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Please help Trixie survive poisoning


If you are a dog lover then you know that Trixie is more than a pet to her person

I can personally vouch for the people involved and will be throwing something their way myself

In my time of need they did the same for me

If you can help out please do

“My beloved 3 year old rescued pit mix, Trixie, got into a bottle of ibuprofen last Sunday afternoon when we were grocery shopping. She’s the type of girl to chew slippers and remotes, and seasonally the Christmas tree, but never anything like this. We came home to pinkish vomit at the door, and when I went looking for what she might have been eating I saw the chewed open bottle and pills scattered everywhere and knew we had to act fast. The animal poison control line said 4-6 pills is a potentially fatal dose for a dog her size. She ate over 100 pills.
The ride to the emergency vet was the most afraid I have ever felt in my life, we could see her slipping away. The ER vets began treatment immediately. While they were saving her life, we were taken into a room to talk about how to cover her treatment. They estimated treatment would range from 2- 3,000 dollars. I instantly started sobbing even harder, I work at a coffee shop. That’s more than what I paid for my car, I do not make that kind of money.
Without even blinking, I applied for the care credit card and was approved for $3,400. No way I was going to give up on Trixie because of money, my boyfriend and I don’t have human children, our dogs are our whole world.
Anyone who has ever known a pit bull knows how resilient they are, against the odds Trixie’s kidney function started showing signs of improvement late Tuesday night.
They had her on 4x the normal amount of administed fluids to keep flushing her kidneys of the poison. ”

Go fund me here: https://www.gofundme.com/help-trixie-survive-kidney-damage



Kiss me now


Kiss me now like it is the last time
For tomorrow only brings sorrow
Kiss me now
And hold me
While warm love is still on my lips
Warm breath still in my body
Kiss me now
While I still have life
For some time tomorrow
I will be cold

The kindness of strangers

The kindness of strangers
Has kept me going
Amidst death and pain
So much kindness has been sent my way
My heart though broken and rent
Is touched by so many
So far away
So many I don’t even know their name
But I do know their kindness of thought
And deed
Thank you
For without all of you
My heart would bleed
Until I died



Lies in the hospital room II

It was fucking terrible
Probably the worst thing I’ve had to do in my life
I couldn’t look at her
The life drained from her young face
Killed by life
By child molesters
By her whore of a mother
She looked at me and smiled
Asked me if I would come back and see her when she was better
But I knew that there was no better
There was no later
I had to leave the room
And let hot tears pour onto the cold and sterile tile
Before I could answer
I lied
I lied
I smiled and kissed her goodbye
Knowing that it would be final
And said goodbye

Yeah, I know I am a downer. This whole deal has just brought back my niece Amber to me from 2014

It’s been a hard couple of years

But hey, A reader actually requested some poetic writing.

It’s therapy, so screw you



If you have not seen the post previous to this, Please go to it.



I won’t hold her

I won’t hold her

I won’t bind her to this earth

Not after losing the second one

Not after losing her baby

I won’t force her to stay

Not by promise or time

Or love or sacred vow

There is only so much

A human heart can take

Before it bleeds and breaks

When this one goes

I think that I I will have say goodbye

To all that I love

I won’t hold her



A woman scorned

I am not going to name names, but this is a true story and happened very recently. The couple in question have been married for close to 20 Yrs. and have been together since childhood.

The man in the relationship decides that he has had enough of family life and the wife and decides to tell her to pretty much fuck off and die, along with the kids who are around 18.

Now here comes the problem. After knowing someone that long and then screwing them over, should you really use their tablet to log into your email?

Short answer no, especially if your email is full of men seeking men ads and videos of you jacking off while fantasizing out loud about giving messy bl@w jobs.

Seriously, this is from friends of friends this past weekend. She found out that he was having men come over while she was at her high dollar job and doing the nasty. After she hacked his email she changed the password and locked him out so he can’t delete anything

Now the soon to be ex wife has these videos and is showing them to anyone who will watch. Anyone who won’t watch she will let them listen to the audio because the person n question has a very distinct voice and southern drawl.

And it gets worse (Or better depending on who you are)

She is going around to the local bars and randomly showing the vids and his picture to patrons and bartenders

And yes he has now threatened to kill her, but she is packing heat and about as ready for a confrontation as a women can be

Yep, a woman scorned

Don’t ever let her get into your email if you do stuff like that.

The blue shed

She caught him out in the shed
Like a thief
Stealing a moment of pain
Wracked by sobs and pouring out tears
Over small and faded pink canvas shoes
The shoes had supplanted his purpose
Sapped his intent
They made his tools indifferent
And uncaring
Turned them into nothing more
Than rusting steel and hanging shapes
Outlined on musty pegboard
That meant nothing
Nothing at all
Until her small and gentle hands touched him
And in shame
He dried his eyes
And put the shoes away
Back in their box on the shelf
And became a man again
Lived again
And worked again
In his shed full of tools


I wield my words viciously

Like a knife

I slash at her

As I rape her

Hold her down and penetrate her

Blood showers from my blade

As I overwhelm her

But slowly my ravishes

Thrust after thrust

Turn into love

And I wonder

What have I done?

A little explanation on this one.  It was written about a year and a half ago after a particularly vicious fight with my my wife. As most married people know, it is easier sometimes to hurt the one you love the most and know the best.

You know how it is; you know all of their triggers and weak spots. I am not normally a cruel person nor is my wife ,but in this instance, I started throwing low blows while we were going at it. Immediately , I regretted it because I could see that I had deeply hurt her and she is the last person that I want to do that to.

So, there it is. Yeah, I was really an asshole that night.

Broken heart

She melds into the the soft sheets
Her milky white skin
Hot and smooth
Beneath my rough palm
A touch goodbye
That lingers like a kiss
Her words come back to me
As my caress glides over her
I taste her lips
And hot salty tears
And feel her fall into me
As she tells me the news
She is still so young and beautiful
And vibrant
That I almost can’t believe it
But I have to
I can see it in her eyes
Her beautiful brown eyes
Say it all
And I just wish it was a lie
A filthy lie
Told only to hurt me
To tear the world out
from beneath my feet
To stab my heart
Until it bleeds
And cut me open
Like a knife
But it’s not
For all my wishing
It’s true
And now I touch her
On my way out the door
As she sleeps in soft comfort
So warm and peaceful and beautiful
And I don’t want to leave

The Gods are never fools- A love story in 3 parts

Part I.    Fate
It must have been sweet fate
That made us paint the pictures
That we did
Crimson brush strokes
Made self portraits
Crudely drawn in spatters and pools
That were soaked up
And washed away
Along with us
Along with our lives
Discarded in a bucket
And poured down the drain

Part II.  Bird cage

But you? A broken bird in a cage
So beautiful and fragile
Yet so strong
And still able to laugh
And I couldn’t stop making you laugh
Because your laughter
Was the only thing
That could make me smile
And there I was
In that rusty cage with you
And we were not broken anymore
When we were together
We were new and washed clean
Our sacrifices on the altars
By the sweet Gods of fate

Part III.  Catch and release

How can despair smile?
How can it glow when it sees you?
But the glow soon fades
When you leave the room
And so I am a stalker
Following you down
Those cold hallways
Room to room
To make you laugh until we become 12 again
And peel off our bandages
And run
And let our wounds become scars
And fly from that rusty cage
For so many miles
And so many years
That it becomes nothing
But a memory
But I knew from the moment I saw you
That it was sweet fate
And we would fly away together


To the love of my life. Only death will end my love for you and if there is a beyond I will find you even there.

Poems of love

Her kiss

Spoken softly

Onto my lips

Recites me poems of love

Wild with passion

Told to my tongue

And I listen

And listen


The scent of the pollen allured her, hanging in the still air of the morning. She would stop in her travel and visit each flower that she found. The precious nectar oozed from deep within the petals and she would thirstily drink at each one. She would gently land in the scented shade of each blossom and coax the precious nourishment from it. She never gorged, but rather drank from each flower what it was willing to give. Some were full and over ripe and bursting with the honeyed juice. Others had a smaller treasure, but she would drink lovingly of their gift leaving them an offering of pollen as a thanks. Her small, delicate tongue would gently lick and probe the recesses of the flower hunting the sweetness inside. The pollen on her coat would touch with the very deepest innards of the bloom and enter its very core. Her gift, as she suckled each part, was imparted into the scented womb of the softly petaled blossom. Each flower awaited her coming and spread wide it’s scented opening for her to enter. Their swollen pistils would be gorged with the potential for life and their gently glistening stamens would tempt her to feed on their sticky juices. The soft buzzing of her wings caressed the delicate parts of the fragrant blooms with a gentle breeze as she drank her sustenance. She sheltered in the colored shade of petals, hung round her like colored sheets, as she took what each one had to offer. When she was done she would move on to the next, slowly and deliberately milking the juice of life from each one. Every flower needed her and each one did what it could to tempt her in. Some threw heavy fragrance into the air so she could catch their scent while others bared their large and swollen glands so she could see their abundance. She traveled from bloom to bloom, sometimes enticed by the shaded shelter, and other times the sight of glistening pollen. But she fed on each one, large and small, and in each one she left her gift. The pollen that she carried would be imparted on each erect stamen as she fed. The glistening end of the shaft was soft and sticky and waiting for the pollen that would carry on its life. While she fed each day, there was a gardener who tended to her plants. He took gentle care of them, weeding and pruning and tending to their needs. The flowers that she fed on were his future sustenance and he tended her as well. He would follow her sometimes through his garden and watch as she gently buzzed from plant to plant. She was used to his watchful eyes as he watched her drink from each bloom. He knew that his crop depended on her and he would peer into the bedding of petals as she caressed the sweetness from each one with her tongue. Her long tongue would probe deep into the recesses of the fragrant flower and find every drop of nectar. The gardener watched as she carried on the cycle of life for him and would wait for days to see the swollen fruits of her labor burgeoning from his plants. When she left each flower satisfied with their delicious treat, she would fly off to the next, not knowing that a seed would be swelling in the gorged pistil that she just left. And so it went as the bee buzzed her life away every day. The gardener would be there among his carefully tended crops, watching and waiting as she moved among the flowers. His gaze would follow her as she traveled through the foliage and landed amongst the blooms. Every day he would watch as she coaxed the sweet nectar from each one and left her gift in return.

Rape (Somewhat Graphic)

I wield my words viciously

Like a knife

I slash at her

As I rape her

Hold her down and penetrate her

Blood showers from my blade

As I overwhelm her

But slowly my ravishes

Thrust after thrust

Turn into love

And I wonder

What have I done?


(No, I am not talking about rape, in case someone doesn’t get it and wants to string me up.)



Wanton lust

The taste of her skin

will not leave my mouth

Her musky scent

will not

let me rest

I cannot function


having her

Her nipples


wet Goddesses

between my lips

I pray to her

sucking softly

and give myself

to her

I sacrifice

at her altar

Asking for

her pleasure


I have been neglecting everything for the past 3 weeks; My business, my house, my blog. Everything that is but my wife; I have been acting like I am 16 with a new love, up every night until the dark hours of morning. I am exhausted and in a daze all day, thinking of her; Maybe I am cracking from the stress.   Either way; Damn the torpedoes, it feels good to be 16…

Golden child

My golden child
in the sun

My child of my
heart and dreams

From faraway fields
of time gone by

I see you
in misted
moments of memory

stepping over stones
in the warm meadow

Then running to me
with open arms


Glowing waves

of grey and white

iridescent clouds

wash softly

against the pale shores

of the night sky

They lap against

the shining moon

But it is a beauty

I can’t enjoy

My love, my love

is not at my side

The beauty is lost on me alone

I am lost as me alone.

She sleeps

As the night does beautiful things

She sleeps

While I wonder

What would I ever do

without her?

All the beautiful things of the world

are lost

on me alone

Tomorrow I think

We will watch the sunset

and the moon rise

Tomorrow, tomorrow