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Benghazi Whistleblowers with Info Devastating to Clinton and Obama


From the outset there were rumors that Ambassador Stevens was involved in some type of arms dealing in Libya. It was also rumored that General Ham Carter attempted to send assets into Benghazi and was threatened with arrest if he did not stand down.    On both of these subjects we have gone from rumor to hearsay. If there is in fact truth to these, it will be enough to bring this corrupt administration to it’s knees.    I will withhold further comment until these are sourced and proven true or otherwise.

The corruption of the Obama administration finally boils over

The foul stench of this onerous administration has finally begun to permeate into the general population. While the media still attempts damage control for the administration, it has come to the point that they must admit that something is going on or lose their last vestige of credibility .    Right now they are  trying to spin the AP story into a justified intrusion for national security reasons even while writing a joint letter of complaint to the DOJ. Libya is being spun as a political witch hunt while they call for the release of all the emails involved.  NBC news ran a story yesterday about how overworked and understaffed the IRS was in an attempt to soften the TEA party story, but I believe that one is runaway.     The bottom line here, is that this administration is so corrupt , from the top to the bottom , that eventually what they are doing will have to come out. The only problem I see  is that I don’t think the Republicans will be able to do anything about it. In the past it was expected that when congress asked or subpenaed information that it would be provided.  I am sure that this collection of liars, crooks and usurpers have no intention of giving up any incriminating information. They will instead stonewall, lie and destroy anything that points back to them.    The level of corruption in this government rises to the point of illegitimacy. They have thrown off the rule of law and are actively undermining the constitution. They have entrenched themselves in all the position of power and bureaucracy and are “Fundamentally transforming” our nation.     I honestly don’t see them letting go. The only end that I see is for them to be forcibly removed from power sometime in the near future , either at the orders of Congress or by the people.    

Complete Benghazi timeline in spreadsheet form.


Absolutely amazing that these POS have walked on this so far. They should be dragged, not thrown, from office.

How ambassodor Stevens may have been linked to arms dealing, arming Syrian rebels.


This is old news , but pertinent to the hearings today.  This whole thing stinks to high heaven and my personal opinion is that he was hung out to dry to shut him down. Obama has done everything in his power to back Shia insurgencies, but nothing for Sunni’s.  In  Iran, Egypt, Syria, Yemen , Libya,  intervention falls on the side of Shiites every time.  I think that Stevens was running an operation that had been set up by the military or the CIA without direct approval from the white house and a Sunni uprising was being backed.   I say this bearing in mind the amount of Generals that have been turned over following the fiasco (Link below)