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Epic fail! Poor, poor Hillary

Hillary Campaign Totally Ignored Dire Warnings From Michigan Ground Team

“The Hillary Clinton campaign repeatedly dismissed the concerns of its own operatives on the ground in Michigan, belittling their work and ignoring warnings that she might lose the state.

The staffers based at headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, explicitly ordered operatives in Michigan not to build a voter turnout tracking system, saying they didn’t care about those numbers because their own data showed her winning by 5 points. Perhaps more importantly, they dismissed in-person voter outreach efforts and distributing literature as a waste of time, and discouraged the collection of information from what contact volunteers did make with voters.”

““Operatives watched packets of real-time voter information piled up in bins at the coordinated campaign headquarters. The sheets were updated only when they got ripped, or soaked with coffee. Existing packets with notes from the volunteers, including highlighting how much Trump inclination there was among some of the white male union members the Clinton campaign was sure would be with her, were tossed in the garbage,” Politico reports.”

Clinton’s arrogant mindset apparently caused the campaign to miss key voter trends, such as the loss of white union members to Donald Trump in states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania. On the morning of Election Day, the campaign was so confident of a Clinton victory, staffers began drinking in the afternoon and making phone calls to potential transition team picks.


Arrogant POS

Good for me though

With Hillary in, my life would have changed forever

I was not and am not willing to abide HRC

So if I gloat a little hard

It’s for good reason

Afghanistan War Hero Stripped of Silver Star after criticizing U.S. strategy

“Under heavy fire, Golsteyn, as Dan Lamothe of the Washington Post summarized this week, “ran about 150 meters to the trapped MRAP to retrieve a powerful 84mm Carl Gustav recoilless rifle, an anti-tank weapon. While moving under gunfire, he coordinated a medical evacuation for the wounded Afghan soldier and then opened fire with the Carl Gustav.”

Running through the open despite the fact that the Taliban had successfully pinned down the rest of his men, Golsteyn looked like he “was alone fighting 30 enemy fighters out in the poppy fields.” He then coordinated airstrikes from F/A-18 Hornets and a drone, silencing the enemy. The battle lasted four hours.

For his actions, Golsteyn was awarded the Silver Star, and was told that the medal would likely be upgraded to the Distinguished Service Cross (the Army’s equivalent of the Navy Cross, and second only to the Medal of Honor) after review by the Secretary of the Army. I can confirm that this was true because I was present at the ceremony where Golsteyn received his Silver Star, and personally overheard Lieutenant General John Mulholland, then the commander of the Army’s Special Operation’s Command, say that an upgrade was under consideration.”


Pretty scummy piece of work. No wonder the military poll numbers are so low. They will not be happy until they have driven all of the God and country guys out and will have a force composed of ammoral low lifes that will do their bidding.

Big gay military readies to get Bradley Manning a sex change


Just when you think it can’t get any better.   The Pentagon is looking to transfer Bradley Manning to a private prison so he can undergo “Gender treatment” even though a Tranny can’t be in the military.  This coming on the heels of the announcement that they need to re-think their policy on Trannys serving in the military.   It seems that they won’t stop until they have driven all the God and country guys out of service.  Just like Hitlers inner circle and brown shirts, the .Mil will be filled with miscreants , perverts , sadists and psychopaths. They can’t have a military full of people with morals and standards if they plan to accomplish what they want.    I swear that the first time I see a 6′ 3″  “woman” defiling the uniform a will put a round into it myself.     Did I tell you that I am still one handed, P.O.d at the fact that I am, and have all  the sense of humor of a wet cat this morning? Enough said.

Muslim cleric damns bodies of dead US servicemen (Warning: Graphic language)


Absolutely unbelievable. I cannot believe that our military still functions under this piece of shit president and administration.  But, since the article still uses the word “Alleges” I will have to stop swearing until it is fully sourced.   If this is in fact truth, I believe that this will be the one that actually makes my head explode.     UPDATE BELOW:

Here is a link to the video with translation from the D.C.  http://dailycaller.com/2013/05/09/families-say-muslim-cleric-disparaged-dead-navy-seals-at-their-own-funeral/

Let the swearing resume: These fuckbags in this administration actually think that this is going to fucking slide? This is one step too far. Obama talks about red lines and he has crossed one here; Both he and the brass .    These men took  an oath to our nation and then died for it  and their repayment is desecration?  This goes so far past outrageous that words cannot describe it.   If this is not enough to get people off their lazy and fucking complacent asses and into the streets , I don’t know if anything will do it.  This will not end until we end it. This will not go away until we take action. They will not be held responsible unless we hold them responsible.  Do you get the picture?  Unless we are willing to turn out en masse and threaten to tear their fucking palaces down stone by stone they will continue do do as they please.    That is all for the moment because blood is starting to squirt out of my eyes….