, North Dakota: An officer was arrested for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s garage. He was fired. ow.ly/s45G302rl95
    • Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, July 19, 2016:
      • East Providence, Rhode Island: An officer was charged with simple assault after a domestic violence incident. ow.ly/B5gt302ogiy
      • Update: La Crosse, Wisconsin (First reported 06-21-16): An officer who was arrested for OWI and hit-and-run has resigned. ow.ly/FlfH302ohe0
      • Honolulu, Hawaii: An officer was charged with third-degree assault and unauthorized entry of a vehicle after off-duty road rage incident. His trial is set for September 12. ow.ly/8oXP302ohMr
      • Update: Mission, Texas (First reported 07-21-15): A now-former officer who also served as a DEA task force member was found guilty of cocaine distribution conspiracy. He and another man plotted to steal 15 kilograms of cocaine from dealers under the guise of a legal seizure. ow.ly/t7L3302oiwR
      • Sunbury, Pennsylvania: An officer was suspended for inappropriate Taser use against a man. ow.ly/GiLp302ojju
      • Austin, Texas: An officer was suspended after pursuing a suspect going the wrong way down I-35. ow.ly/ixdM302ok7R
      • Fort Worth, Texas: An officer was charged with domestic violence after he pulled a gun on his girlfriend in February. He was fired last week. ow.ly/jtQl302ol50
      • Prince George’s County, Maryland: The officer who killed a fellow officer in a friendly fire incident will not be indicted. ow.ly/dIJw302om0A
      • Terre Haute, Indiana: An officer was fired after his arrest for DUI after driving through an Air National Guard base gate. ow.ly/Eu7o302omB8
    • Here are the ten reports of police misconduct tracked for Monday, July 18, 2016:
      • Update: Atlanta, Georgia (First reported 07-14-16): A now-former officer was charged with murder and related charges for fatally shooting Deravis Rogers while on duty. ow.ly/cNYk302klKg
      • New York, New York: An officer pled guilty to exploiting children and buying child pornography. ow.ly/bGqx302lRCT
      • Update: Baltimore, Maryland (First reported 05-01-15):  Lt. Brian Rice has been acquitted of all charges for his role in the death of Freddie Gray. http://bsun.md/29TpTiC
      • Santa Barbara, California: An officer was charged with workers’ compensation fraud. ow.ly/2M3B302lSEP
      • Laurens, South Carolina: An officer has been suspended for misconduct. He allegedly used a racial slur, drove drunk, and was involved in a domestic dispute while off duty and in the presence of other officers. ow.ly/TtRV302me6v
      • Update: Colfax County, New Mexico (First reported 03-06-15): A now-former deputy pled guilty to drug trafficking and theft for extorting suspected drug dealers. ow.ly/aFUs302mpl1
      • Barnwell City, South Carolina: An officer was arrested for domestic assault. The victim has subsequently asked for the charges to be dropped. ow.ly/BMDq302muAW
      • University of Maryland: An officer was suspended after inappropriately pepper-spraying and arresting a person at a party after officers received a false call about a fight and weapons at the predominantly black student party. ow.ly/B59m302myJd
      • Update: Los Angeles County, California (First reported 02-11-16): A now-former sheriff’s plea deal has been rejected by a judge. The judge said that the sentence of six months in jail was too lenient. ow.ly/YPkw302mM1y
      • Update: Union County, Arkansas (First reported06-13-16):  A now-former deputy has his trial date for August 10.. He is accused of child pornography possession. ow.ly/t55V302mzgG
    • re are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, July 15, 2016:
      • Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: The department moved to fire an officer who gave pills to an informant. Criminal charges were dismissed last year. ow.ly/4t88302fWM1
      • Fresno County, California: The County settled a lawsuit filed by an attorney who was roughed up and arrested by a deputy without justification. The settlement was for $250,000. ow.ly/QClY302husV
      • Update: Cleveland, Ohio (First reported 03-22-16): An officer was acquitted of assault, kidnapping, and abduction. He had been accused of slamming woman’s head into car bumper. ow.ly/5TH7302hwF8
      • Update: Knox County, Tennessee (First reported 04-11-14): A now-former deputy lost a legal motion to suppress the search of his home. The judge denied the motion because, as a police officer, the deputy knew the implications of his consent. He is accused of child rape. ow.ly/FT1O302hCoV
      • Richland Parish, Louisiana: A deputy pled guilty to animal cruelty and false reporting for the death of a K-9 from heat exposure. ow.ly/Y6ym302hCRP
      • Detroit, Michigan: The now-former deputy chief will not face perjury charges for actions that led to the wrongful conviction and incarceration of Devontae Sanford in a quadruple murder. ow.ly/qDtY302hDJR
      • Sandusky County, Ohio: A homicide detective is under investigation by an unnamed outside agency. The high-profile murder investigation he was leading has been taken over by the state attorney general.ow.ly/jBgZ302i9aL
      • Brantley, Alabama: An officer was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property. ow.ly/WKxB302i9wX

    Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, July 14, 2016:

    • Lake County, Indiana: A deputy was arrested for DUI and hit-and-run on a pedestrian. ow.ly/xhjo302eYnp
    • Florence, Alabama: An officer entered pretrial diversion after a guilty plea for domestic violence. He was given 90 days in jail, which was suspended for two years, at which time it will be expunged if he stays out of trouble. He remains on unpaid leave.ow.ly/SqzG302f6da
    • Baton Rouge, Louisiana: The City is being sued by the state ACLU and other organizations for actions against protesters in the wake of the fatal police shooting of Alton Sterling. ow.ly/6Q37302f74q
    • Prince George’s County, Maryland: An officer was charged with domestic assault for pointing a gun to his wife’s head during an argument. ow.ly/9L7q302f7z4
    • Update: Grand Rapids, Michigan (First reported 03-03-15): A now-former officer’s sentence of 18-84 months for child pornography will be served concurrently with his two sentences of 2-15 years for sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend. The illicit material in question were pictures of a 17-year-old whom he had been seeing. ow.ly/oWyK302fcXF
    • Dallas County, Texas District Attorney’s Office: A now-former investigator pled guilty to fixing a case after taking a bribe. ow.ly/fliJ302fdNG
    • Update: Fresno, California (First reported 06-29-16): The police department released the body cam video of the fatal officer shooting of Dylan Noble. ow.ly/lqxG302fxOI
    • Atlanta, Georgia: An officer was fired for fatally shooting a fleeing suspect. ow.ly/QzdP302fWnL


    Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, July 13, 2016:

    • Los Angeles County, California: A now-former deputy was sentenced to anger management and one year of probation for assaulting two jail inmates. ow.ly/88Sc302cG4h
    • Richmond, California: A school resource officer was reassigned then suspended in connection with the growing Oakland PD/child prostitution scandal. ow.ly/a6Fj302cRDc
    • Memphis, Tennessee: Two officers were suspended after posting a Snapchat video simulating the shooting of a black person. ow.ly/Idut302cTSo
    • Update: Detroit, Michigan (First reported 02-25-15): Two now-former officers were convicted of extortion and robbing drug dealers. ow.ly/jpox302cWjF
    • Garner, North Carolina: An officer was arrested for assaulting two different women. ow.ly/QU5w302dbqb
    • Guadalupe, California: An officer was arrested for domestic violence against his wife. ow.ly/Y0E6302dbKV
    • Kissimmee, Florida: An officer was charged with domestic violence for allegedly hitting and choking a woman. ow.ly/pny4302dbYe
    • Update: Fargo, North Dakota (First reported 07-11-16): An officer who was arrested for DUI after BAC recorded at almost twice the legal limit has resigned. ow.ly/qi94302dccT


  • Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, July 12, 2016:
    • San Bernardino County, California: A deputy was arrested for having sex with female jail inmates. ow.ly/ge7T302a9Ad
    • Harnett County, North Carolina: A detective was fired. The state Bureau of Investigation has been asked to initiate a criminal investigation. ow.ly/g8F3302amvS
    • Update: Washington County, Oregon (First reported 12-15-15): A now-former deputy will plead guilty to charges related to coercing a co-worker to maintain their sexual relationship. ow.ly/UBnJ302aAim
    • Update: East Orange, New Jersey (First reported 10-27-14): An officer was acquitted of charges that she ran a drug ring from her home. She claimed she was unaware her tenant was using the house for dealing. Her defense attorney said that she will seek reinstatement to the department. ow.ly/JfuN302aI3Y
    • Abilene, Texas: An officer was fired for stealing marijuana from evidence. He appealed his termination and his administrative case will be decided in August. ow.ly/scXv302aPKs
    • Cleveland, Ohio: An officer was charged with felony theft for unpaid taxes owed by the private security firm he runs. ow.ly/sTQi302aR5r
    • Overland Park, Kansas: An officer was fired after posting a threat on a woman’s facebook page related to Black Lives Matter protests. ow.ly/87wH302aSlk
    • Floyd County, Georgia: A now-former deputy pled guilty to stalking a then-17-year-old girl, who is now his wife. As part of the plea, he surrendered his law enforcement license. ow.ly/Bids302aUeh

For my LEO friends: To know me is to love me

This is from the comment section on an article about police shooting

One commenter said that the whole problem was the fact that they were hiring military vets

My response to him is below

“I disagree with you wholeheartedly on not hiring military veterans. Do you know how high the standard is for them to be able to shoot at a Talibani?   Way higher than the standard for a cop to shoot a US citizen. A lot of the problem is that these cops are frightened pussies and they shoot people out of fear. There is no place for a coward with a gun. The training they receive is also at fault.That is where they encounter the “Us versus them” mentality. All they hear is that every encounter could be deadly and all that matters is that they ” Go home safe at night”. Forget protecting and serving, just make sure that YOU are safe.   I would much rather encounter a Vet with balls who has been trained militarily to hold his fire unless fired upon than some cowardly little Roid nanny who wets himself every time he faces a man without 3 other cops backing him up.”


Marion county sheriff arrested for perjury


– Marion County Sheriff Chris Blair has been indicted on charges of perjury and official misconduct.

Sheriff Blair was arrested shortly before 3 p.m. on Friday and was booked into the Marion County Jail.  He has since posted bond and has been released on his own recognizance, said a spokesperson with the State Attorney’s Office for the Fifth Judicial District.

Blair was indicted on allegations that he made false statements during an investigation into a case of excessive force by Marion County deputies.  He faces two separate counts of perjury and one count of official misconduct, all third-degree felonies. ”


Marion county is adjacent to where I live

They are notorious for being highly militarized and abusive

Ocala is the town where cops in an MRAP pulled a guy over for giving them the finger

Have fun Sheriff

Hope you go home safe tonight




Scumbag that roughed up my wife

This is the little scumbag right here

His name is Dustin Mormando and he is a Deputy with the Hernando county Sheriff’s Dept.

Additionally, he tried to shake down our friend Stacey for  money

I was on the phone with Stacey the entire time and heard every word the degenerate said

He is a lying , cowardly, dirty, piss ant on the take

I was so pissed that if the little piece of shit would have been in range I would have smoked him

To perve: Florida Cop fired after sending video of himself performing sex act

By The Associated Press PLANTATION, Fla. — May 5, 2016, 6:52 AM ET “A Florida police detective has been fired after an investigation found he took an explicit video of himself and sent it to a woman who had reported a crime he was investigating. News outlets report that according to Plantation police, detective Peter […]

via To perve: Florida Cop fired after sending video of himself performing sex act — Deborah Lee Jarrett: Fighting police abuse, brutality and corruption

To serve: San Antonio cops set up fake prostitution ring to get women to have sex with them

By David Ibanez – Web – Managing Editor , Garrett Brnger – Reporter “A Bexar County grand jury on Tuesday indicted two former San Antonio Police Department officers over a fake undercover operation that involved getting women to have sex with them. According to the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office, Emmanuel Galindo and Alejandro Chapa […]

via To serve: San Antonia cops set up fake prostitution ring to get women to have sex with them — Deborah Lee Jarrett: Fighting police abuse, brutality and corruption

To serve: 3 Florida cops caught lying after video released

“Three Florida cops have been charged and jailed following weeks of investigation into inconsistent statements surrounding a drug bust at a motel room last November.

Kissimmee police officers Tiffany Hall, Taylor McFee and Felix Echevarria were all charged with official misconduct and suspended without pay on Tuesday. Hall also faces charges of perjury and falsifying records.

Hall had testified under oath that she saw Jonathan Elliot make a drug transaction with another man and that he then agreed to speak with her after she knocked on the door of his room at the Tropicana Motel on West Vine Street.

In charging affidavits, Hall wrote that Elliot was arrested after he confessed to smoking pot and pointed to his stash, which contained 29.9 grams of cannabis – but the man testified in court that he never talked to the officer beforehand, and the three officers barged into his room.

The cops were then exposed after 30 seconds of grainy surveillance video revealed that Hall’s version of events was false, and Elliot’s felony marijuana possession charges were dropped.

The footage, which prosecutors did not know existed until the day of the hearing, shows the three officers surrounding Room 208 and then walking inside one by one before exiting 12 minutes later with Elliot in handcuffs.

“When things are [being said] that aren’t really happening, that’s when I have an issue,” Elliot said after he was cleared in the case. “But the fact they were able to get that video and actually see what went down… it’s a blessing.”

The original here: http://www.copblock.org/158429/florida-cops-charged-after-surveillance-video-exposes-perjury/

Anyone who has read my blog for a while knows why it is that I hate lying scumbag Florida cops

I don’t buy that few bad apples crap for a minute

But you know what?

I am not even going to start and put myself in a foul mood

I am actually having a fairly good day

To serve: Cops shoot man who won’t show his hands 8 times. Turns out to be an undercover cop

Man, I just love irony

Especially heavy handed irony like this

Virginia trooper dies of gunshot wounds

“RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A gunman and a Virginia State Trooper are dead after the man open fired at a Greyhound bus station on North Boulevard in Richmond.

Virginia State Police confirm that 37-year-old Trooper Chad Phillip Dermyer died in the hospital Thursday night as a result of his gunshot wounds. Police have yet to release the gunman’s name but they say that the suspect had a criminal past.”

VSP trooper, gunman dead after shooting at Richmond Greyhound station

No name released, but be assured he had a criminal past

My guess?

He probably wasn’t a member of the local TEA party


To serve: Federal investigation prompts review of hundreds of criminal cases

“The federal probe into the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office could reopen hundreds of criminal cases and already has led to the dismissal of one narcotics case, according to the Iberia Parish District Attorney’s Office.

Sheriff Louis Ackal and Lt. Col. Gerald Savoy were indicted last week on conspiracy against rights and depravation of rights charges. Eight former deputies — five narcotics officers, two jail supervisors and a K-9 officer — pleaded guilty over the last few weeks to similar civil rights violations.

The DA mailed 170 letters earlier this month notifying criminal defense attorneys who’ve handled cases involving the first six deputies who pleaded guilty. Hundreds more letters are expected to be mailed addressing the remaining guilty pleas and Ackal and Savoy’s indictments.

The DA’s office has identified all of the attorneys who represented defendants since Ackal took office in 2008, said Iberia Parish District Attorney Bo Duhe.

Duhe says the letters are being mailed “out of an abundance of caution.” It will be up to the defense attorneys to file motions in their cases, but the DA’s office is also reviewing all opened and closed narcotics cases.

“You’re talking about a substantial number of cases that are going to be negatively impacted,” First Assistant District Attorney Rob Vines said. “We’re also going back and looking at closed cases to look at how this information may have impacted our charging decisions and the sanctity of the convictions.”

Duhe expects the letters will mostly affect defendants who went to trial and one of the officers testified against them, or entered a “best interest” plea, perhaps because they thought a jury would convict them because of an officer’s testimony.

“Particularly those officers who admitted they were untruthful in giving their testimony in civil cases, all their testimony are seriously in doubt,” Duhe said.”

The rest here: http://www.katc.com/story/31476738/federal-investigation-prompts-iberia-da-to-review-criminal-cases?platform=hootsuite

Makes you wonder how many innocent people are in jail

When they sent my wife away it was a circus

She was charged with resisting obstructing and all the report said was ” She refused my search of the vehicle”

That was what was written on Stacey and Tracey’s also

The only problem?

It was Stacey’s vehicle, so My wife or Tracey could not give consent to search it

One year after charging them the charge and arresting officer were changed

It was a fish and wildlife charge initially and a second degree misdemeanor

They changed it to a State of Florida charge and made it a first degree misdemeanor

Up to 1 year in jail instead of 30 day Max.

Then the new charging officer changed his testimony that he had given earlier

He now said that all 3 of them refused to exit the vehicle for 3 minutes when ordered to do so

Even though the transcript of his earlier testimony said that they exited without hesitation

Our attorney never brought it up


Now it gets better

At sentencing the cop Emmanual Tsongranis asks to give a victims impact statement

The judge says no because he is not the victim, the state of Florida is

So the cop says that he has something really important to read

The judge looks at the paper he is waving and finally says “Okay, there was  a report that she tried to hit you, I’ll allow it”

(And that was total and utter bullshit because she was in handcuffs the entire 3 hours and no mention whatsoever of attempted violence”

So the judge takes it and reads it and guess what it is?

No, really guess

Alright I’ll tell you

It is an article from my blog

Yeah, they are reading my shit at her sentencing

That’s Fucking rich isn’t it?

My shit

And then the judge says he can’t let it influence his sentencing

And then he quotes what I wrote and sentences her to 30 days

You wonder why I fucking hate cops?

Well there is a good portion of it

I will tell you what, these motherfuckers should really pray for my continued good health

Lying, fucking piece of shit scumbags

See there? Got myself all riled up again


To serve:Louisiana DEA Agent Arrested For Dealing Drugs

For the second time in less than a month a Tangipahoa Sheriff’s Deputy has been arrested on charges of selling drugs. This time the officer involved was on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration task force.

Authorities alleged that Deputy Karl Newman was stealing and then selling drugs that were seized in raids. State Police spokesman Doug Cain told the Louisiana Radio Network.

State Police received information that a law enforcement officer may be involved in the distribution of marijuana on the north shore.

Information obtained in that tip led authorities to arrest Newman on charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and abuse of office.  Newman’s arrest comes just weeks after another Tangipahoa lawman Johnny Domingue was booked on drug distribution charges.

Read More: Louisiana DEA Agent Arrested For Dealing Drugs | http://k945.com/louisiana-dea-agent-arrested-for-dealing-drugs/?trackback=fbshare_mobile_top&trackback=tsmclip

Ouch! Now that has to hurt two of them within weeks of each other
A few bad apples huh?

From the Cato institute, Worst police misconduct for December: Accident victim shot and paralyzed by cop dies in hospital

“So for December we have selected the shooting death of Andrew Thomas in Paradise, California.  According to news reports, here’s what happened:  Thomas was seen leaving the parking lot of a bar and his vehicle didn’t have its lights on — even though it was late at night.  Officer Patrick Feaster suspected the driver might be intoxicated and so pursued Thomas to pull him over and investigate further.

No problem so far.  We want police to be alert for impaired drivers who endanger other people.

Next, Thomas did not pull over after Feaster was behind him with his police lights flashing.

Moments later, Thomas’s SUV crashed and his wife was ejected from the vehicle.  She died.

Next, things get even worse.  Officer Feaster is seen on dash-cam video walking toward the crashed SUV.  The video shows Thomas trying to climb out of the overturned SUV.  Feaster draws his sidearm and shoots Thomas in the neck and he falls back into his SUV.

After the shooting, Officer Feaster gets on his radio to report that the driver is refusing his commands to get out of the vehicle.  He does not mention that he shot the driver.  Feaster also reports that a injured woman is unresponsive, but the video shows that he is not checking on her condition or rendering aid.

Other police and responders get to the scene, but ten minutes go by before Feaster says he fired his weapon.  It is very unclear what could be the justification for shooting a man after a vehicle crash in these circumstances.  Officer Feaster says he was not threatened, but that his gun went off accidentally.

On a police body camera, Feaster is heard telling the watch commander that his gun went off, but he didn’t think the driver was hit because he wasn’t aiming his weapon in the driver’s direction.  Thomas initially survived the shot to his neck, but was paralyzed.  He died weeks later.

Despite community outrage, the local prosecutor, Mike Ramsey, declined to file any criminal charges against Officer Feaster because he said he lacked sufficient evidence to prove a crime in court.  That’s very odd.  Prosecutors would typically be relieved to know that the incident was captured on videotape.”

View the video for yourself here:

And here is the cato institute police misconduct page: http://www.policemisconduct.net/

If you want to keep up on what the miscreants in blue are up to this is the place to do it. Their page is updated multiple times a week with nationwide reports on our public servants.

Former Trooper Pleads Guilty To Stealing From Fatal Crash Scene


“BRIDGEPORT — A former state trooper accused of stealing cash and a gold chain from the victim of a fatal motorcycle crash pleaded guilty on Wednesday to third-degree larceny and tampering with evidence, according to the court clerk’s office.

Aaron Huntsman, 43, was the lead investigator of the Sept. 22, 2012, crash in Fairfield that killed John Scalesse, 49, of Orange. After the crash, Scalesse’s family members told police that they couldn’t account for some jewelry, clothing and cash. They later found the clothing at the hospital, but the other items were missing.

Huntsman took a gold chain, valued at $5,500, and $3,700 in cash from the scene, saying he would put the items into evidence, according to an arrest warrant.

When questioned by his supervisor, Huntsman admitted to having the chain but denied any knowledge of the missing money, the warrant says. Huntsman said he left the chain in the cup holder in his police car, inside a glove, and had forgotten about it, the warrant says.

State police later found $3,700 in cash, wrapped in a rubber band, under the front passenger seat of Huntsman’s car, the warrant says.

Huntsman, at the time an 18-year veteran of the state police, was arrested in November 2012 and charged with two counts of third-degree larceny, interfering with an officer and tampering with physical evidence.


Does it get any lower than that?

What a scumbag

The EMT’s gave him the money and chain for safe keeping while they were trying to save the guy’s life

“Then, prosecutors said his own dashboard camera caught him taking the cash to his car. When the Scalesse family asked about the belongings, he lied saying he didn’t know where they were according to the prosecutor. Pictures showed he even wedged the money underneath the front seat of his cruiser.

John Scalesse
John Scalesse

Scalesse’s mother Marguerite recounted when she saw her son later that night.

“I leaned over and kissed my son’s still handsome face. I petted his beautiful hair. I told him how much I loved him and how proud I was to be his mother not knowing at this time that my son’s belongings were stashed under the passenger seat of Huntsman’s cruiser,” said Marguerite Scalesse in court.”

This dirt bag got 5 years

For taking scum baggery to such new heights I think they should have doubled it


Ex-Cop Guilty Of Raping Women While On Duty

Source: Ex-Cop Guilty Of Raping Women While On Duty

“A former Oklahoma police officer has been found guilty of raping and sexually assaulting more than a dozen black women in a low-income neighbourhood he patrolled.

Daniel Holtzclaw, 29, was convicted of rape, sexual battery and other charges.

The trial heard that Holtzclaw preyed on 13 victims aged 17 to 57, most of them with police records, on the northeast side of Oklahoma City.

The 6ft 2in former Eastern Michigan University football player would often give them an ultimatum – sex or jail.

A 17-year-old girl told how he raped her on her mother’s enclosed porch.

A 23-year-old woman told the court he assaulted her while she was handcuffed to a hospital bed, telling her to stay still so that her heart monitor would not activate.”

Talk about “To serve”

He sure served it up to these babes

For scum like him who defile their oath and uniform there should be extra mandatory time

Kind of like enhanced penalties for shooting a cop or his dog

Police Chiefs Say Scrutiny Over Videos Has Radically Changed Their Work

“Before the August 2014 fatal police shooting in Ferguson, Mo., of Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager, the effectiveness of most police chiefs was determined largely by crime rates and response times to 911 calls.

Now, chiefs say that cultivating better community relations — including everything from curtailing police shootings and eliminating racial profiling to requiring officers to be more polite and professional — has become as important a gauge of success as crime reduction, even though such work does not always easily lend itself to being measured.

“Police chiefs definitely have a shorter shelf life post-Ferguson, and they are more scrutinized and criticized for things they weren’t held responsible for before,” said Charles McClelland, Houston’s police chief, who said he agreed with the change in focus. “Pre-Ferguson, you were held responsible only for the crime rate — now it is community relations. One egregious act of misconduct by a police officer can get a police chief fired. It wasn’t like that before.”

As if in acknowledgment of the changed atmosphere, the authorities in San Bernardino, Calif., made officers quickly available to the news media after the department’s quick response to the terrorist shooting there last week, which killed 14 people.

The job of police chief has changed partly because of the dramatic reduction in violent crime since the 1990s, which, especially after the Ferguson shooting, has led the public to demand that departments shift their focus to police accountability.

“Since crime has been so low for so long, there are very high expectations in terms of what people expect of police chiefs,” said Inimai M. Chettiar, the director of the justice program at the Brennan Center for Justice, a nonpartisan public policy institute affiliated with the New York University School of Law. “Not only are they expected to keep down crime, but now they are expected to treat people with courtesy. That is new.”

I know that a lot of people think that I am beating a dead horse with the anti cop stuff I am now posting frequently

But I don’t think that it is

As you you can see from the above real change is beginning to happen

“Not only are they expected to keep down crime, but now they are expected to treat people with courtesy. That is new.”

I mean really, who would have thought?

But that is actually the point of the stuff that I post

The police state is out of control and has to be reigned in

I am sure that not every cop is bad, but I am fairly certain that it is not a case of just a few bad apples

From the evidence that I have seen I think that the bad cop has become the standard, not the exception

And that has to change

And between bloggers, activists and cameras

It appears to be happening

Man’s Noisy Spider Battle Sparks Police Calls

A man’s noisy attempts to kill a spider caused his neighbours to call the police, reporting a suspected violent domestic incident.

Officers in Sydney went to the address after numerous calls were made claiming a woman could be heard screaming hysterically and a man yelling “I’m going to kill you, you’re dead. Die! Die!”

After police attended the address in the northern suburb of Wollstonecraft and started banging on the door, a man who was out of breath and flushed in the face answered.

In a post on the force’s Facebook page, New South Wales police said officers then questioned the man about who was in the apartment with him.

When he replied that he did not have a wife or girlfriend, police were perplexed.

Below is their transcript of the conversation that followed:

Police: We had a report of a domestic and a women screaming, where is she?

Male: I don’t know what you’re talking about, I live alone.

Police: Come on mate, people clearly heard you yelling you were going to kill her and furniture getting thrown around the unit.

Police: Come on mate, what have you done to her?

Male: It was a spider.

Police: Sorry??

Male: It was a spider, a really big one!!

Police: What about the woman screaming?

Male: Yeah sorry that was me, I really, really hate spiders.

What neighbours thought was a serious incidence of domestic violence was in fact the man chasing the arachnid around his home with a can of spider spray.

The police report concluded: “After a very long pause, some laughter and a quick look in the unit to make sure there was no injured party (apart from the spider) we left.”

The original here:https://uk.news.yahoo.com/mans-noisy-spider-battle-sparks-police-calls-113049437.html#tXrVavn

And I found the story thanks to WD Child blog:http://wchildblog.com/2015/12/01/mans-noisy-spider-battle-sparks-police-calls/

You haven’t seen anything

There is only one thing in this life that can make me scream like I woman

I have faced down death a number of times

And while survival is important it did not arouse primal fear

When I was a bit younger I had somewhat of an adrenaline problem

I have hunted hogs with a knife

Caught alligators bare handed

Snake handled large rattlesnakes

I am fearless

A man’s man

Except when it comes to spiders

Then I am not even a woman’s man

In Florida we have a variety that will grow to 4″ in diameter

If that is not enough, they bulk up by letting thousands upon thousands of little tiny babies ride on them

You should have seen the time a couple of months ago when I bravely faced one down in the garage

In my underwear

Nothing makes you feel more like a warrior than being barefoot and in your underwear

Anyway, I see this abomination of nature out by the wash machine

It is the size of my lawn mower

I man up and approach it with a small block of 2″ X 4″ that I picked up

I try to slam it with the block and as I do the damn thing actually rears up and charges me

In bare feet

I smack at it with the two by and miss

Now a dark shadow starts to spread on the floor as like a hundred million spider babies dismount

I’m done


Larger weapons

Much larger weapons

Yeah, Mr. bug spray there has nothing on me



From the CATO institute police misconduct site

Here are the 16 reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, November 3 and Wednesday November 4, 2015:

  • San Juan, Texas: An officer was suspended after a rollover crash that left several injured. The report indicates alcohol may have been involved in the incident. ow.ly/U6HvP
  • Update: Jersey City, New Jersey (First reported 05-02-13): An officer was acquitted for a fatal hit-and-run in 2013.: ow.ly/U6I9z
  • USCIS: An officer pled guilty to concealing a relationship with a foreign national during a security clearance investigation. ow.ly/U6Idz
  • Update: Los Angeles County, California (First reported 06-09-15): A now-former sergeant was sentenced to eight years in prison for beating a handcuffed jail visitor. ow.ly/Uc6aj
  • Update: East Cleveland, Ohio (First reported 10-08-15): Two officers pled guilty to ripping off thousands of dollars from drug dealers. The two will testify against a third officer who will face trial. ow.ly/UclHn
  • Lynchburg, Virginia An officer was indicted for obtaining money by way of false pretenses. ow.ly/Uctl2
  • England, Arkansas: An officer was fired and arrested for falsely claiming he was shot by a Hispanic man during a traffic stop. He allegedly staged the entire incident. ow.ly/UcBsM
  • Bardstown, Kentucky: An officer was fired for interference in a missing person case that involved his brother. ow.ly/UcISm
  • Watervliet, New York: An officer was charged with participation in a drug ring. Another officer’s home was searched for undisclosed reasons and the investigation is ongoing. ow.ly/UcRBF
  • Cook County, Illinois: A now-former deputy was convicted of domestic violence and sentenced to 30 days in jail. ow.ly/UdB5f
  • Louisiana Department of Public Safety: An officer was arrested for attempted first degree murder of his wife, who was found with multiple gunshot wounds. ow.ly/UdBYn
  • Conway, Arkansas: A now-former officer was arrested for child pornography possession. ow.ly/UeoDs
  • Phoenix, Arizona: An officer was arrested for family assault. ow.ly/UeoQt
  • Suffolk County, Massachusetts: A deputy was arrested for assaulting a teen and possessing his gun while intoxicated. ow.ly/UepnY
  • Los Angeles County, California: The County settled a lawsuit with a woman who was raped by an on-duty deputy. The settlement was for $6,000,000. ow.ly/3yoAtO
  • Suffolk County, New York: The County will pay $95,000 to a Long Island man who was beaten by a deputy. ow.ly/3yoAwM