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The reports of Swift’s death have been greatly exaggerated

Over the weekend news and video surfaced that the former HSV Swift, which had been leased to MSC for 10 years from 2003-2013 and is currently owned by Emirates-based UAE Marine Dredging Company but was chartered by the United Arab Emirates military for coastal transport, was sunk after a missile attack by Houthis rebels. Well, […]

via The reports of Swift’s death have been greatly exaggerated — laststandonzombieisland

Iraqi’s claim that U.S. is supporting ISIS, will not allow Obama’s 200 “Special operators” in Iraq

On the front lines of the battle against the Islamic State, suspicion of the United States runs deep. Iraqi fighters say they have all seen the videos purportedly showing U.S. helicopters airdropping weapons to the militants, and many claim they have friends and relatives who have witnessed similar instances of collusion.

Ordinary people also have seen the videos, heard the stories and reached the same conclusion — one that might seem absurd to Americans but is widely believed among Iraqis — that the United States is supporting the Islamic State for a variety of pernicious reasons that have to do with asserting U.S. control over Iraq, the wider Middle East and, perhaps, its oil.

“It is not in doubt,” said Mustafa Saadi, who says his friend saw U.S. helicopters delivering bottled water to Islamic State positions. He is a commander in one of the Shiite militias that last month helped push the militants out of the oil refinery near Baiji in northern Iraq alongside the Iraqi army.

The Islamic State is “almost finished,” he said. “They are weak. If only America would stop supporting them, we could defeat them in days.”

““There is no need for foreign ground combat troops,” he said (Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi) in a statement. “Any such support and special operations anywhere in Iraq can only be deployed subject to the approval of the Iraqi Government and in coordination with the Iraqi forces and with full respect to Iraqi sovereignty.”

Excerpted from Wash Po :https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/iraqis-think-the-us-is-in-cahoots-with-isis-and-it-is-hurting-the-war/2015/12/01/d00968ec-9243-11e5-befa-99ceebcbb272_story.html

Chairman Zero strikes out again

It is absolutely unbelievable that this feckless idiot is the commander in chief

He makes his big announcement about the “Special operators” and doesn’t tell the Iraqi’s?

What is even more disturbing is that there are enough idiots in this nation to re-elect this hapless dipshit

The damage that he is doing due to our foreign policy  is going to take decades to repair if ever




Now we’ve stepped in it: Turkey shoots down Russian fighter jet


“The Turkish military has reportedly shot down a Russian military aircraft on the border with Syria.

Russia’s defence ministry said an Su-24 had crashed on Syrian territory after being hit by fire from the ground.

But Turkish military officials said Turkish F-16s had shot down the plane after repeatedly warning its two crew they were violating Turkish airspace.

The crew ejected before the jet crashed in Latakia province, but Syrian rebels said at least one was dead.”

“Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the incident as “very serious”, but cautioned that it was too early to draw conclusions.

The Nato military alliance, to which Turkey belongs, said it was following the situation “closely” and was in contact with the Turkish authorities. There will be an “informational meeting” of ambassadors in Brussels at 16:00 GMT.”



Sorry Vlad

You shouldn’t have been egging Turkey on

Wait a minute……

Wasn’t Turkey at the heart of the entire Cuban missile crisis?


Those Ruskies couldn’t hold a grudge that long could they?

Well I am not worried

We have the worlds best community organizer at the helm

Followed up by the “Accidental diplomat”

Maybe old Lurch can accidently get Russia to solve this one too

Happy Tuesday everyone

Russians: U.S. helped strengthen both ISIS and al Qaeda

“U.S. actions in the Middle East helped Islamic State to gain influence, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said, according to Interfax.

The strengthening of Islamic State “became possible partly due to irresponsible U.S. politics” that focused on fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad instead of joining efforts to root out terrorism, Medvedev was cited as saying in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday. President Barack Obama earlier on Sunday said that Russia is facing a strategic choice as Assad can’t stay. The Obama administration declined to comment Sunday on Medvedev’s statement.

The U.S. contributed to the strengthening of al-Qaeda, which led to the events of Sept. 11, Interfax reported, citing Medvedev. The terrorist threat can only be fought jointly, he said.

Medvedev and Obama met in the Malaysian capital at the East Asia Summit that followed a week of talks and conferences in Asia dominated by the battle against terrorism. The United Nations on Friday unanimously endorsed a resolution calling for countries to take “all necessary measures” to combat Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.”


The law of unintended consequences

Be careful where you meddle

It may come back to bite you

Kind of like all the wonderful U.S. military equipment that ISIS has thanks to the Iraq military



Seriously, he could screw up a wet dream

“Since U.S. airstrikes against ISIS in Syria began on Sept. 22, there has been no coordination between the U.S. military and its alleged partners on the ground, according to FSA leaders, civilian opposition leaders, and intelligence sources who have been briefed on the U.S. and allied military operation. It’s this lack of communication that led to an airstrike that hit only 200 meters from an FSA facility in the suburbs of Idlib. One source briefed on the incident said multiple FSA fighters were killed in the attack.

“Unfortunately, there is zero coordination with the Free Syrian Army. Because there is no coordination, we are seeing civilian casualties. Because there is no coordination, they are hitting empty buildings for ISIS,” Hussam Al Marie, the spokesman for the FSA in northern Syria, told The Daily Beast. “We have been getting promises that the coordination will be coming, but we have been getting promises since the beginning of this revolution and nothing has happened yet.”

The incident, which was not been previously reported, doesn’t just highlight the gap between the U.S. and its newly-endorsed allies in the moderate opposition, however. It also shows how complicated it can be to make alliances in the multi-factioned Syrian civil war. The coalition airstrike was targeting a base used by al Nusrah, the local al Qaeda affiliate. And the camp was, essentially, next door to the FSA facility. The al Qaeda fighters and the U.S-endorsed rebels were neighbors—and, at times, partners in battle against ISIS and the Bashar al-Assad regime.

“Because there is no coordination, [the U.S.-led coalition] hit an al Nusrah base in the Idlib suburbs that is only 200 meters from the Free Syrian Army,” Al Marie said.”

They all look alike to him. What more can I say?


Why does Obama call I.S. ISIL? Hmmm….

I know that the following is just rank speculation on my part, but I think I know why he is always referring to “ISIL”.

Yes, this is evil and insidious if true. Could it be that he is trying to garner support for the caliphate by constantly reminding muslims that this is not about war in Iraq and Syria, but rather a traditional homeland that sits right in the middle of the original Islamic empire?

“Compared with ISIS, the group’s old name, and ISIL, that alternate acronym, the newest identifier — “the Islamic State” — is a key piece of propaganda for the group, especially when it comes to targeting potential terrorist recruits.

“That’s a very potent area of propaganda, because ISIS has attracted potentially thousands of foreign fighters, and none of these foreign fighters see themselves as terrorists. They see themselves as knights. They see themselves as mujahedeen. They see themselves as freedom fighters,” Blank says. “So they’re very interested in fighting for the Islamic State, and they do not regard what they are doing as in any way an act of terrorism.”  NPR

Well he couldn’t just call it the Islamic state without being called on it could he? Why would he constantly use the term that encompasses the largest geographical  area possible instead of ISIS?

I decided  many months ago that his heart lay with the Sunni’s by the sides we took in the Arab spring and the middle east in General.

Here is a list do some math:

Syria- Assad is Alawite, rebels are Sunni

Libya-Gaddafi- Former Sunni converted to Quranism, rebels are Sunni

Egypt – Mubarak- Sunni, but he committed the ultimate crime by being an ally to Israel, rebels (Muslim brotherhood) Sunni

Jordan – Abdullah II- Sunni, rebels, there are none. We help Jordan suppress political unrest

“State Department spokesman Mark Toner says the Obama administration believes King Abdullah II is on the “right track” despite the protests, “”We call on protestors to do so peacefully. We support King Abdullah II’s roadmap for reform and the aspirations of the Jordanian people to foster a more inclusive political process that will promote security, stability as well as economic development.”

So now we have started airstrikes against ISIL in a war that all of our Generals are saying we can’t win with airstrikes.

Alright , I’m done, airstrike!

Update with a reader comment. I forgot to include the fact that Israel and Palestine are part of the Levant:

From Stackz o Magz

“He does it as an insult to Israel. When he says ISIL, he is sending a message to Muslims all over the Middle East that he personally does not recognize Israel as a sovereign nation, but as territory belonging to the Islamic State.”

The historic Levant

Thought for the day

When I watch all this crap going on around us, I feel like I am watching a slow motion replay of the Kennedy assassination. …. Except we are Kennedy’s head.     

Al Qaeda on the run!!


Whats to say? No comment necessary.

Islamic state of Iraq loots $500 billion Iraqi Dinar, now has more money than the Falkland islands


The Islamic state of Iraq recently over ran Mosul, Iraq’s second city, after regular army troops fled. It wasn’t bad enough that they gained all the arms and weapons on the military base that we supplied to the Iraqi army.  After taking the city and government offices they began to loot all of the banks netting an estimated $429 million in American dollars, leaving them richer than small nations such as the Falkland islands.      If anyone thinks that this is not going to come home to roost on us, I think that they are sadly mistaken. Whether through intention or just sheer stupidity, this and the previous administration has now made an Al Qaeda affiliated group the best funded terror organization on the planet. As extremist Muslim insurgencies burn across the middle east, Africa and Asia, ISIS now has it’s hands on more money than Al Qaeda itself.    The “War on terror” is now showing itself as an abysmal failure as we prepare to abandon Afghanistan to our enemies. The entire balance of power has been shifted in the middle east after country after country has fallen to revolutions covertly supported and funded by our own government. Every major government that kept Al-Qaeda at bay is either out, or in transition except Iran.    From Libya to Syria to Afghanistan Al-Qaeda is going to have a free reign. Karzai’s government will not stand a chance  once the Taliban coupled with Al Qaeda start flooding back into the country. As each of these countries fall, more and more money is going to be channeled into terrorist groups. With this destabilization, our own government has almost made it certain that Jihad will fall on our shores.     Once they are done fighting among themselves they will be turning their eyes to us. Don’t think that for one second that they have forgotten one single Sunni death caused by America. They will now have the funding of entire countries to focus their terror on us.   Here at home that will only mean more justification for DHS and NSA to restrict our rights in the name of fighting terrorists. More surveillance, more searches and more infringements.  The gross irony here is that they have made and empowered these enemies for them to be in the position to attack us and we, not them will pay the price.       Have I said this lately? Fuck Obama. Oh yeah, and Fuck George Bush too. Man, have they really screwed us good.