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Seriously, Only in California (Swearing alert)

“HUNTINGTON PARK (CBSLA.com) — Huntington Park became the first city in California to appoint two undocumented immigrants as commissioners on city advisory boards, a lawmaker confirms.

City Councilman Jhonny Pineda has picked Francisco Medina to join the health and education commission and Julian Zatarain for the parks and recreation commission.

The 32-year-old lawmaker told CBSLA online producer Deborah Meron that he promised voters while running for office that he would create more opportunities for undocumented residents.

“Huntington Park is a city of opportunity and a city of hope for all individuals regardless of socioeconomic status, race, creed, or in this case, citizenship,” the councilman said in a statement. “Both these gentlemen have accomplished a great deal for the city. For that, on behalf of the city council, mayor, and our city, I want to say thank you to them both and I am confident they will do an excellent job on their commission posts.”


What a fucking upside down, topsy turvy world we live in

Fucking illegal aliens on the city council?

“The 32-year-old lawmaker told CBSL”


There is no longer any rule of law

I absolutely can’t believe the piece of shit state that our nation is in

I guess the only thing that I have left to do is to figure out how to use this to our advantage

Illegals on the city council

That’s how far gone we are