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8 Days Left to Sign Up-Feeding Your Tribe Now,and During A SHTF Event

“Learn the procedures and techniques to safely feed your tribe  under    any conditions-and provide proper nutrition needed,as people will be under stress and healthy,great tasting food not only boosts morale,it helps your tribe fight off diseases,and keeps everyone in top physical and   mental shape.

You can send one member of your tribe to take the course,and they can relay the information to the rest of your group.Your team,tribe,group,clan whatever you call them can’t survive for long eating MRE’s,beans and rice-learn how to keep everyone well fed, good food keeps everyone mentally and physically healthy,fewer people will succumb to colds,flu and other diseases that will run rampant in any long term grid down scenario.

One of the things that people often do not consider important is feeding your tribe,group,clan,team ,etc. as a group.

Cooking for large groups of people is not like having a backyard BBQ,or a holiday meal at your aunt Millie’s house.

There’s procedures you have to follow-just like anything else,there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things.

Do things the wrong way,and everyone you just fed will be grabbing the TP and running to the nearest toilet-or to the woods for the next 24-48hours.

I spent over 20 years as a professional chef,I was the executive chef at private country clubs and first class hotels.

I also cooked for an outfitter on backcountry elk hunts,cooking for the hunters, the guides,and the rest of the staff way back in the mountains,it was usually a 2 day horseback ride to get to camp.

I spent a couple years working fishing boats out of Wanchese N.C. and working for the fish companies on the docks unloading boats and cutting fish.

I am offering a series of 3 classes on cooking for large groups of people,both under “normal” conditions,and in SHTF

events with no power,and no natural gas to operate stoves and ovens.

I’ve taught cooking classes in the past-my boss at the time volunteered me to teach the class,at the request of the hotel’s general manager.

I’ m going to use the same methods I used back then,except rather than a 3 day series of classes,I’m going to condense the three days of classes into a one day class.

I will do a series of three classes,each one building on the previous class material,so the classes have to be taken in order,you have to have completed the first class to be able to take the second class an so on.

If there is interest in more advanced classes-I will offer those as well.

Here’s the description of what I will cover in the first class…

Cooking For Large Groups”

From Here:http://starvinlarry.com/learn-the-procedures-and-techniques-to-safely-feed-your-tribe-under-any-conditions-and-provide-proper-nutrition-neededas-people-will-be-under-stress-and-healthygreat-tasting-food-not-only-boosts/

Trust me, it is not going to be the Sunday barbeque

There is a reason that they have cooking courses called ” Industrial cooking” that are year long classes

This is something really worthwhile and priced right