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Militias headed to Oregon to prevent arrest of ranchers


Statement by Oregon Farm Bureau President Barry Bushue on sentencing of Steve and Dwight Hammond:

“Today two Oregon ranchers were sentenced to five years in federal prison under terrorism statutes for setting preventative fires on their own land. We are gravely disappointed at this outcome.

“Elderly Harney County rancher Dwight Hammond and his son, Steven, a former OFB Board member and Harney County Farm Bureau president, have already served time in federal prison for their mistakes and paid their debt to society for the less-than-140 acres of BLM land that was accidentally impacted by the fires.

“This is an example of gross government overreach, and the public should be outraged.”


They were sentenced in October and now the Feds are coming to arrest them

 Here is a more slanted piece but it contains the info on the militias


Militia Organizer Threatens to Arrest Stabenow Over Iran Deal

“Capitol Police are investigating a man identifying himself as an “Oathkeeper” and an “American Patriot who has everything to lose” who has threatened to arrest Sen. Debbie Stabenow for treason because of her support for the Iran nuclear deal.

Jon Ritzheimer, the Arizona resident who reportedly attracted FBI attention when he organized an anti-Muslim protest rally and “draw Muhammad” cartoon contest at a Phoenix mosque, shared his plan to organize with fellow U.S. Marines in an open letter posted online Monday.

“We are planning on arresting Senator Debbie Stabenow, who voted yes to the Iran Nuke Deal. She will be arrested for treason under Article 3 Section 3 of the Constitution,” states the letter. “We have chosen her as our first target due to our strong ties with the Michigan State Militia and their lax gun laws that will allow us to operate in a manner necessary for an operation like this.”

Ritzheimer, 31, claims that after successfully detaining the Michigan Democrat, he and his armed militia “will continue to move across the country and arrest everyone involved with the Iran Nuke Deal” including the president.”


Now that would get the ball rolling!

Man, we could make that the most popular sport in America

Just show me where to go and I am in

3 Rome Georgia men now face domestic terrorism charge

“During the conversations online, they discussed using guerilla war tactics and planned to launch attacks against a metro Atlanta police station and several government agencies in February 2014.

The three men attempted to “recruit other individuals to join them and to carry out similar operations in those individuals’ home states.”

Peace allegedly told other militia members to choose targets including “road blocks, TSA checkpoints, sheriffs/police conducting operations outside the Constitution” as well as to participate in the “removal of government people who support extra-Constitutional activities.”


Why is it that whenever you buy explosives or hire a hit man that it always turns out to be a Fed?  Just wondering.

I am no longer a radical extremist

““I say this to the militias and all others who believe that the greatest threat to freedom comes from the Government instead of from those who would take away our freedom: If you say violence is an acceptable way to make change, you are wrong,” he continued. “How dare you suggest that we in the freest nation on Earth live in tyranny! How dare you call yourselves patriots and heroes!”

Bill Clinton, speaking at Michigan State University’s commencement ceremony while considering federal regulations on militias, including registering and inventorying their weapons.

Back then, outside of militia circles, I was a lone voice in the wilderness. No one much cared or paid attention to constitutional issues. I was looked at by most of those around me as a radical and extremist because of my beliefs.

Now I have plenty of company. I am almost mainstream, unless you believe the SPLC. LOL


Militia mobilizing to protect Texas border

“***ACTION ALERT*** All Texas & National Militia Available Please Converge Immediately Status GO: Mission close down Laredo Crossing for starters ((All need to be closed)) Operation complete when border fence is in place and secure Name: Love’s #298 Love’s Travel Stop 28527 Interstate 35, Encinal, TX 78019 (956) 948-7044 Location: I 35 & Hwy 44, Encinal, TX Distance from Encino: 93.7 miles Contact numbers: for location and or pick up 580 889 1036 423 333 8872 Militia ***ACTION ALERT*** All Texas & National Militia Available Please Converge Immediately Status GO: Mission close down Laredo Crossing for starters ((All need to be closed)) Operation complete when border fence is in place and secure Name: Love’s #298 Love’s Travel Stop 28527 Interstate 35, Encinal, TX 78019 (956) 948-7044 Location: I 35 & Hwy 44, Encinal, TX Distance from Encino: 93.7 miles Contact numbers: for location and or pick up 580 889 1036 423 333 8872 Militia Conference Number 24/7 For info and assistance 559 726 1300 access 639939# It’s time to bring down the thunder. Activating the Patriots willing to stand up for America GO GO GO. III% Kelli in Texas USA Let’s share this like the brushfires of Liberty”

Entire article here from Breitbart :http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-Texas/2014/06/20/Texas-Border-Surge-Militia-Groups-Responding

A III to III request, please donate if possble

We are more than just a bunch of people who blog online. We are a community that is bonded by a common cause that unites us. We are threepers, patriots, militias and whatnot who have all taken an oath to defend our country and constitution and are willing to risk all to do so.   The day may come when you have to judge the character and safety of someone simply by knowing that they wear a 3% label. The day may come when you might perish without the assistance of someone wearing that label or you might be the one giving the assistance.  The day may come when you have to call on someone you never met to have your back.    Right now David Crum needs someone to have his back financially. David is a real time patriot and has been for the long term. He is the CO of Ohio Valley Minutemen Militia and the IRS has charged him dearly for his patriotic endeavors.   If you can help, him please do. If you can’t provide financial help, please be a part and host a link for donating. If you paypal his email is: steelpreacher@hotmail.com

If you don’t paypal go to Kenny Lanes page below to donate

Original is here : http://knuckledraggin.com/2014/05/sandman-iii-iii-reposted/



“We are willing to give our lives”

There are still around 100 armed militia still hanging out at the Bundy ranch.

From TL Davis

“Now is the time to be in Nevada. It is time to push the struggle of the average American, in this case Cliven Bundy. It should not be enough to just show up and support the family. It is time to start helping Cliven Bundy get his cattle back. It is a chance to give a show of force to the feds and let it start to sink in what would happen if they attempt to impose control over a free people.

Already the feds are guilty of numerous counts of assault and assault with a deadly weapon. It is not just an accident when they use force against citizens for asking questions. It is not just an accident when citizens are hit with a moving vehicle. Those park rangers are criminals and must be held accountable for their crimes.”

Read the rest here: http://christianmerc.blogspot.com/2014/04/into-whirlwind.html


Three percenters, armed militias heading to Bundy ranch

Channel 8 news coverage of Bunkerville. Threepers are starting to roll in and I know that they will be spoiling for a fight.

The second stand on Lexington green

       It had been a hard and sleepless night for the weary men on Lexington green. It had been a night of false musters and muddled information. Half of the 140 men had gone home after being called out prematurely on information that British troops would be arriving early. The remaining men awaited the arrival of up to 700 British troops that had been sent out to disarm the patriot militias, confiscate their powder and arrest their leaders, who had recently been charged with treason. These were ordinary men who stood there on that green and waited. They were tired and disheveled and had lives and wives and farms and children to tend to. They were men who could have been many other places, but chose instead to heed the call of the muster and await their fate on that damp morning. With British troops marching steadily towards Lexington this small contingent of men, with extraordinary bravery and valor, had decided that they would not allow the Brits to disarm them. They were being led by Capt. John Parker and certainly were not spoiling for a fight. Accurate accounts had come to them of British troop strength and they knew that they were gravely outnumbered. More patriot troops were mustering, but were heading towards Concord where the main goal of the British lay. These men stood through the dark night, through fear and trepidation, through doubt and anxiety, until they could hear the marching of the enemy coming upon them. This band of ordinary men had decided that they would defy the British troops that so greatly outnumbered them, defy their God given king and be damned if they would be disarmed of their weapons. When finally faced by the British they were told to disperse and disarm or face the consequences. The men themselves held rank and appeared ready for battle; their battle line did not waver and they awaited the command to fire. Capt. Parker, however, was a good leader and had no suicide mission in mind for the men under his care. He knew that they faced annihilation in full confrontation with the British force and gave them the order to disperse. He also gave them the order to retain their weapons and the order was followed to the man without a single weapon being laid down. Somewhere in the following confusion a shot was fired and then numerous shots were exchanged, with the patriot militia falling back and scrambling for cover as they fired. It was not a large battle, but the shot that started it fell into legend and became the shot heard round the world. But it wasn’t the shot itself that mattered; it was the men who stood that long night in utter and stark defiance of the King and his army who mattered. Those men who would stand to wait and fight and die for liberty are the ones who mattered. Their ideals as men, as patriots, as Americans are what inspired those who followed to fight on. Their lofty idea, that they would remain free men or die defending their liberty travelled through the colonies faster than the sound of the gunshot. That handful of men, ordinary men; fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, craftsmen, laborers and farmers inspired a generation to war and victory. Now it would seem that we have the Brits marching again on Lexington, their boot steps echoing through history. But this time they are Brits in spirit and intent only, as their goal is the same though they wear a different uniform. The armed citizenry of Connecticut have decided that they are going to make their stand against the tyranny of their own Govt. They have decided that they will not be disarmed, or forced to register their weapons by the state. They have now been declared criminals, by the hundreds of thousands, as were the leaders of the revolution. It is ironic that the very same state that harbored the fugitive fathers or our own rebellion would become the tyrannical British. Their citizens though, have decided to make their stand, their Lexington green, and now dare the authorities to make good on their laws and raid their homes for their “Unregistered” weapons. Just like the first time though, this is not just about them. This is not just about some tired and nervous men waiting for a SWAT team to show up and end the life that they have. This is not just about some brave men who have chosen to make a stand and wait, exhausted, through the long dark night. This is about all of our liberties and freedom; yours and mine and theirs. This isn’t about Connecticut; this is about our natural rights that have been bestowed upon us by our creator. This is about the right to defend yourself against harm, crime and tyranny itself. This is the right to eat and the right to live and the right to fight if threatened. These are all of rights at stake, as they are under assault nationwide. A right lost in one place will soon be lost in another and never regained. There are men mustering again on the green. I am sure that they are frightened for they are risking all that they have. I am sure that they have uncertainty for they are facing prison and the loss of their families. But they are standing, and proudly, upon that hallowed ground awaiting the sound of marching troops, awaiting their fate…. In utter defiance. When that first shot that is fired, that surely will echo as loudly as the original, will you heed it? Will you let them stand on their own? When the first of the patriot blood is spilled, will you stay home? Do you have more important things to do? Ask yourself this; When the muster is called will you be willing to wait the night out on that green? Are you willing at all cost to have liberty? I can only hope that the answer is “I will be the first one there”. I certainly know where I will be.



Got clan? Updated militia finder from militia.net III%


Need to find a local militia? This site is fairly comprehensive in it’s links to local militias. All the links I tried were live and the sites active. Listing covers most if not all states.