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Records: Soros Fund Execs Funded Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John McCain, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham in 2016

“Employees of a hedge fund founded by the king of the Institutional Left, billionaire and Democratic Party mega-donor George Soros, donated tens of thousands of dollars to top Republicans who fought against President Donald Trump in 2016, donation records compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics show.

Soros Fund Management, a former hedge fund that serves now as an investment management firm, was founded by progressive billionaire George Soros in 1969. It has risen to become one of the most profitable hedge funds in the industry. Employees of the firm are heavily involved in backing political candidates giving millions upon millions to groups that were supporting failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton for the presidency.

But more importantly, perhaps, than the unsurprising giant lump sums of cash funneled into Democratic Party and Clinton coffers is the revelation thanks to the Center for Responsive Politics that employees of the Soros firm—now run by his son Robert Soros—pumped tens of thousands of dollars into the campaigns of top anti-Trump Republicans over the course of 2016.”


Anyone one else have the sneaking feeling that the shit is really going to hit the fan?

Fox busines shilling for JEB and Hillary

I was watching Fox business network this morning as they breathlessly talked about how much money Jeb and Hillary had raised so far

There was no mention of any other candidate

They went on about how Jeb’s fund raising showed how broad his support was by the republican base

This wasn’t just a few wealthy elites giving to him

These were grass roots republicans

There are no other candidates

Hillary or JEB will win

You must vote

You must obey

Put on the Damn glasses!

See the truth

We are not voting our way out of this