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I don’t like Mondays

“The Cleveland Elementary School shooting took place on January 29, 1979, in San Diego, California. Shots were fired at a public elementary school. The principal and a custodian were killed. Eight children and a police officer were injured. A 16-year-old girl, Brenda Spencer,[1] who lived in a house across the street from the school, was convicted of the shootings. Tried as an adult, Spencer pleaded guilty to two counts of murder and assault with a deadly weapon, and was given an indefinite sentence. As of 2017, she remains in prison.[2]

A reporter reached Spencer by phone while she was still in the house but had stopped shooting. The reporter asked Spencer why she carried out the shooting. She answered: “I don’t like Mondays”  Wiki

It’s back!

What the hell…It’s Monday



Typical Monday

Just trying to move the needle


What every little kid wants to spot outside their window



I’m such a baby



Is it a blonde thing or a Monday thing?


It’s Baaacckk!!


Damn Monday again


It’s back…..


Monday again

And it’s extra special because it’s the day after New Year


Monday at the stadium

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The real truth of the matter

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The Monday qualifying try out finals



Best Monday in about a year



Yeah , it’s like that


My favorite day is back


Seriously, that’s the Monday mix

Happy Monday

This is a response to an Email that I got from an organization pushing the republican party
It’s Monday
I am hung over because I was medicating with Vodka after getting hit by a 16 Ft. 2″x6″ yesterday
I am an asshole
Happy Monday

Steve, I am a former political activist who has given up on the system. I am hard core 3% and believe that the system is so far gone that voting no longer matters. The republicans are no better than the Democrats and they are content as long as they are co-rulers.
The Republicans are doing nothing more than slow walking us to the Democratic end game. A Republican majority in both of the houses has done absolutely nothing but further the agenda of the Obama administration.
At this point, to put it bluntly and frankly, the Republican party can go fuck itself.
The party itself has now become an enemy of liberty, freedom and the American way of life
We now exist in a de-facto police state that is only going to get worse as time goes on.
My last vote, which I did very begrudgingly, was for Romney
It is, as I stated, my last vote
The political process is so broken that no choices remain
Never again will I vote for the lesser of two evils because evil is still evil no matter what
All the Republican party is doing is slow walking our republic to the gallows instead of the Democratic fast walk
It no longer matters who wins
Our freedoms are gone
Our independence is gone
Our way of life is soon to end
Being an American no longer has a meaning
Go ahead and vote
It won’t count anyway
Best regards and happy Monday, Jay