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Wanton lust

The taste of her skin

will not leave my mouth

Her musky scent

will not

let me rest

I cannot function


having her

Her nipples


wet Goddesses

between my lips

I pray to her

sucking softly

and give myself

to her

I sacrifice

at her altar

Asking for

her pleasure


I have been neglecting everything for the past 3 weeks; My business, my house, my blog. Everything that is but my wife; I have been acting like I am 16 with a new love, up every night until the dark hours of morning. I am exhausted and in a daze all day, thinking of her; Maybe I am cracking from the stress.   Either way; Damn the torpedoes, it feels good to be 16…


She is my drug,

My addiction

She courses through my veins

I consume her

All night long

And forget all around me

I awake

And all I can think of,

Is her

I partake of her love,

I am a slave to it

Her passion,

Her scent

Consumes my thoughts

My passion drives her needle deeper

She punctures my vein

I am flooded with pleasure

She is my drug

She courses through my blood

All I want is her

She is my love

And my addiction

I cannot stop

I will imbibe

Until I die

Love in the fading night

I await

the awakening

of my love

She slumbers

in undreamed sleep

Held between

dark  and morn

The last bonds

of  night

still hold her




Fading with the dawn

In the shadowed twilight

I wait

to see her stir