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IRS head visited the W.H at least 157 times


The stink rises all the way to the top. As much as they deny any knowledge, it is almost certain that it was done with the full knowledge of the administration as part of an orchestration to suppress the vote.  If you think that any part of Chairman Zero being re-elected was legitimate, then I believe you are misguided.      Any laws being passed now are illegitimate and carry nothing but the power of a usurper backed by men with guns. Any law that passed the senate after Al Franken’s  fraudulent election are also illegitimate and are laws with no moral authority.  http://washingtonexaminer.com/york-when-1099-felons-vote-in-race-won-by-312-ballots/article/2504163   This is no longer a process by and for the people; This is now about the elite gaining power and retaining it by lying, cheating, and fraud.    We have officially become a banana republic where our dear leaders will do as they wish without regard for the rule of law or the will of the people.  Just remember that without moral authority their laws mean nothing. They simply become rules enforced by the threat of imprisonment or death ; The dictates of a a totalitarian regime.

There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. 

But they are gazing in the wrong direction. 

The revolution is behind them. It went by in the Night of Depression, singing songs to freedom.


There are those who have never ceased to say very earnestly, “Something is going to happen to the American form of government if we don’t watch out.” These were the innocent disarmers. Their trust was in words. 

They had forgotten their Aristotle. More than 2,000 years ago he wrote of what can happen within the form, when “one thing takes the place of another, so that the ancient laws will remain, while the power will be in the hands of those who have brought about revolution in the state.”   Garet Garrett 1938