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Benghazi Whistleblowers with Info Devastating to Clinton and Obama


From the outset there were rumors that Ambassador Stevens was involved in some type of arms dealing in Libya. It was also rumored that General Ham Carter attempted to send assets into Benghazi and was threatened with arrest if he did not stand down.    On both of these subjects we have gone from rumor to hearsay. If there is in fact truth to these, it will be enough to bring this corrupt administration to it’s knees.    I will withhold further comment until these are sourced and proven true or otherwise.

Is this still America? Obama administration “Drunk on power”

Is it finally starting to sink in what the true aims of Chairman Zero are? Someone in DC finally asked the question that we have been asking all along; Is this still America?  This administration will not be stopped by subpenas, court orders or any normal constitutional methods that the congress may try.