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You mean cleaned it, like with a Tide pod?


Whine some more Hillary

“When I die, you need to pick up my gun and keep fighting,”

Chris Stevens to Scott Wickland, the security agent assigned to the Annex.


Just do it

What’s in a rumor? Chinese man made secret “Insurance tape” to avoid the Clinton “Kill mill”

“A Chinese-American businessman at the center of a Clinton campaign finance scandal secretly filmed a tell-all video as an ‘insurance policy’ – because he feared being murdered.

In footage provided exclusively to DailyMail.com, Johnny Chung spills details on how he illegally funneled money from Chinese officials to Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election bid.

The Chinese-American Clinton fundraiser recorded the ‘elaborate videotaped testimony’ while in hiding in 2000.

He smuggled it to trusted friends and family with instructions to release it to the media in the event of his untimely death because he believed he was at risk of being assassinated.

Chung is believed to still be alive and living in China.

The video was obtained by author and historian David Wead for his new book Game of Thorns, which traces Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful 2016 campaign and the Chinese government’s long-running operation to buy political influence in Washington. “

In the never-before-released footage, Chung described how he feared for his life after he publicly admitted to funneling money from Chinese officials to President Bill Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign.

He also claimed Democrats pressured him to stay silent about his dealings with the Clintons and said the FBI tried to enlist him in a sting against a top Chinese general at a Los Angeles airport.

The video comes amid renewed interest in foreign influence in Washington, as some members of President Donald Trump’s team have been scrutinized for their associations with Russian officials.

The video grew out of a controversy in the mid-1990s when evidence surfaced that Chinese officials were pouring hundreds of thousands into then president Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign through American straw donors.


They’re on to me…


Coffee vapor in


Fuck you Hillary

Poor little Weiner






Truly epic

More awesomeness here, Via WRSA here:https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2016/10/30/epic-agitprop/

Hillary Clinton, idiot extraordinaire, blames hurricanes on global warming


“HILLARY CLINTON: “Another threat to our country is climate change. 2015 was the hottest year on record and the science is clear: it’s real, it’s wreaking havoc on communities across America. Last week’s hurricane was another reminder of the devastation that extreme weather can cause and I send my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by Hermine. But, this is not the last one that’s going to hit Florida given what’s happening in the climate. […] If it affects people who lose their homes or their businesses that took a lifetime to build, it doesn’t matter to him. When it comes to protecting our country against natural disasters and the threat of climate change, once again, Donald Trump is totally unfit and unqualified to be our President.”


Man make sky Gods ANGRY!!!!

In the meantime Florida hasn’t seen a hurricane in ELEVEN years

What a moronic douche bag she is

I hope there are a lot of others out there that plan on refusing this POS as president and commander in chief

Then I started thinking……..



Yep, there it is……

Hillary is 18 and an athlete

The Clinton campaign released a letter from her doctor, Lisa Bardack, which set out key medical details about the Democratic candidate.

Medical conditions: Hypothyroidism and seasonal allergies

Blood pressure: 100/70

Pulse: 70

Cholesterol: 189 (LDL 103, HDL 56, tryglycerides 159)

Respiratory rate: 18 

Temperature: 97.8 

Pulse-oximetry: 99% 

Height: not disclosed 

Weight: not disclosed

Mental condition: ‘excellent’ 

Medications: Prescribed Levaquin for bacterial pneumonia. Previously received anti-pneumonia vaccines Prevnar and Pneumovax, on undisclosed dates. Takes Coumadin, a blood thinner, also Armor thyroid and B12 ‘as needed’. 

Pretty good numbers huh?

Especially for a woman who collapses, can’t walk up stairs and needs a step stool to get into a vehicle

If only I could be so healthy

Blame Bush


I know, it’s a little dirtier than what I normally post

But this is Hillary

She’s starting to shimmy! She’s starting to shake!

That’s how it was

Kind of

Grandma Clinton fall down go boom

For once someone has a worse Monday than me

One-Third of U.S. Will Have Only One Insurer Offering Obamacare Plans in 2017. Insurers exiting Obamacare exchanges due to unsustainable losses


In 2017 there will be only one insurer selling health care plans in the Obamacare exchanges in one-third of the country, according to an analysis from Avalere experts.

Avalere, a health care consulting firm, compared the health insurance carriers that offered Obamacare coverage in 2016 to the carriers who have announced their intention to exit the exchanges in 2017, such as Aetna, Humana, UnitedHealthcare, and some co-ops.

The experts projected that 36 percent of exchange market rating regions in the United States in 2017 will have just one health insurance carrier, and 55 percent of regions will have two or fewer carriers. This is a significant increase from 2016, when only 4 percent of regions had one or fewer health insurance carriers and 33 percent of regions had two or fewer insurers.

Seven states—Alaska, Alabama, Kansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Wyoming—will have only one health insurance carrier per rating region in 2017.

Experts at Avalere said there may be some sub-regional counties where no plans are offered in 2017. No insurer plans to sell coverage in Pinal Country, Arizona next year, according to a report from the Hill.

“Depending on where consumers live, their choice of insurance plans may decrease for 2017,” said Elizabeth Carpenter, senior vice president at Avalere. “Some exchange enrollees may need to choose another insurance plan in order to maintain coverage.”

Large health insurers have announced they are exiting the marketplaces because of unsustainable financial losses.

“Lower-than-expected enrollment, a high cost population, and troubled risk mitigation programs have led to decreased plan participation for 2017,” said Dan Mendelson, president of Avalere. “Congress and the Administration can choose to stabilize these markets and re-establish competition—but only through a consensus process that brings in a broader swatch of the uninsured.”


Why is it that all of these people can make such stupid choices and not expect stupid results?

Really, it is not rocket science to figure out that once insurance is available and subsidized that a veritable army of the walking wounded are going to come pouring in for treatment

It’s not the “Poor” people who aren’t covered

It is the working men and women who have slogged along for ten years with a bad knee or a hernia or bad disks

The ones who aren’t willing to ask for help or stiff someone for their care finally have access and are going to use every bit available

It’s also not rocket science to know that young people who are healthy and not in need of insurance are going to tell you to go fuck yourselves when you order them to get insured

Pay a fine?

Fuck you, I’ll work for cash

What did these lame brained morons who purportedly run this country expect?

In my county, the most prominent G.I doctor here  now charges $34,000 for a colonoscopy that the insurance companies are required to provide free of charge once a year

Before Obamacare he was charging $1800.00 for the procedure

They didn’t expect that?

Seriously, how stupid are these fools?

They didn’t expect all of the large chain employers to cut hours until they weren’t required to provide insurance?

Now, I don’t claim to be the smartest guy in the world but it is a big, big, problem when I am able to out think all of these people


Are you ready for Hillary?

It is obvious that this election is being blatantly subverted

There is not any pretension of fairness at all

Not by the media

Not by the F.B.I.

Not by the D.O.J.

Not by the POTUS

Not by members of the SCOTUS

Not by any of the other lettered agencies under this administration

It is quite apparent that we are to be done with pretending that elections count

Who “They” appoint are going to be “Elected”

It’s in the open now and they don’t care if you notice or not

One of the most Flagrant examples is Hillary Clinton  enlisting the aid of illegal aliens to help register voters

Yes, the future POTUS is using illegal labor to enhance her chance of winning

And she doesn’t care what you or I or anyone else thinks about it

So, you can imagine, if she is willing to do this now, what the level of corruption of an HRC presidency will be

The question is ; Are you ready?

Are you willing to accept what they have in store for you?

Are you willing to accept the most corrupt that our nation has to offer as the leader of our republic?

Are you willing to accept a pathological liar as your commander in chief?

The answer to all of those questions should be a resounding “Hell no”

The problem with us and the problem with our nation is that we have been accepting for way too long

We have accepted the erosion of our rights

We have accepted the erosion of our collective values

We have accepted the erosion of our freedoms

We have accepted tyranny because it has not become bad enough yet to outweigh our creature comforts

But this is a bridge too far

This will be the actual death of our republic as we know it

What has been started will be finished

And I for one am not willing to accept that

I am not willing to accept an HRC presidency

I am not willing to accept the subversion of the entire electoral process

I am not willing to submit

I am ready for Hillary

Let’s roll….



Ready? Okay, let’s play…

#1- Candidate for president



You WILL elect who the two party system chooses

The two party system that we have has become antiquated and corrupt

The system has been rigged so only those from the the Democrat or Republican party may be elected

It has been set up in such a manner that only the elites in the party have a voice in who will be a candidate

We the people, the ones who actually make the country run, have no voice at all; we are forced to accept voting for the candidate of their choice

Take Hillary Clinton for example the most onerous candidate ever foisted upon us

Do you think the Republicans are going to do anything about FBI director Comey throwing the investigation?

Even when Hillary perjured herself by signing an affidavit saying that all e-mails had been turned over?


Hell no. They will bloviate some loud noises initially and then go about their business

Why? Because Hillary is one of them; One of the two party system

They would rather have her elected than someone like Trump who is an outsider and doesn’t want to play ball

They hate Trump

Trump is the voice of the people who are fed up with the RINOS who have sold our country down the river

Trump is a conglomerate of working class Never do wells who think that their interests are more important than the ruling elites

Foolish unwashed peasants who are barely qualified to kneel before them and wash their feet

Of course they want Hillary, this system has been in place now for well over a hundred years and it has created a series of rulers and co-rulers

When one party is not ruling, they are content to co-rule

They know that their turn is coming next

That is why they never make it too hard on each other

But now here comes the catch;

People are really and truly fed up with their crap

Enough, up to here

Thus the ascendancy of Trump

The less politically correct he is, the more people like him

But does anyone actually think that they will allow him to win?

I don’t and I think that now is the time to start planning a contingency

Are you still willing to accept the choice of the two parties?

Well, I certainly am not

The good Mrs. Clinton along with her much stated hatred of the second amendment is more than I can bear

If it comes to that, I’m out

But what to do? Gather the masses in the capitol and weep and gnash our teeth?

No, let us consider a more practical solution that doesn’t require driving a thousand miles

A general strike, or rather a series of general strikes

Shut everything down

No work, no pay, no taxes

It starts the day after the election when people are still really pissed

Stay home, have a big Eff off party and stew about the possibilities

Make life hard for those who want to keep the wheels turning

It has to be a big , big show to make it work

Labor strikes have been used successfully time after time after time to initiate change

After the first initial shut down

A slightly longer and better planned one needs to be orchestrated using the lessons learned from the first

From that point we need a series of escalations until the production of the country is shut down

Drive slows , go slows, highway stoppages or whatever else develops

It needs to be made apparent that the system’s choice, an enemy of liberty, will not be tolerated

If it comes down to it, we have a shot to stop it, but only if we try it

I am sick of hearing people whine and complain that they can’t do anything

It isn’t that you can’t do it, it’s that you won’t do it

So the day after the election, do something





We need a champion!


$Hillary$ Clinton received $100 million from Persian Gulf Sheikhs

“A Daily Caller News Foundation investigation reveals that Bill and Hillary Clinton received at least $100 million from autocratic Persian Gulf states and their leaders, potentially undermining Democratic presidential candidate Hillary’s claim she can carry out independent Middle East policies.

As a presidential candidate, the amount of foreign cash the Clintons have amassed from the Persian Gulf states is “simply unprecedented,” says national security analyst Patrick Poole.

“These regimes are buying access. You’ve got the Saudis. You’ve got the Kuwaitis, Oman, Qatar and the UAE. There are massive conflicts of interest. It’s beyond comprehension,” Poole told TheDCNF in an interview.

Overall, the Clinton Foundation has received upwards of $85 million in donations from five Persian Gulf states and their monarchs, according to the foundation’s website.

Activist groups have charged the five states — Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) — committed numerous human rights abuses.

For years, the accusations have centered on the Persian Gulf practice of importing hundreds of thousands of poor foreign laborers who work for low wages, including hundreds of thousands of female “domestic workers” who have no labor rights and often face exploitation and sexual abuse.


The ongoing Clinton financial relationship with despotic Persian Gulf states could hurt Hillary as a supporter of labor rights and tarnish her image as a vigorous supporter of women.

Yet as secretary of state, Clinton consciously and actively sought to legitimize the sheikdoms through many new Department of State programs.”

From the daily caller: http://dailycaller.com/2016/05/11/exclusive-persian-gulf-sheikhs-gave-bill-hillary-100-million/


Bill’s favorite Tee shirt


Leaving the GOP

I have been on a number of sites recently that have large numbers of Cruz fans there.

One theme keeps running through the narrative; Now that Trump is in they are leaving the GOP. I understand their disdain for Donald but I do have something that I would like to ask them.

Why choose now to leave? Because the GOP was just a-Okay up until Trump?

So you were good when Bush senior passed new gun control legislation ,signed us up for globalization and “The new world order” then drove us into a recession that ended his career?

Or maybe it was great under Bush the Junior. He gave us medicare part D, no child left behind and after swearing that we would not be nation building, embroiled us in 2 decades long wars that cost thousands of American lives.

Under the Bush tenure we were also given DHS, TSA, warrantless wire taps and most favored nation status for China.

During the GWB administration the size of our national debt and federal government doubled. Yeah! Good times!

So now ,i f we flash forward to 2010 we can see how much better the party is by then. 2010 gave us the takeover of the congress by the TEA party; A majority that was squandered by the party leaders. It was not only squandered but TEA party members were actually penalized by the party regulars for trying to reign in Obama’s out of control administration. They were removed from, or denied places on committees and given no power positions whatsoever

This continued into 2012 when the majority in the senate was regained. Now fully controlling both houses, the Republicans led by Mitch “The turtle” McConnel  and the illustrious John “Yellow stain” Boehner, sold out their constituents and handed every single thing to the Obama administration that it wanted.

They funded Obamacare, They funded legislation for naturalizing illegals, they funded legislation that stopped deportation and did nothing at all to stop the tide of executive actions flooding out of the white house.

And then under Paul Ryan they sold out on the budget to the tune of 1.1 trillion dollars allowing the administration to fund whatever it wanted.

The Republicans during this time also gave us the super committee, the Corker bill and that most onerous legislation of all; The NDAA 2012 which has provisions for the indefinite military detention of American citizens

And now the Cruz voters are telling me ” That’s it, I’m leaving the party”


Now you think the party has gone to hell?



Increasingly certain that Hillary broke the law


“FBI chief James Comey and his investigators are increasingly certain that presidential nominee Hillary Clinton violated laws in handling classified government information through her private email server, career agents say.

Some expect him to push for charges, but he faces a formidable obstacle: the political types in the Obama White House who view a Clinton presidency as a third Obama term.

With that, agents have been spreading the word, largely through associates in the private sector, that their boss is getting stonewalled, despite uncovering compelling evidence that Clinton broke the law.

Exactly what that evidence is — and how and when it was uncovered during Comey’s months-long inquiry — has not been disclosed. For the record, the FBI had no comment on the matter, and government sources say no final decision has been made.

Clinton denies she did anything wrong, claiming she had no idea she was getting classified information (a violation of federal law) on her private server during her years as Obama’s secretary of state because the documents she received contained no such headings.

And as FBI director, Comey can only recommend charges to the hacks in the Obama Justice Department. Indeed, many law enforcement officials who know the FBI chief and the bureau’s inner workings believe the evidence would have to be overwhelming for Comey to even recommend charges, much less for DOJ to pursue them.

Still, some FBI staffers suggest the probe’s at a point where Comey might quit in protest if Justice ignores a recommendation to pursue a criminal case against Clinton.”


All I have to say is that Comey better watch his back

There is a long list of dead people who used to associate with the Clintons