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Help a patriot family out in their time of need

From Wirecutter:

“Angel just let me know Joshua Rowe III passed away unexpectedly on the 2nd of December. Strong Patriot, great family man, just one of those really good guys – we’ve exchanged many many emails over the past few years so I can say that I honestly knew his heart.
His family has set up a gofundme page to help raise money for his funeral expenses. Their goal is $3000 – it’s not much but it’s money that sorely needed right now. If you could find it in your heart to help out I know that family will appreciate it very much.
It’s hard to lose somebody, especially this time of the year.


Wirecutters site is here:http://knuckledraggin.com/

If you can help them out, please do

I have given as I have been given in kind

My condolences and best wishes to the family

Things are going great “Folks just aren’t feeling it”

Hiring slowdown: US employers added just 126K jobs in March


US Growth Forecast Chopped to Zero

Americans Not in Labor Force Exceed 93 Million for First Time; 62.7% Labor Force Participation Matches 37-Year Low


February Employment Report: 295,000 Jobs, 5.5% Unemployment Rate : Now revised down to 239,000


Telling the lie over and over again does not make it true. When it comes to financial matters there are serious consequences when the lies catch up.

Now we are like the gambler who blew all of his dough in Vegas and has been stealing from Peter to pay Paul. The mortgage is long over due, the power is about to be shut off and the car is up for Repo.

The question is when the lie catches up, just how bad is it going to be? If it is bad enough, it is without a doubt going to spark unrest. I am suggesting not just to be prepared, but also be prepared for opportunity; an opportunity that may never arise again.


Send off of a thief

Leave it to a thief to accuse you of being one. Yeah right , here’s what I think of that. R.I.P.