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Authentic Homemade Tex Mex Chicken Enchiladas

I made this last night and it went directly into the freezer. I also made the red sauce for eggplant Parmesan (Heavy on the Italian sausage and red wine). Tonight will be beef stock for Beef  bourguignon made with red wine ,beef short ribs, beef shanks and chuck. Saturday is going to be a smoker day with a giant slab of ribs and chicken thighs along with bacon wrapped dates. Sunday is going to be a large chuck roast, topped with sliced onions, 1 can diced tomatoes and two teaspoons of beef bullion stock then sprinkled with garlic and cumin. After slow cooking at 300 degrees, it will be torn up for fajitas.  Momma’s gonna’ eat good when she gets out.

Enchilada sauce

6-Oz. Dried Ancho Chili peppers

3-Oz. Dried Guajillo peppers

3- Oz.- Dried New Mexico Chili peppers (Also called California)

3- tablespoons tomato paste

Chicken filling

5- Chicken Quarters (Leg and thigh)

1- Quart Chicken broth

1-Tbls. salt

1- Bulb of  Garlic peeled and minced (At least 10 cloves)

2- Medium Onions finely chopped

2-4 Oz. cans of diced green chilies

1 1/2 Lbs. Chihuahua cheese , shredded (Colby/Jack or Mexican blend can be substituted)

Large package of yellow corn tortillas or a bag of Masa to make your own

This is a mild recipe with very little heat. Normally I would add a big handful of Arbol chilies to put some smoke to it.

In a large pot add the Broth , garlic, onions, chilies and chicken and salt. Add enough water to just cover the chicken.

Boil on low heat for an hour then remove chicken to another pan. Remove onions and chilies with a straining spoon and set aside. Skim off the fat from the top of the stock and discard.

Prepare the dried chilies by cutting the tops off, opening them length wise (I use scissors) and removing the seeds. Make sure your exhaust fan is on and your windows are open then add the chilies to the Chicken stock.

Boil the Chilies for 1 hour 45 Min. in a pot with a tight fitting lid ,stirring occasionally to help break them down. When the chilies are done boiling stir vigorously to help remove any remaining flesh and then strain the mix into another large pot.

Use a large plastic or wooden spoon to force the moisture and some of the flesh through the strainer.Once that is done slowly add 3 cups of water into your strained peppers and stir. Force  this moisture through also with the spoon.

After the mix is strained, rinse your original pot and slowly pour it back into it. Chili peppers ALWAYS come with sand and you will try to leave it in the pot you strained into. Once in the pot, reheat and add the tomato paste. If too much water boiled away another cup or 2 can be added. If you make it too thin, a shot of corn starch and an extra Tbls. of tomato paste will thicken it.

While the sauce is cooking, use 2 forks to remove the chicken from the bone and shred it. I kind of shred it as I remove it using one fork to hold the quarter and pull at it with the other. It can be done in a food processor to save time, but be very careful not to over do it.

Not enough makes it chunky and it will not absorb sauce; too much makes it mushy and the consistency does not sit well on the palette.

After the chicken is shredded add the green chilies and onions back in. Add enchilada sauce into the mix, stirring vigorously until the chicken is very moist. Bring chicken mixture and sauce up to temperature at this point. Both should be hot for the assembly procedure.

Fry corn tortillas about 1 1/2 seconds or until limp in a skillet. Remove from oil and drain on plate or platter with paper towels. Lay each tortilla out one at a time in a fair sized glass baking dish and spoon filling in and top with shredded cheese. Use just enough filling and cheese to still be able to roll it and set it fold side down. As you roll them, push them together tightly in the pan.

Once all of the enchiladas are rolled, top with remaining cheese and pour sauce over the whole pan. The sauce should entirely cover all of the enchiladas and pool up a little in the corners.

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 350 for 2o Min. (Provided that you mixed everything warm ,bordering on hot) and be careful not to over cook. You can tell when it is about done because you can see the stuff boiling through the side of the pan.

When done remove from heat and let stand about 5 Min. before serving.