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Beneath the mountain

Leave alone what lies beneath the mountain

The labyrinthined caves and deep burning fire

Take instead the cold stinging creeks

The summer pines and pale blue sky

Take the rocky trails and sharp stone

And all the beauty for your eye

But don’t stray below and leave alone

What lies beneath the mountain

This is the poem that was made into a Bluegrass song by a string quartet. I am still awaiting a copy of it . The concert recording at strathmore did not come out well and they are going to forward a copy when they record it in studio.

How poets fight

A few years ago I dropped this in a poetry forum full of squabbling liberals as a random rant. They were actually a mean spirited bunch who were preying on less accomplished writers.   It was like throwing a frag in there. Each one  all thought that it was written about them. I of course thought the reaction was hilarious.  Be careful fencing words with writers…

You should sulk away in shame. You are a bottom feeder pretending to be predacious. Life has shown you that in the order of life you will rapaciously lick the lips of the alpha every time . You mistake your pretension for power, and you and only you make that mistake. Don’t think that any other believes that you are anything more than the absolute bottom of the order. You can cry to all who will listen about your greatness and only the most ignorant will believe; For a while. Your attempts to empower yourself by belittling others is a pathetic attempt to cover your own inadequacies. Maybe you haven’t realized yet that they can’t be covered, that everyone really can see you for whom you are.    I am amazed that something would mate with you. I can’t believe that one of your slightly more pretentious peers has not taken her from you yet. You are a disgusting example of a human being. You are petty, jealous and cowardly. You are the very definition of anthropomorphism.; You have been attributed with human traits without actually having them. You are lower than an animal and are pathetic.

Night dreams

I dreamed a dream of dreaming

Laying  softly in my bed

Sugar plums and torment

Dancing in my head

I  dreamed a dream of life and death

Of hope and blood and glory

Of dancing through a sunlit field

With daisies, grass and bodies

I was but a child

Loving, small and free

As I glided silently

My life ran out of me

I laughed and giggled in happiness

As a child is apt to do

As I stepped around lifeless forms

Battered black and blue

Not a care had I

Not one in the world

As I pranced beneath the sky

‘Til lightning struck with crackling fury

And I lay down to die

I dreamed a dream of dreaming

Of happiness and and strife

I dreamed a dream of dreaming

I dreamed a dream of life

Her kiss

Our moment of love

Transcends all

That  I want in life

Her kiss


All that I need in life

Her kiss,

Without that

I am nothing

She makes me who I am

And a better man for that

She takes my desire for war

And tempers it with reason

Takes my desire to kill

And tempers it


A kiss

She makes me

A man who cares

By her love

She becomes

All that I want


In the end

All  that I need