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Screwed the pooch

Well I think I may have done it

If you haven’t seen what I did to my ankle go to here: https://eatgrueldog.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/zombie-foot-back-on-the-injured-list/

I am a week and a half in and it is worse instead of better

On Sunday I finished up the deck I had been working on

By the end of the day it was swollen again and had fresh bleeding into the bruising

Yesterday I paced out the spacing for a sprinkler system and all of a sudden she started to shimmy and shake

Something started to pull and burn

This morning I can hardly walk on it

Man, I hate going to doctors

I am going to try limping for another few days to a week

Seems like I have had nothing but an unending stream of injuries

I am going to start saving up for one of thoses bubbles


Zombie foot : Back on the injured list

zombie foot

This is what happens when a 16′ 2″x 6″ falls and the corner of it catches you right in the round bone that sticks out of you ankle

Yeah, it smarted

Sit back and listen to your skin grow

It has been incredible since I stopped following my doctors bad advice. Over the past week I have regrown a piece of skin the size of a nickel. It has been pretty interesting to watch, especially under magnification.(Yes, I’m a science geek)
In addition to that, something else interesting happened.
I was left with a little piece of nail about a 1/4″ long that he had sewed the skin flap to. That nail has since grown and tissue has grown all the way to the top of the nail. Where there was nothing behind that part of the nail is now starting to pink up.
In other words I have actually regrown part of my finger tip.
I know that stuff like that isn’t supposed to happen,but it did. I will now be only very mildly maimed. I have been doing TENS treatments on it, after doing a bunch research, and wonder if that has anything to do with it. In another day or two, I think I will be able to officially say that it is healed.
Now, as I said a few months ago when my other hand that I pulverized with a sledge healed, I’m back…And I’m bad.
That is until I do something else.

Trigger finger update: A timeline

At every pause, please insert the dramatic DAH-Dun from law and order

Sunday 8:00 A.M.- I climb out of bed, at peace with the world, and shuffle off for hot coffee

Sunday 1:30 P.M.- It s time to change the dressing on my finger. It has been 2 weeks and I am also going to pull the stitches.

Sunday 1:32 P.M.- Unwrapped the finger and pulled the first stitch. Wound opened up immediately and clear fluid came out. Looked at my finger and got pissed off. No blood, no pink, just pale. Looks like I ‘m screwed and my finger is going to rot off.

Sunday 1:35 P.M.- Inform the wife that my finger is going to rot off and I am going to the E.R. Get more pissed off and drive to the drug store for bandages.

Sunday 1:45 P.M.- Come home and re-bandage the finger. Get more pissed off, drive to the store and get a pack of smokes. I already have 2 so I don’t need more, but for some reason driving places makes me feel better.

Sunday 1:55 P.M.- Decide to go to the E.R. which is in another town about 15 miles away.

Sunday 1:57 P.M.- Get in the car with the wife. She is pissed off because she has been after me for a week to go to a doctor and now my finger is going to rot off and she has to sit in the E.R. for 12 Hrs. while they cut more of my finger off.

Sunday 2:20 P.M.- We arrive at the E.R.. I am pissed because we are at the E.R.. A fight ensues in the parking lot. I tell her to take my happy ass home because I am not going in. She insists that I am. Like hell. She sees that I am going to bail from the vehicle and floors it….Too late!

Sunday 2:21 P.M. – I’m free

Sunday 2:22 P.M.- I’m walking home. I’m so pissed off that I barely feel the piece of broken glass that’s been in my foot for 3 weeks or the throbbing of my finger.

Sunday 3:40 P.M.- I managed to make 5 miles. I duck into a store to get some OJ and run into a guy that I do business with. He gives me a lift all the way home. I like him.He is a good guy.

Sunday 3:55 P.M.- Home sweet home. I’m locked out. I left the keys in the truck when I bailed. No problem. There’s a shovel in the pack of my pick up. Pry open a window and climb through.

Sunday 3:57- Home sweet home.

Sunday 3:58 P.M.- While knowing that booze will not help my finger, I also know that it won’t hurt it. Pour a drink. Wife comes home. We don’t even fight about it. The only person in the world more bull headed than her is myself.

Monday 10:00 A.M- Wife shows up at work. Doctor time.

Monday 11:30- A.M. Doctor is looking at my finger. He is totally unimpressed. He doesn’t even give me the “You poor bastard look” He says it’s fine, pulls the stitches and re-ups the anti-biotic scrip. Doesn’t look or feel healed, but his lack of concern makes me feel better.

Tuesday 12:00 P.M.- Time to change the dressing. Maybe this will be the last time. I am greeted by shock and horror. What was dry and maybe healing is now mush. The skin flap that was stitched over it is gone. I won’t finish with the description, suffice it to say that it was not what I wanted to see.

Tuesday 12:01- P.M Panic!

Tuesday 12:02 -P.M. Stop panicking. Decide to bandage it so it will get air and dry out.

Tuesday 12:03-P.M. Panic! One of those stories that Dad told me about gas gangrene just popped into my head. Plus, someone I know just died a few weeks ago from flesh eating bacteria. Flesh eating Bacteria! Panic!

Tuesday 12:04 P.M.- Stop panicking. Time to go back to work.

Tuesday 6:00 P.M.- Unwrap the finger and look at it. It is dry now and looks much less gruesome than it did.

Tuesday 11:oo P.M.- Pour a drink so I won’t think about my finger and turn in for the night.

Wednesday 7:00 A.M- Wake up, think about my finger then head for hot coffee.

Wednesday 10:15 A.M- Stop work for a while so I can write a story about my finger.

Wednesday 10:45 A.M.- Wonder how many of my readers have died from boredom while reading about my finger.

Cheer the hell up….

My wife always manages to cheer me up no matter what the circumstance. After my Aw shit moment on Saturday night, when I took the top half inch of my trigger finger off, we decided that a trip to the ER was in order.

We got into the back pretty quickly, but after that it was a 2 hour wait for the doctor to do anything. When he finally came in, he pulled the bandage off and examined the finger then put an order in with the nurse.

One of the things that he ordered was a bone chipper from the O.R. because, as he explained, he would have to crush the bone with the chipper and remove it. Apparently the bone can’t be too close to the surface and has to be below a certain amount of tissue to heal.

So here I am on a little stretcher/bed with my elbow on the treatment table pointing up at the ceiling with my bloody finger, waiting for the nurse to arrive with the bone chipper. I think that my wife could tell by the look on my face that I was really looking forward to this Dr. crushing and then removing the bone from my fingertip.

So she leans over and kisses me on the cheek and points at my finger which now has a perfectly flat top “Do you know what the upside to that is?” she asked. I shook my head to the negative. “Well, now you can balance a dinner plate on your finger”

She almost dropped me, the doctor and the nurse on the floor laughing. Can’t argue with humor like that.

(BTW the ER nurse actually had to leave the room when he did the bone. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that option)


7 weeks in and still screwed

7 weeks in and still screwed

Got it released from bondage on Monday. Looks like I still have some weeks of healing and physical therapy. Kids DO NOT do this at home! It is hard to talk all like a tough guy when you can’t even cut your own food. I have broken most of what I own; neck, back, hip , pelvis , knees, arm etc. Let me tell you what this little SOB is right up there with them for lifestyle modification. The hand is almost completely locked up. You can’t tell from the picture, but I am actually giving you the finger.