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Obamacare for life

Low down, lying,skulking pieces of shit

Never in my life will I vote for for a rat bastard that has an “R” in front of their name

You are the party of Obama and Obamacare

Not one penny, one voice of support, one vote


Treasonous fucking liars

All they do there is lie and enrich themselves at our expense

Forty some odd votes against Obamacare until it matters

….Then Fuck you

Well Fuck you right back you Rat Bastards

I’m out

WASHINGTON (AP) — “Obamacare” lives on.

“Senate Republicans, short of votes, abandoned their latest and possibly final attempt to kill the health care law Tuesday, just ahead of a critical end-of-the-week deadline.

The repeal-and-replace bill’s authors promised to try again at a later date, while President Donald Trump railed against “certain so-called Republicans” who opposed the GOP effort. But for now, Trump and fellow Republicans who vowed for seven years to abolish President Barack Obama’s law will leave it standing and turn their attention to overhauling the nation’s tax code instead.

The GOP’s predicament was summed up bluntly by Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, a lead author of the legislation: “Through events that are under our control and not under our control, we don’t have the votes.”

“Am I disappointed? Absolutely,” he said after a GOP lunch attended by Vice President Mike Pence.

Standing alongside Cassidy, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said: “We haven’t given up on changing the American health care system. We are not going to be able to do that this week, but it still lies ahead of us.”


Cash hungry municipalities using ordinances for revenue

“PAGEDALE Mo. Drive through this working-class suburb filled with 1950s cottages and you will see many edged and weeded lawns. You’ll also notice orange sticky notes on the doors — at least one or two per street in many parts of town.

They are warnings the city gives to residents who violate local ordinances. And in this community of 3,304 residents, the list of what earns a ticket and fine is long.

Among the things that will be “closely monitored” through the spring and summer, according to a newsletter that recently went out to residents:

Pants worn too low or grass grown too high. Children riding bikes without helmets. Barbecue pits or toys in front yards. Basketball hoops in the streets.

There’s no loitering — described in city code as “the concept of spending time idly” or “the colloquial expression ‘hanging around.’” And, despite a citywide 20 mph speed limit, there’s no playing or walking in the street.

Faye Millet, one of the aldermen who wrote the newsletter, said the ordinances are aimed at safety and quality of life. Pagedale is in the midst of a massive redevelopment effort, aimed at drawing businesses to its main corridors and restoring a population that has fallen off since the 1960s.

“Even I have a letter from the city saying I have to do certain things to my property,” she said, pointing out that nobody wants to be surrounded by derelict homes.

But there’s more to the story.

Pagedale handed out 2,255 citations for these types of offenses last year — or nearly two per household. That’s a nearly 500 percent increase from five years ago, according to an analysis of state court data by the Post-Dispatch.

And yet none of the fines and fees from these offenses count under the Macks Creek Law. The law is the state’s one tool for keeping cash-hungry municipalities from relying too much on court fines for revenue.

But it has a major blind spot: Its revenue limits apply only to traffic cases.

Cities and villages have no restrictions on raising revenue from other types of tickets.”


They had better watch it. There was a town here in Florida that was so corrupt and cash hungry that the citizens dis-banded it.

They fired every single cop and elected official and most of them have been charged with financial crimes.

It may not work on the large scale, but on a small town level, we the people are still pretty effective.

“Cop watchers armed with smartphones are not only catching police misconduct — they’re catching cops lying about the misconduct, officials said Thursday.

More and more cops are giving false statements in official documents or when questioned about their misbehavior, the city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board said.

The NYPD watchdog group determined that 26 cops made false statements either to the CCRB or in their paperwork last year — double the amount of officers found fudging reports the year before — according to their 2014 report.

Many of the bogus statements were debunked by video evidence collected at the scene of the incident, according to CCRB chair Richard Emery, who was not surprised by the uptick of cops caught in lies.”

“In one incident, a cop accused of misconduct during a stop-and-frisk claimed he never rifled through a man’s pockets, but video surveillance inside the building showed he did.

But even when confronted with the video, the cop denied the allegation.

“(The civilian) can say whatever he wants, that’s not what happened,” the officer said at the time.

In another case, a cop accused of cursing at a civilian admitted to pulling a gun on a man, but claimed up and down that he did not remember using any profanity.

A video taken by a witness at the scene, however, proved that the officer screamed “Get that f—— s— out of here” and “Go ahead, n—–,” as he swung his hand at the man.”


Cell phone video, the cops worst nightmare.

Expect to see more people being shot because they thought their cell phone was a gun….

Seriously, you have to see this

I need to make a new category called “You can’t make this shit up”. C’mon, this is as absurd as Putin leading the investigation into the assassination of the opposition party leader.
Lois Lerner’s Hard Drive Was Searched By Legally Blind IRS Employee

“The first IT specialist to inspect the computer hard drive of former IRS exemptions director Lois Lerner was legally blind, according to an affidavit filed last year by Stephen Manning, deputy chief information officer for strategy and modernization at the IRS.”