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Kiss me now


Kiss me now like it is the last time
For tomorrow only brings sorrow
Kiss me now
And hold me
While warm love is still on my lips
Warm breath still in my body
Kiss me now
While I still have life
For some time tomorrow
I will be cold

The blue shed

She caught him out in the shed
Like a thief
Stealing a moment of pain
Wracked by sobs and pouring out tears
Over small and faded pink canvas shoes
The shoes had supplanted his purpose
Sapped his intent
They made his tools indifferent
And uncaring
Turned them into nothing more
Than rusting steel and hanging shapes
Outlined on musty pegboard
That meant nothing
Nothing at all
Until her small and gentle hands touched him
And in shame
He dried his eyes
And put the shoes away
Back in their box on the shelf
And became a man again
Lived again
And worked again
In his shed full of tools

Picking wild berries

I hope that wild berries
Will bring some joy to her
I wander the spring woods
In search of  sweet treasure
My footsteps are all that break
The mornings bleak silence
I slowly fill my basket with Blueberries
I pick our life with each sweet fruit
Our ripe destinies gripped in my fingers
My eyes fall upon dark Raspberries
They hang in the sun in  juicy prime
Suspended like treasures, Plump sweet jewels
Dangling from thorny crowns
Greedily they are plucked from their vine
For a moment I am happy with my bounty
My basket is full of ripe and plentiful fruit
Then her pain comes to my mind
My happiness is clouded over by worry
Cast into the shade by the dark shadows
I wonder if my basket of wild berries
Will be enough
I hope it will

Gruesome finger photo: Day 5 after finger shortening

I put it below some other photos so you don’t have to see it if you don’t want to.

Johnny Cash’s finger

My left finger in May

My recently shortened finger. It smarted…

Piss poor Monday morning

I had a fight with Betty last night and got the worse end of it. Betty is my left hand. She sits around and holds stuff for my manly hand that has all the power.  Last night I was driving a door post into the ground with a 20 Lb. dumbell while standing on top of a ladder and beat the holy hell out of Betty.  (Did I tell you how smart I was, what with my big brain and all?)  Looks like I rolled my ring finger out of socket sideways. Before it got too swollen to bend, it would cross over my palm when I bent it. Sucks for me. Talk about a crappy nights sleep.    Of course this had to happen on what appears to be the busiest week I have had in probably 3 years. Go figure.      May I, from my misery, wish all… A better Monday than I am having. Regards.