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Love in the fading night

I await

the awakening

of my love

She slumbers

in undreamed sleep

Held between

dark  and morn

The last bonds

of  night

still hold her




Fading with the dawn

In the shadowed twilight

I wait

to see her stir

American horizon

The warmth of the sun

has faded

A memory


by the cold

and callous wind

Grey and darkened skies

Bring ominous portent

Clouds gather

on high winds

With dark

and obvious intent

Black and malevolent


roiling ,

in the sky

We await it’s fury




For the storm to break


for it’s torrent

Sic Semper Tyrannis

I hate tyranny more than I fear death,

more than I fear imprisonment

I hate tyrants more than I love life

For life without freedom

is not worth living

I revel in the end of tyrants

The more gruesome the better

The Ceaușescu’s,

the Hussein’s,

the Gaddafi’s

The mask of death

on their twisted face

brings me joy

For they have committed

the worst

of crimes

They have made war

upon the souls of men

Clothing is optional

I wear sorrow as a shroud

A grey and tattered garment

Worn thin by time

Stained by pain of the past

A tattered cloak that covers me

Dragging on the ground

Pulling small trails

In the dust of time

Soon I will throw it off

For it weighs me down

And I will let the sun

Fall on me again

A trip to see my father

I look at him
Illuminated  by the dim yellow glow
of warm lamplight

He smiles
reclined and comfortable
in the chair of my youth

His rough unshaven face
carries the lines
of a million good times

His warmth makes
the slightly tattered furniture
look better, more comfortable

He stays up late into the night
telling worn old jokes
still funny

He basks in the love of his family
come to see him
and is warmed

I am carried back
carried to my place
in that chair

Loved and protected
rough whiskers on my skin
always safe with him

Sitting in that chair
always with a laugh
always with a smile

Now the oxygen tube snakes
’round his neck
while he tells stories

But his laugh
is still deep
and loud

The hour is late
and I drink his fine whiskey
that he no longer can

I look deeply
into his sparkling eyes
and know that he will die

But not when he can laugh
and still feel
like a child

Days gone by

Days gone bye

That I can never


Still haunt me

Stalk me

In the still

Dark forest

Of my sleep

Weaving ‘Tween

The trees of memory

Like late

Morn’  fog


Trails in the darkness

Of my long

Forgotten pain

I stay lost


In the dark

Damp of night

Sailing into darkness

I was but a child

When she faded

First grey

Then gone

Into nothingness

And slowly slipped away

To the other side of the mind

Razor blades and bibles

Children cut from books

Kept her smiling

Kept her sailing

Trailing cut mooring lines

Into the dark night

On the other side of the mind.

The wait has been killing me

This game

has drained

the life

from me

slow suicide


what comes next

I wait to feel

the razor

the pain

and welcome

it’s sting

I have been


now for years

and the time

finally draws nigh

the wait

has been

killing me

Life going by

My life has gone

and I say


One drip at a time

I give my things away

I pay my debts

Make amends


and now.

Things are mixing.

I may pass

from one new life

to another

Either way

I pass through

whether it be

to a new life

or a new death

Only time

will tell